Math. Is. Evil. Anabelle thought harshly to herself. It was ninth period algebra one for freshmen. She had just graphed the first twenty quadratic equations and was confronted by the remaining twenty. Please let them not have a b variable. That would just make the problems ten times easier, but that wouldn't be challenging, now would it? Anabelle groaned and forced her pencil to keep writing. Anabelle didn't believe herself to be skilled in math, but, compared to everyone else in her class, she was a genius.

Algebra one was a freshmen course although most of the kids in her class were sophomores who cared none what-so-ever about school. Sitting to her left was Evan. He was a sophomore, but he did care enough to do his homework. Evan was funny and could keep a straight face while being funny. That made Anabelle laugh even harder. Anabelle had a small crush on Evan. Although, it remained small because she hardly knew him. They also had too many differences. Evan could talk to anyone while Anabelle hardly talked to anyone outside her closest friends.

"Can I use your calculator real fast?" Devin, a light haired freshman who sat in front of Anabelle asked.

"Sure." Anabelle handed him her calculator. Devin, on the other hand, was a freshman but never managed to finish his math homework. It just so happened he was working on it now because the teacher had allowed them to rest of the class period to work on homework. Devin was sometimes annoying, but he was a nice guy. Anabelle had just recently picked up that Devin liked her, but Anabelle could never imagine him as anything more then a friend.

As she was finishing up the last few problems, Evan was already done and seemed bored. Without warning, he leaned over and scribbled a Japanese word in the margin of her paper. Anabelle took a break, distracted, and examined the script. It took Anabelle a few seconds, but Anabelle knew it meant "no" in Japanese. She then wrote her name in Katagana (Japanese) next to Evan's script. Anabelle was not in a Japanese class, but she had a knack for foreign languages and her friend was teaching her. By this time, class was almost over and people had also abandoned work on their homework to socialize. Evan asked what the symbols meant.

"It's my name." She tried to sound not too proud of herself for it was not that great of an accomplishment. Devin, by this time, had heard Evan and Anabelle talk and decided to join the conversation.

"I can write my name in American!" Devin proudly announced. Evan gave a look that said, "Well, aren't we a smart one!" Then Devin proceeded to draw an Arby's sign because his last name was Arby. Evan got a great thrill out of teasing Devin and bumped his hand before Devin could complete the symbol making Devin's pencil slide around the margin of the paper. Devin tried to draw the symbol again, but, once again, was foiled by Evan. Anabelle started giggling as Devin quickly managed the logo before Evan could hit his hand again. Devin, now pleased with the drawing, sat back and waited for a response.

"It looks like a dragon." Evan pointed out as he referred to Devin's first attempt at the logo. It looked like a high arched dragon back with a long, angled neck, and a squiggly head. Evan once again reached over and wrote on Anabelle's paper. Evan removed his hand to reveal he had written "Raur," Next to the 'dragon's' mouth. Anabelle laughed. Anabelle then added wings, feet, and a tail to the dragon. Devin added fire billowing out the mouth. Evan added thorn like spikes from the dragon's tail to its head. Devin then picked up Anabelle's notebook up and shoved it in her face.

"Raur." Devin said, intending Anabelle to laugh. Anabelle simply pushed the notebook away from her face.

"No. That's not at all the sound a dragon makes! Dragons say, 'Raur!'" Evan teased as he growled fiercer then Devin's impression. Anabelle laughed. Devin looked slightly hurt that Anabelle was laughing at Evan and not himself.

"Are you sure?" Devin questioned jokingly. "I thought they said-"

"GRAAAAAWWWWRRR!!!!!" Anabelle and Evan looked at Devin in surprise. Devin looked just as shocked.

"That wasn't me…" Danny looked around along with the rest of the shocked class to try to find what the source of the growl came from. Then, after no one could seem to find the source, it came again, but it came much louder.

"GGGGGGRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWRR!" The room vibrated from the intensity of the sound. Then the roof started to shake and it collapsed in on the classroom hailing ventilation and concrete down on the students in large dangerous chunks. Several people's screams could be barely heard audible above the rumbling of the collapsing building. The three classmates exchanged on mutual glimpse of horror before a section of the falling roof shattered on top of them.