Author's Note: This little but powerful chapter is dedicated to drivers everywhere. You'll see what I mean.

Part 3: Late Morning

...connect the wires like so...hee hee!...tap the little thingies down...

That's where I left off—TWO HOURS ago! No wonder I can't ever get anything done. That woman is the bane of my existence! She's lippy, irritating, demanding, nasty, childish, manipulative, strong, beautiful, sexy, absolutely perfect...


What a nightmare. Walking through a store carrying an armload of those...those...female things! I know when Shego's got PMS. She's worse than usual. And she doesn't have PMS today, she's just being mean. All those snickering people! Grrr. Even the checkout girl snickered. I should have shoved a tampon up her nose.

Sputter. Cough. Wheeeeze!

No. Oh please no. The hovercar—


is out of gas?

I'm in the middle of the ocean! Starting to fall! I'm starting to fall in the middle of the ocean! Turn the key, restart the motor! C'mon, baby, restart!

Cough! Spew!

That's it, come on, you can dredge up a little bit more gas from somewhere! Start for daddy, please!

Cough! Spew! Fffffffftpt.

No more gas! I'm falling! In the middle of the ocean! I'm fallling in the middle of the ocean!

Parachute! Where's the parachute? Wait, I don't have a parachute! I used it last week when I ran out of gas and I forgot to repack it!

I really have to keep a better To Do list.

Wind whistling past my ears! Falling! The ocean's so big! And it's getting closer! Closer! Too close! Waaaay too close!