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Home Is Where the Heart Is

"Ready?" Ikuto asked, reaching forward to intertwine his hand with Amu's. She smiled at him, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Yep," she answered before pressing her lips against his. These last few vacation days had been so honeymoon-like for these two. Kukai groaned loudly from behind them.

"Aww… C'mon! Can you lovebirds move along! Some people got a plane to catch!" he yelled, even though they were right in front of him. Ikuto gently pulled Amu away, and she pouted quietly. Rima caught her eye and smiled lightly. She was too happy for the couple to be truly mad at them.

"Let's go!" called the ticket lady. "I don't got all day!" Amu went ahead of Ikuto and handed the woman her ticket before boarding the plane. Ikuto did the same, and so did Kukai, and so on.

Nagihiko and Rima sat behind Ikuto and Amu, and Kukai and Yaya were right next to them. Rima leaned back into her seat, sighing grumpily.

"What's wrong?" Yaya asked.

"Jet-lag," she answered simply.

"Huh?" Amu was confused, but seeing how her friend was obviously in no mood to talk, she turned to Nagihiko.

"It's morning right now, and when we get home, it'll be morning again. And then the days after that will seem a little weird," he explained. Amu nodded, settling into her seat as well. Ikuto and Kukai were piling the luggage before slipping into their own seats.

In a few more moments the plane finally took off. Amu rested her head against Ikuto's shoulder, and he kissed her hair.

"You guys make me sick!" Kukai said, pretending to puke. Amu rolled her eyes, while Yaya smacked him playfully.

A few hours passed, and by now most of the passengers were passed out. The pilot had just made an announcement a few minutes ago that they only had two and half hours left. Amu was still leaning on his shoulder, her hand in his. It was funny how only a little while ago she was dating someone else, and he was watching hopelessly on the sidelines. Sometimes he had wondered if this had happened to fast, but either was he was glad for it.

"Ikuto?" Amu asked softly. He felt her head move, and when he looked down she was looking up at him. She looked a little tired, but her eyes were filled with curiosity,

"Yeah?" he answered, tracing his fingers along the length of her cheek, watching the blush appear. Even if she was "cool and spicy" she was also too cute

"N-nothing I-I just w-wanted to know if you were awake," she stuttered, biting her bottom lip nervously. It was a sort of instinct, but Ikuto ended up kissing her. As it deepened, Rima made an "ah hem" noise.

Amu groaned breaking apart the kiss to glare at Rima, "Yes?"

"I was just wondering…" The Blondie began innocently, "what you were going to do with the unresolved 'issues' once you get back home."

Amu went pale, she honestly hadn't thought about Tadase at all. These days had been so perfectly dream-like, that they had taken Amu far away from reality. She glanced at Ikuto who was waiting for her answer intently. Immediately Amu felt a surge of love fill her, just because a simple image of him. She knew the answer.

"I guess…" she sighed. "The best thing to do is just hope for the best. Besides I'm not to really concerned about it." Amu smiled at Ikuto and he returned it, though he didn't look so convinced.

The flight finally landed, and jet-lag suddenly decided to take its toll. They all said their goodbyes at the airport and Amu and Ikuto decided they would go together to her house.

In an hour or so, they were both greeted by Ami, who enthusiastically hugged them, even Ikuto. And when her parents came down, Amu introduced them to Ikuto right before her father fainted.

"Does he do that a lot?" Ikuto asked sidestepping her father's body while her Mother and Ami hauled him to the couch.

"Unfortunately, yes," she answered.

"Oh, Amu-chan, Tadase-kun called he wanted to know if you could meet him at the Royal Garden when you got back. Apparently there's something you two need to discuss." Midori eyed her daughter while Amu just froze. As Ami distracted her mother, Ikuto crossed the room and held Amu's face in his hands.

"You want me to come with you?" he asked.

"N-no, I want to do this by myself," she told him

Ikuto sighed, "Do me a favor?"


"Take your cell phone in case you need to call me."

She looked confused, but just shook her head, "Okay."


Amu had always loved the Royal Garden, but now it seemed scary, like haunted house or something. But she was just seeing Tadase right? The guy who cheated on her with that annoying bitch. The guy who-

She shook her head to clear her thoughts, and then bravely walked inside.

"Oh, Hinamori-san!" Tadase gleamed, crossing the room to pull her into an embrace. Amu stiffened, and pulled them apart.

"Just get to the point," she ordered sharply. Tadase's innocent smile was enough to make her scream, and the atmosphere of the room made her want to run.

"I came to apologize, for one," he began. Amu rolled her eyes, all "cool and spicy."

"Yeah, well, apology accepted. Now I really have to-"

"No, wait!" he stopped her.

"What?" Amu narrowed her eyes.

"Listen…There's something…I've been thinking about you and Saaya and everyone… And how I loved-"

"Okay, seriously Tadase, get to the point." She cut him short.

"I'm gay." He blurted. Amu blinked. Five seconds, ten, and twenty….

"Okay." She answered, a little out there.


"Okay." She confirmed. "I'm glad for you but right now I have to go-"

"Oh! Of course, go ahead," Tadase beckoned. Then Amu ran out the door, straight ahead, until she was far enough from him. Amu rested her back against a tree, sliding down until she hit the ground.

"Amu?" a voice asked. Ikuto. She smiled at him, but he watched her carefully. Finally, Amu cracked up, laughter filling her. Was she in shock? "Amu?" he asked again nervously.

"I can't believe he's gay!" she managed through her laughter. And then Ikuto lost it too. They both practically rolled on the ground, and to anyone else it would've looked pretty peculiar.

Ikuto sighed reaching for Amu and pulling her into his grasp. She returned the hug smiling like crazy.

"So you're okay?" he asked.

She grinned, "Of course. I have you." Then she pressed her lips to his giving her all into it.

"I love you," he whispered into her ear. Amu smiled, finally glad to return those words.

"I love you Ikuto."

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