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5 years has passed since Konoha village was attacked by the Akatsuki members. Madara Uchiha, Pain, Konan, Kisame, and Zetsu were all exterminated in an all out battle with Naruto and the Toad family, but the destruction they left were devastating. However, the spirit of the Konoha people were strong, and under the superior guidance and leadership of Tsunade-sama, the fifth Hokage of Konoha Village, the people were able to stand steady on their feet, unite and reconstruct the beautiful village they once had. Till this day, the reconstruction continues.

While Tsunade-sama overlooks the construction of houses and other imperative operations that continue to bring revenue into the village, she still worry about one problem: the recovery of Sasuke. Tsunade-sama knows that news regarding the Akatsuki's defeat had already reached Team Hawk, and she thought it was strange that Sasuke has not returned yet. She is not afraid that they will attack the village for she is completely confident in Naruto's ability to fight them off. Also seeing that Naruto has matured in mind and body, she knows he is capable of taking over the village if need be. The only thing that is ailing her is what is Sasuke planning out there. She knows Madara is not a simple man, and may have left his only descendant to rain havoc among the ninja villages across the nation. In addition to that, who knows what kind of lies and stories he planted inside Sasuke's head. Thus, the only way to make sure nothing happens in the future, and for the welfare of Konoha citizens she is going to send a special force to retrieve Sasuke.

One early morning, in Tsunade-sama's office:

Tsunade says to Shizune, "Call forth the people I have on the list. I have a special mission for them which cannot be delayed." Shizune took the slip of paper from Tsunade's hand and looked at it for a few seconds. Though she was somewhat puzzled as to what the mission was, she replied "Yes, Tsunade-sama."

After an hour of waiting, a group of ninjas appeared before her. "All right," said Tsunade "as you know it has been five years since the Akatsuki incident in our village. I am grateful for the help you have given to fellow Konoha people, and I call you forth because this will help secure the peace that we have re-established here. I need for all you to retrieve Sasuke and disband or destroy Team Hawk. Shikamaru, I will have you as the leader of the group. Naruto, Hinata, Chouji, Sakura, and Lee, I will assist in this assignment. You cannot fail for this village counts on you. Naruto, I believe you will be able to convince your friend to return to us. If anything happens, send a messenger back the village and we will send reinforcements immediately. Now go!"

Shizune looked worriedly towards Tsunade and says "Do you think they can really get Sasuke back?" Tsunade look confidently out the window towards her village and replies, "I'm sure they can."

Chapter 1

An hour after the meeting, the members of the retrieval team went back home to collect the things they needed for the duration of the mission. While Naruto was packing some money and his shuriken, he stared at the picture that was on top of the cabinet. It was a picture of Sakura, Sasuke and him when they first formed the Kakashi team. However with Kakashi dead after the Akatsuki invasion and Sasuke gone, the only remaining members were Sakura and him. Just seeing the photo harden his resolve to get Sasuke back. In completing his packing, he set out for the village gate. On the other hand, Sakura were carrying the same emotions as she head out for the village gate as well.

At the gate awaiting Sakura and Naruto's arrival were Shikamaru, Chouji, Hinata and Lee. Shikamaru was contemplating about the strategy they should use against Sasuke and his Team Hawk. While he was doing that, Chouji had just finished one bag of Calbee chips and reaching for another one that he had stashed away in his snack pack. Lee was warming up his body in throwing some kicks and punches here and there. In the procession of all this, Hinata hid under a tree and worrying about how Naruto feels at this moment. Naruto-kun probably feels it's his duty to retrieve Uchiha-san for the sake of team Kakashi. He always puts the responsibility onto himself. I just hope I could be of some use to every one in the group. No, (she shakes her head) I should have more confidence in myself. I should put all my strength and effort into assisting Naruto-kun. A sudden breeze took Hinata from her thoughts, and appearing at the gate was Sakura and Naruto. Their serious expressions made it seem like they were ready for anything.

