Emmett's POV

"I know something you don't know." I teased Sarah as we watched Bella and Edward leaving.

She raised one cute eyebrow, "Spill, Sugar."

"Naw, family stuff, you know." I cleared the table and started carrying the stuff into her kitchen, trying to be a good houseguest. She followed close behind me, begging for information. It's fun when they beg, but I had to give in. "See, Edward has a kind of…lingerie fetish…" Her mouth dropped open. "Not for himself, for Bella, anyway, he picked up a new little number today with my help and he's dying to see it on her, that's all."

"Hmmm, it's always the quiet ones. Do you have any luggage? How long are you staying?" She inquired.

"I have one bag," I replied. "…and I'll be here as long as it takes to turn you into a good hunter. You need to have the skills to provide for your…needs." We headed out the front door and to my Jeep. I removed one medium sized black bag from the back. We both looked towards the house next door and then back to each other and started giggling. She had a cute laugh. Is it possible to laugh in a southern accent?

Back inside Sarah showed me where to stow my stuff. "What would you like to do now?" She asked.

"I thought our first lesson would be at night, so how about tonight?"

"That's fine by me. Maybe we should get some rest then." She suggested. I didn't get it, rest? My confused look must've shown because she added, "Don't you ever go into a peaceful rest state? It's very refreshing, the closest thing to sleeping we can get."

I shook my head. "I've never heard of such a thing. Well, I've known of vampires who stand perfectly still for hours when there's nothing else to occupy them, but this sounds different."

"Oh, it is. I can show you, teach you. Would you like to come to bed with me?" She smiled, her hands on her perfect little hips.

The first thing I thought was 'you have a bed?' and the next thing I thought went past my brain and out of my mouth, "This is so sudden." She seemed to like that, the way she grinned. Then my phone rang, and I about jumped out of my skin.

Sarah's POV

Emmett's phone rang, he looked at the caller ID and it rang again. He let out a huge sign and finally answered, "What?" He said irritably and listened, then added, "Because I didn't want to interrupt your threesome." This was some conversation. "This is useless, Rose, just come home and behave…" I could hear loud screaming on the other end and Emmett clicked off." He looked at me and smiled in embarrassment, "the wife." I stared at him intently not wanting to ask, but dying to know what was going on. "She's….finding herself."

"Okay." I said helpfully.

"Apparently she thought she might be in Italy…in a club." He started to pace. "Of course she had to check every club just to make sure."

"Uh huh." He was clutching the phone so hard I feared for its cellular life.

"…And she's asking just about every Romeo she runs across if he's seen her, or wants to. Oh fuck it!" And he threw the phone across the room and into the wall.

"You don't need to tell me this." He stood still like a statue, not knowing what to do next. I didn't know myself, but seeing him frozen like that reminded our train of thought before the phone had rung. "You should relax. Really, it'll help." I took both his big hands in mine. "Let me show you, come on." I had to pull him a bit to get him going, and then I led him to my bedroom.

My room was simple, just a double sized bed, a nightstand and a rocker, but the bedding was fabulous. Double sheeted, down blanket and comforter and lots and lots of down pillows, like lying on a cloud. Emmett was hesitant as I took off my shoes. He didn't say a word when I had him sit on the bed. I reached for one of his boots.

"Oh, no, um…"

"It's alright Sugar, I know how to do this." I held his boot out and swung my leg over his and grabbed the boot with both hands and pushed. I took a look at him behind me still trying to make up his mind. "You could help, Honey." He blew out a long breath but put his other boot onto my rump and pushed. We followed the procedure with the second boot.

"Sarah, we are just "resting"… right?"

"Of course. Now you must get very comfortable. I pulled back the comforter and fluffed some pillows. "Now, lay your head down, Honey." He pulled his feet up onto the bed and lay down in slow motion. "That's right." I climbed up next to him. I stroked his forehead. He was very tense. I ran two fingers over his eyelids. "Close your eyes…good." I started to leave the bed, but he grabbed my arm.

"Aren't you staying?" He asked huskily.

"I'll be right back; I'm just going to put on some music." He released me and I slid off the bed and went to the stereo in the living room.

Emmett's POV

What the hell was I doing?!? Nothing, nothing at all. We're just going to…rest…until nightfall. But I didn't feel very restful when she touched me and led me into her bedroom. We were on the bed together, really close. This is a very small bed. Sorry, but where I come from beds are used for one thing. That petite gingham sundress sure does hug her cute little shape, and her legs are bare. Stop thinking about her legs you pervert! God, but when she removed my boots for me. No woman has ever done that for me, too servant-like a gesture I guess. I can't believe I put my foot on her ass! Some soothing music switched on in the other room and I could hear her bare feet shuffling across the hardwood floor, coming back to me.