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1. The Prologue is important, even if you know the backstory of Perfect World already. This sets up my character's story, not just the world's history. So don't just go skipping it, please.

2. New races have been added since I started writing this (there was only the 3 mentioned in the prologue when I began) but I HAVE written them into the story, and I will do my best to incorporate any new races, locations, important things, etc, that are added to the game. It's a bit hard, since I've been unable to play the game for quite some time, but I will do my best. (I apologize then, for any inaccuracies that occur, or anything important to the game that I do not include. Forgive and bear with, thanks.)

3. Also, I originally wrote this not intending to post it on fanfiction, so my writing style/length of chapters sucks in the beginning, but I promise it picks up as it goes on. And it takes a bit before the action/plot line starts but don't worry, it's there.

4. lol my character's language. I know this is like, modernized in a way, but I figure that the people who play Perfect World don't go around speaking like "pardon me, good sir, but would you be so kind as to sell me your lower level armor?"

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My father used to tell me the stories of Pan Gu, and the creation of this world I live in; of how Pan Gu created the rivers and seas, the land, the air, and the mountains using the five elements. Of his first mistake; an uncivilized race formed from his shadow. They turned on each other and corrupted the world around them…this world. He tried to fix it; he created Heaven's Tear and formed the three new races there: the Untamed, the Winged Elves, and the Humans. With a sweep of his hand waters fell from the sky and washed out the previous life.

This, as the story goes, is how the three races came to be here. Is how I came to be here.

My father used to tell me all kinds of stories, before he was killed.

If Pan Gu really fixed his mistakes, then why is there still all this war? All this fighting? I know the three races, Humans and Winged Elves especially, do not get along, but certainly it can't be as bad as it seems. Of course, I wouldn't know; I've been kept in the dark. Why? Because I'm a Human. And mainly, because I'm a woman. Because women don't have the right to know about what goes on in the world; that's only for the men. Us females, we stay at home cooking, cleaning, gathering, taking care of the children. My mother refuses to admit it. She refuses to admit we are treated inferior to men.

I miss my father. I miss the stories he used to tell me.

The Untamed always interested me the most. They were born of Pan Gu's body and embodied freedom and peace, possessing a unique connection with the natural order of the world. My father told me many stories of the Barbarians and Venomancers—how they keep in seclusion, hidden from the other races. Many have travelled their lands, but few have ever come face to face with the half human, half animal creatures. It is said they only show themselves to you if they have words of advice.

The Winged Elves, however, I have never been fond of. They were born of Pan Gu's own blood, and exemplified beauty, grace, and purity. Because of their heritage, their beauty and agility, they feel themselves superior to all other races. And so the wars between them and the Humans have been many. Their children are all trained by way of magic or bows. Their wings make them the perfect archers; shooting from afar, and their purity combined with the magic that runs through select few of their veins, are able to cure.

It is said that some can even resurrect the dead.

Humans, born of spirit, and also my race, have to be the most boring. Women are stuck with the household chores, while men are trained by way of sword, axe, spear, fist, and knife. Our armies are plentiful, but we are not skilled by way of bow. In facing Elven archers we are no match. Even in combat we are weak; how can we defeat a race which has Healers? We do have magic-wielders, but they are few. Just like the Winged Elves there are children born with the power of the elements flowing through their blood. However, our numbers are rare. No, not rare exactly. Let me explain.

Two out of ten children may be born with magic, but only half of them make it past adulthood. At the age of eighteen, any magic is now obvious. Our enemies take them out before they learn how to control it. And sometimes, it is their own magic which destroys them, consumes them. Humans do not inherit the ability of understanding or controlling magic like the Winged Elves do. Our numbers decrease rapidly each year, and it is only due to us reproducing which keeps us from going extinct.

That is, if the legends my father told me are true.

Little is known about the Untamed, but it is said that the Elves live almost immortal lives. By almost, I mean they age until a point, and then are frozen in that time. By almost, I also mean this: they can give it up.

I don't know why they would.

It bodes well for us though, that they hardly ever find a mate. Considering their immortal lives I understand not wanting to spend eternity with the same person. Some of them do, though, but only a very few. This is why there are almost no children born of Elves. One or two every fifty years, perhaps.

I have never seen a Winged Elf before, and frankly, I do not wish to.

They fight us, they kill our children, they take out our Mages before they even have a chance.

I only wish I was a man, so I could face one in combat.

So I could avenge my father.