Seeing that every one was here, Shikamaru mutters under his breath, "Ah, damn. I was hoping you guys would be late so I can rest for a bit longer." Standing up from his crouching position, he says, "Well since you guys are here, let me review what we're suppose to do. We need to get Sasuke back without harming him. But from what I know, Team Hawk are composed of formidable ninjas. The fifth Hokage gave me some information, so when the time arrives, I will come up with a strategy that you guys must follow, understand?" Everybody nodded. Scratching his head, Shikamaru continued, "Okay, Hinata I need you to use your byakugan to scout ahead for hidden traps and enemies. Lee, you will stay behind the group and deflect any back attacks, but stick close to the group. Chouji will be on Naruto's left while Sakura on his right. Sakura, you are to reserve your chakra for healing our group members unless we are being attack by an enemy. Naruto, use you shadow clones to surround our group so they can warn us first about an attack as well as confuse the enemy about our numbers. Let's go!" In a flash, they were gone and jumping through the forest, heading in the direction of the Sand Village.

As they were jumping through the trees, Shikamaru asks, "Hinata, do you see anything?"

Hinata shakes her head and answered, "No."

Naruto was getting somewhat impatient with the pace they were going at, so he created a few more shadow clones, and sent them ahead of the group to look out for enemies and ambushes. "You can leave it to me dattebayo!" Being familiar with Naruto impatient nature, Shikamaru thought that he'll just leave it to Naruto then. "Hinata, you can stop using your byakugan for now and conserve energy. Naruto will take care of the rest. But stay in front of the group in case anything happens," Shikamaru ordered. He was confident that Hinata was more than capable of taking care of things. From what he heard, in her last few practices with Neiji, it ended in stalemate. Though it somehow had surprised him at first, he knew Hinata had the potential to improve and surpass Neiji himself. After all, Hinata has Neiji's careful thinking and agility, and Naruto's determination. The possibilities were endless.

As the group neared the threshold of Konoha Forest, the sun was already setting. They decided to camp out, and rest so they can regain their strength. When it was time to sleep, Naruto, Hinata and Sakura was ordered to take the night shift and make sure they will not be attacked. Since the night was quiet, Naruto's, Sakura and Hinata's began to stir in each of their minds.

Naruto stared straight into the fire, and he thought of what Sasuke is doing. He couldn't help but feel a bit agitated at the fact that Sasuke is still planning something stupid like attacking the village. He was not able to accept the fact that Sasuke allied himself with the Akatsuki. In a very quiet voice, he declared, "I will get Sasuke back no matter what. If he doesn't want to, then too bad." Throwing a piece of twig into the pyre, he continued to stare into the fire.

Sakura was a determined as Naruto, but she did not want to resort to violence. Over the 5 years, her feelings for Naruto had grown stronger. The way he saved the village, his determination, and his big heart made her change her feelings about him. And seeing the fustration in his eyes made her want to comfort him, but she did not know how. She can only do what she can, and that is to assist Naruto in every way possible.

While those two were lost in their thoughts, Hinata, too, was thinking about the possible upcoming battle with Sasuke and his lackeys. Sasuke's sharingan and her byakugan are well-matched, but she's not too sure about his mangekyou sharingan. If she was to fight him, she'll have to be extra careful. She'll have to plan out a strategy to fight Sasuke. But for now, she felt very icky, and needed a bath. Hinata got up from her seat, and walked over to Sakura informing that she will be back soon. She says to Sakura, "I'll scout the area for threats, and I'll back in 10 minutes. If anything happens, I'll use the emergency signal lighter." Sakura nodded her head and went back to contemplating over her issues.

Hinata jumped quickly from tree to tree and finally she reached the water fall. Her body was plastered with sweat from a whole day of traveling and she couldn't wait to get into the water. She quickly peeled off her clothing and dived into the water, becoming refreshed from the coldness of it. While she was in the water, she began practicing her jutsus and fist style techniques. Her movements were elegant, and powerful. Over the years, her body developed in ways she would never have imagined. Her arms were long and graceful, as well as her legs, they have grown long and thin. Her neck and waist was slender. Her skin reflected the pale moonlight with a hint of blush, which made her beauty even more captivating. All of a sudden, she heard some rustling from the trees that startled her. She rushed to pick up her clothes to cover herself, and yelled "Who is there?" However, no one answered her so she used her byakugan to scan the area. The intruder was very quick, but she only the residual chakra he or she left behind. Wasting no time, Hinata put her clothes on and ran back to the base, and alerted Naruto and Sakura what had happened. Their senses were heightened through the night, so this situation would not occur again. But who was that person that is sneaking around them? Hinata thought. Before they knew it, the sun was rising above the hills.