Left behind

By Marisha

November 2008

Cold – so cold.

An icy breeze caressed his face like snow mist blowing off a glacier.

A glacier?

With eyes still closed he checked his limbs: feet wiggle – check. Left hand formed a fist and relaxed – check. His right hand was cramped around something. Something metallic and cold. Slowly, he opened it and heard a clink as whatever it was fell to the metallic ground. Right hand – check. He knew the rest of his body was there – wherever that was. For the metal ground sent shivers up his spine like thousands of ants trying to harvest his body.

So with all in check – no reason to postpone opening his eyes. He sighed, dreading the moment of emptiness. Cause it didn't matter – nothing really mattered at the moment to him – for Rose wasn't there to share it with him. With her lost in the parallel world – what was left for him? What did it really matter? Again his life stretched endlessly out in front of him, but what was the point? It had lost all colors. Not that he hadn't tried. He went to all the fun places he could remember in the universe. But a Zeptorian horse is just not the same if you have to fly it alone, or the waterfall of Emelia, their vibrant colors splattering the purple earth – Rose had loved this place.

So why not lay here until his body stiffened by the cold, he became one with the metal. A frozen time lord statue. He kind of liked that.

"Being a bit pompous?" Rose's voice rang through his mind.

"Nah, not really," he replied with a smile in his head.

Again another conversation held just in his memory.

"So get up then, Doctor!" Rose sounded impatient or anxious.

Why was she so anxious? His heart asked his brain.

Sounds worried, added the second one thumping hard against his ribcage.

Nothing we can do about it, scolded the brain. Member, we're stuck here and she is…

There, finished his hearts in unison, sending a stabbing pain to his brain.

He sucked in his breath as the pain hit him full force. Slowly, he released it to breathe the pain out.

This should get better with time – Quaddelwellwax – stupid human talk. Time is powerful, but not that powerful.

The pain stays – it just dampens with time and if he runs fast enough, he can forget about it for a while. But he also learned not to trust these moments; 'cause the pain just comes back harder. It attacks ferociously in an inattentive moment – when he allows himself to slow down. So now he just avoids any danger of not running. Throws himself in any trouble he could find, escaping barley each time – for he didn't care any more. For the first time in his 900 years, he didn't want to go on anymore. Traveling lost its charm, the universe turned stale. Not even the death of his planet – of all his people – had affected him as much.

"Doctor – get up," Rose's voice urged in the back of his head.

"Oh Rose, I don't want to – let me rest." Cobwebs tightened around his thoughts as a heavy curtain fell over the pain.

"Doctor, I need you." Her voice was barely a whisper echoing through the emptiness. "I Need You!"

With a start the Doctor opened his eyes. Bright light burned his pupils and he shaded his eyes quickly. With a jump, he stood up – brushed metal splinters off his coat.

"Well, then!" he said cheerfully looking around.

The metallic platform rose high above the Xerosian Mountains. Majestic glaciers, ice-covered giants, bent over him sending kisses of freezing wind. The Doctor wrapped his coat tighter burying his hands in his armpits. His foot made contact with an object and he looked down. His sonic screwdriver glittered in the afternoon light. Quickly, he bent down to pick it up. Examining it, satisfied it wasn't broken, he dropped it in his pocket.

If Rose needs me, I'll go on. His hearts throbbed in joy.

"Well, then." He clasped his hands together. "How do I get off this mountain?"

The end