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Chapter Five: Jarlaxle's Seemingly Random Ideas

It had been a month since Drizzt had started traveling with the mercenaries. At first things had been awkward but he soon became a part of their group, even Entreri had grown to accept him. The two decided that they were no longer enemies. They weren't quite friends yet, but it was a start.

In the time he had been with them he had picked up on several things he had little knowledge of before. Jarlaxle for instance, had this overwhelming sense of curiosity that often led them into precarious situations. Personally, Drizzt was amazed that Entreri was still alive after traveling with him for so long. Or even that he was still with the mercenary leader at all.(Entreri agreed with this but had offered no answer.)

On one such occasion, Jarlaxle had decided to go into some town with them and look for a well known murderer. They found the assailant, the mayor's son. As it turned out, the mayor had known all along that his son was responsible for the horrific crimes but he did not want to give him away. (No idea why he even placed the bounty in the first place.) He then decided that he was going to kill the three companions (Kimmuriel had not been there) only to be killed by Entreri when he had aimed for the former assassin's face with his dagger.

And this other time, they had been at an inn. As their luck would turn out, there had been a werewolf in the room next to theirs. The werewolf had plagued the village for a long time and no one had been able to do a thing. When they arrived in the village, Jarlaxle had declared that they would free the people form the werewolf's grip. The people instantly hailed him for his bravery and they had been afforded the finest room in their inn. So naturally, later that night when they heard the sounds of a disturbance in the room next to theirs the mercenary leader had to take a look. He took off one of the various magical items from his hat and took a look in at their neighbor. The werewolf. Then they all barged in and killed the thing only to have it be the village priest at which point they were chased out of the village.

Another time they were out in some woods that were reputedly haunted by evil spirits. Jarlaxle did not believe this rumor and meant to disprove it or see for himself. There weren't any spirits. Just a coven of vampires bent on killing everyone that entered their woods. They had managed to kill a few, but for the most part the four of them had ran away as fast as possible.

In short, Jarlaxle's random ideas always seemed fraught with danger. And every time he had known the way to take care of things which led the others to believe that his ideas were not so random. Drizzt now shared Entreri's frequent saying of "I knew you'd get me killed!!" to Jarlaxle.

Not that their time wasn't pleasant. On the contrary, Drizzt felt like he had when he had adventured with his old friends. He wasn't complaining about the danger one bit. He lived for it. So it was no surprise to him or any of the others when the mercenary leader informed them that he had found an new employer and thus, a new adventure.

"We are going across the Sea of Swords." He declared one morning. "Our employer lives on an island there. I do not yet know its name but we are going. There are numerous reports of monsters of all sorts ravaging the land. The people need help, and we will be the ones to help them!"

No one bothered to say anything. They would get stuck going with him anyway.


The island's name turned out to be Japan. Odd name to the four companions but they had all heard stranger. When they had given the description to the sea captains in Baulder's Gate, they knew it immediately. They had been slightly superstitious of the island but agreed to take them on board.

The voyage only took three days. They landed on the main island about noon of the third day, their captain supplied them with a map and told them that they should go to the nearest village for supplies. After they stocked up, they left. The people were not familiar with Drizzt's reputation and were weary of the four companions.

This turned into a common theme, none of them were surprised. By the time they reached their third village, only Entreri went in. They decided to stay off the main roads at that point. It was easier than being turned away constantly. They had no idea where their employer lived, so information was a must. Unfortunately, the people on the island did not know the Common tongue well enough to give them any good ideas of where to even begin looking. It didn't help that the four knew nothing of the Japanese language.

They were currently traveling through a largely forested area. Kimmuriel had gone to scout ahead to see if any villages nearby knew of their employer. Entreri sat at the fire warming his hands and waiting for the ranger to wake up and make breakfast. The latter was currently tossing and turning in his Reverie. Entreri watched him closely for a few minutes. He was dreaming again.

He wondered why he had even listened to Jarlaxle when the mercenary told him to watch Drizzt when he rested. It wasn't his job to watch the ranger. Drizzt was fully capable of taking care of himself.

Jarlaxle would return from wherever he had gone a few hours ago soon.