A/N: Ok this is my pre-Fate of Awakening Love scene for Drizzt. This explains what happened to him with Catti-brie and how he ended up traveling with the mercenaries. This is only supposed to be a short story so things are going to go a bit fast. This is set during The Two swords I guess, maybe shortly after. (Not quite The Orc King) I'm changing the plotline to fit my own works. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Drizzt and Co. belong to R.A. Salvatore, I'm just borrowing them for a bit for entertainment purposes.



Chapter One: Someone To Love

Drizzt sat on a boulder watching the sunrise as he always did. Next to him, the human woman Catti-brie rested her hear comfortably on his strong shoulder. The scene was a common one for the two of them, they both enjoyed each other's company and the early morning hours.

This was the time of day when everything was quiet. Nothing was around to disturb them.

Drizzt let out a delighted sigh as the sun crested over the horizon. The sun was the biggest difference between the surface and the deep, lightless tunnels he had grown up in. It was more than that to him, the sun was a constant sign of his freedom. That he was no longer held down by the evil ways of his drow kin. He let his gaze shift over to Catti-brie, she was a sign of that too.

Their arms lay wrapped gently around each other and the ranger smiled to himself. How nice it was to have someone to love...

That the two loved one another was obvious, yet Drizzt had never acted on his feelings. Until recently, he had been afraid of what such a relationship would lead to. After meeting Innovendil and learning what it meant to be an elf, he decided that he would tell her how he really felt. And then they would be together no matter what anyone else thought. He meant to go to her this night actually.

Catti-brie sat up and gently slid off the boulder. As the princess of Mithral Hall, she had some things to attend to. She would be busy for the better part of the day. She walked away from Drizzt who stayed behind. He was still smiling to himself as he watched her back disappear into the trees.


Drizzt spent the rest of the day wandering around the borders of Mithria Hall. The orcs still numbered greatly in the area, but after his last defeat of King Obould they had quieted down. That didn't mean there were not attacks in the area. The ranger patrolled daily since his return to the Hall with Innovendil. The orc king wasn't likely dead, but he wasn't planning anything either. There had been no sightings of him since their last battle. Drizzt knew better than to believe that the silence meant Obould's end. There was always the chance though.

He couldn't believe that he had let himself be out patrolling all day, the sun was setting now. He had to get to Catti-brie before it got too late. He certainly didn't want to happen upon her sleeping. What if she woke up and mistook his intentions?

Drizzt laughed at himself for that thought. He was an elf, he was supposed to be patient. Yet here he was rushing to go places.

But he couldn't wait anymore. He wanted to tell her. He wanted to be more than just friends. He had been waiting for years to have his chance with her.

He had to take it.

Drizzt was at the base of the mountain at the moment, navigating the winding paths up would take a few hours. The ranger decided that he would run for a bit, if only to soothe his nerves. He couldn't help but be a bit over eager. This was the woman he loved, he had to take his chance.

Drizzt reveled in the feeling of the wind rushing through his hair and caressing his face. He felt more alive now than he had in a while. There was but one thought running endlessly through his head as he made his way up the mountain. 'I'm going to tell her I love her...'


"Are you going to tell me why we are here?" Artemis Entreri asked Jarlaxle. His drow companion however, had yet to give his a straight answer. It was unlikely that he would, but it was still worth a shot. Entreri had learned that the mercenary leader would eventually let something of his plan slip to him. Intentionally or not...

"Why can't we just be touring the Silver Marshes my friend? Must everything have an ulterior motive with you?" came the dark elf's replay. Cynical. As always.

"With you?" Entreri asked, his voice contained a slightly venomous tone. "No." he said flatly.

Jarlaxle painted a disappointed look on his angular face. "Come, come now, my friend. You must learn to relax. How will you ever get anywhere with that kind of attitude? Must you always be in such a dour mood?"

"Must you always talk so much?" Entreri replied sarcastically. "You are aware that we are close to Mithral Hall. Aren't you?"

The mercenary's expression turned thoughtful. "We are, aren't we. No worries my friend." He let a wide smile spread across his face.

Entreri gawked at the crazy elf. "No worries?! If they see us they'll try to kill us. We killed Drizzt! I killed him!"

"Oh yes...that...Well then, that is a problem isn't it? But no worries I say! I do not believe they will bother us. They cannot bother us if they do not see us!" Jarlaxle declared.

The assassin shook his head in disbelief. This wasn't going anywhere. Jarlaxle did have a point though, anyone patrolling the area would not likely see them. The two made it a point lately to remain as hidden as possible. But still, why couldn't Jarlaxle ever take anything seriously? Entreri secretly believed that the drow's brain had somehow fallen out of his head and gotten trampled. It would definitely explain a few things....