Re: Ok, let's get this show on the road.

Amu: *groans* Why Amuto? There's about a billion of those things out there.

Ikuto: *grabs script* What? No lemon?

Re: *sweatdrop* Well I'm not that good. But maybe if you be nice, I'll do it just for you.

Amu: WHAT?!?!

Ikuto: Cool. *runs off leaving Amu frozen*

Miki: Re doesn't own Shugo Chara! Other wise Ikuto and Amu would make out a gizllion times, and Tadase would be married to some gay guy.

Amu: WHAT?!?!

A/N: ages: Rima, Amu, Nagihiko, Tadagay: 18 Kukai: 19 Yaya:16 Ikuto: 24 Utau: 20
Perfect Timing

We are in the Royal Garden, watching the Q Chair. Rima sat in a ball, ready to smash the computer into bits. She held the bowling pin high over her head, aiming. Kusu Kusu watching a short distance, trying to get some sense into her mistress, failing. Suddenly our favorite catboy appears.

"Yo, what are you doing?" He yelled.

Rima dropped her pin and turned to face the intruder. Her red tomato face went back to its plain lifeless mask.

"Oh, it's you. Amu and Tadagay just left, if you move fast enough, you can catch them," she said flatly.

Ikuto sighed, "Doesn't matter, I can always see them tonight. Did you just call Tadase, Tadagay?"


"Do you think he's gay?"


"Wow," he said. "There's a shocker."

"Not really, we all know he's gay, Amu just doesn't want to admit it," Rima shrugged.

Ikuto had a pained expression remembering Amu's love for the Kiddy King. Rima smirked, knowing how much the two belonged together.

"So, what are you doing?" He asked.

"Oh, just planning a vacation. Y'know a day at the beach, get away from all the noise and stuff," she answered.

"Hm? So what' the prob?" Ikuto smirked.

"I don't want to invite Tadase." She said, leaving Ikuto a little dumbfounded.

"I think if I can get Amu to hook up with someone else, she'll realize Tadase isn't exactly...straight."

"I can come?" Ikuto requested, falling for the bait.

"I knew your pervyness would shine through," Rima chuckled. "Ok, so there's 3 rooms and two beds in each, since that was cheapest I could get. And you know the basic beach thing, dinners and all that crap."

"Who else is coming?"

"Nagihiko, Kukai, Yaya, me, you, and Amu-chan."

"K, well see you, on the plane, I guess." He waved, swearing he heard "If I can get a plane."

Amu sat on the edge of the balcony, gulping down her milk. She was glad summer was starting tomorrow. Rima had already booked a vacation and was almost done booking a plane flight. Tadase...Oh my god!! I'm sharing a room with him! I can take pictures of him while he- her thoughts were cut off by the thump of someone landing on her balcony. She didn't even bother turning around, just waiting harassment. Soon enough, Ikuto arms were around her waist and his mouth on her ear.

"Hey, koneko..." He whispered seductively. Amu waited patiently for him to release all the tension.

"I'm going in to bed, Ikuto," She annouced harshly, walking into her room.

"Soon I'll be able to watch you sleep. In a day actually," Ikuto smiled, standing onto the railing.

Amu gave a bewildered look, "What?"

Ikuto jumped down and kissed her on the cheek before leaving. "You'll see," he yelled.

Amu lied on the bed. Another trick, as usual. "Stupid Ikuto." she muttered under her breath.

Re: Woohoo! First chappy is a success!!!

Ikuto: That was NOT worth my time.

Amu: Hey, why'd you let Ikuto harass me?

Re: -shrugs- It's fun?

Amu: Fun?!

Re: Duh. Don't you understand English?

Tadase: Well technically, She's Japanese and-

Rima: Shut up gaywad, no one asked you. -beats Tadagay with a bowling pin-

Re: Nice job!

Amu: OHMYGOSH!! Prince! Are you OK?

Ikuto: I hope he dies.

Re: Me to.

Rima: Me three.

Amu: You guys are so mean!!

Re: Yeah, I know.

Miki: R&R