-1[Summary: While Chon Lin is engaged on her quest for honor and revenge - Lord Rathbone searches for a way out of a very tangled web - Preferably alive.']

A story of change of heart, an exchange of trust and uncertain endings.

Their Secret Ravel

~A Shanghai Knights Fan Fiction~

By V. C. Baskermoth

{This was pretty much a one-shot. The idea bubbled around for a short time before I just sat down and wrote it. Reviews are appreciated! Also – for those who have seen the movie: there are a couple of details changed, just for a more historical accuracy for this tale. For those of you who have not yet seen the movie: SPOILERS! You've been warned.}

[Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or any events, which appear in Shanghai Knights.]

[Thanks for the reviews, they have been most helpful, and useful always! Thanks Auburn Red for keeping me motivated in getting the last chapters up. I may have chickened out otherwise.^.~]