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This is the last installation of the series. ^_^

"No you can't do that!" Tsunade's palm slammed down on the table. She cannot believe how hardheaded her council members were. Their session had gone on since the morning, and continued to convene until now because the council members, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, were bent on killing Sasuke to cover up their decision on eradicating the Uchiha clan.

"The Uchiha clan were set to on overthrowing the village and in order to protect the security of the other villagers, sacrifices had to made. Itachi had made a right decision." Mitokado had declared with righteousness.

"You made him chose between his family and friends with the lives of the villagers! I'm sure there was another choice, if you thought carefully about it. But as old as you are, your judgment begins to elude you!" Tsunade retorted at the old man's words.

"Excuse me Tsunade. We were here long before you were Hokage and we had supported the Third to the best of our ability. And during those years of service, we had experience relatively prosperity!" Utatane huffed with indignation.

"However, these were against the wishes of the Third and you know it. Sensei would never have sacrifice one entire clan for the security of others. He is a true man of honor and you were selfish in the imagination that your decisions could secure the happiness of others. Well, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke themselves along with their friends do not feel the same way I'm sure." Tsunade said loudly. It seems that there is no way to convince these two to change their decision about Sasuke when I can't appeal to their guilt on this matter. And the meeting with the nobles will be held tomorrow to determine Sasuke's fate. Gosh! Time is something that I cannot waste on these two.

"The youngsters will see that our actions were for the greater good of the village. They are still young, so they do not understand that some times you would have to sacrifice one thing for another. We merely thought of the village's security over a clan that was bent on destroying a place they helped to create for something as trivial as power and position. If they can not tolerate us then why should we tolerate them?" Utatane said.

Mitokado nodded in agreement as Utatane granted her piece of mind. Right after she was done, in no time, Mitokado began to input his thought, as if to smother Tsunade's offenses. " I believe the only thing that we should regret is that we let Sasuke go and not kill him. Such a powerful blood line limit should have been eliminated when we had a chance to do so. He betrayed the village and disgraced us by running away and joining our enemies forces--"

"That is enough!" Tsunade slammed her fist down on the table with such force that it split into two. The tremors resonating from the impact sent the paperwork on her table flying everywhere. The two council members were not alarmed however. Their eyes shone with disapproval. "You speak of betrayal so easily, but then again, we were also the ones who betrayed the Uchiha and Sasuke. It is fact that you sent Itachi to kill his clansmen because you distrusted the Uchiha because they were powerful and threatened the positions of everyone, including the nobles." Tsunade's eyes were fierce with rage, but her voice was deathly calm. "Your selfishness in this business had cost hundreds of lives. When the young ones shouldn't have to be involved, they were swept up in a cycle of hatred that was caused by none others, but your-honorable-selves. I will rectify this, and I will not allow anyone," she stared intensely into the two members in her room, looking from one to the other, " ANYONE, to touch Sasuke or even talk to him besides myself and a few other authorized people to go near him. Because we have already done enough damage. This is an order from the Hokage!" Tsunade made it final and she was not going to allow further tragedy to happen. With much resolve, she dismissed the council members.

"You have to eat something Oneesama." Hanabi nudged gently on Hinata's shoulder, in hopes of making her turned toward herself so she can help her sister get some food. It has been two days since she gotten anything to eat and Hanabi is worried about Hinata. Even though Hanabi is busy with helping her father with Hyuuga family duties, she still made time to see her sister. Though her sister is timid and sometimes indecisive, but this time, Hinata seemed very determined about something. Hanabi could only guess that it had to deal with the days she was gone for a mission. Perhaps it has some relation to Sasuke, but she wasn't quite sure. How to coax her sister to tell her everything, she wondered. But then again, Hanabi was never the person Hinata confided in. But she did not want to let up the opportunity for them two to spend some sibling time together, for those chances are hard to come by.

She suddenly thought of something regarding Sasuke. "I received news about Sasuke this morning." Her sister immediately sprung to life, but because her sister hasn't eaten for quite some time, that action caused her sister to swoon a little. "Lay down before you faint."

Hinata asked in a weak voice, "What did you hear about Sasuke?" Hinata looked weary, as if to prepare herself for the worst outcome.

"Tsunade-sama was able to convince the council members and the nobles of the village to not execute Sasuke, but under one condition..."

Hinata impatiently tugged at Hanabi's sleeve. Hanabi sighed because she wasn't sure how to break it to Hinata, seeing how scared and worried her sister's eyes were.

A male voice resonated from the doorway, said, "That he has to leave the village forever and never come back. Not only that," Neji walked closer to where Hinata was lying, "but his abilities of using any type of jitsu will be sealed forever. The day of the sealing will take place in 3 weeks. And once his abilities are sealed, they will expel from the village."

"No...no,no,no,no" Hinata's response came in small whispers, tears rolled down her face. She wanted to block out what Neji is informing her.

Neji grabbed her hand and held it tight, attempting to set in the reality of the situation. "You need to listen to me. If he ever tries to re-enter the village, the guards and ANBU members were kill him immediately."

Hinata stopped shaking her head, and she tried to stand up. "I have to go see him! I have to!" Neji and Hanabi tried to restrain Hinata from moving too much because her feet were unsteady. "Let me go! He needs me!" Hinata felt the world spinning around her but before she fell to the ground, Neji caught her and placed her on the futon. Hinata exerted her last bit of energy, and whispered, "He needs me. He's all alone without no one else... I've...go-got... to go... see... him." Hinata fell into unconsciousness.

Hanabi face slightly scrunched in worry and asked Neji, "What are we going to do? We need to help them out."

Neji gently wiped some of the tears stained Hinata's face and answered, "I think I know what to do."

Sasuke sat in his cell, listening on the noises that surrounded him. There were guards outside walking about, talking occasionally about him and about the Hokage's decision to free Sasuke. They didn't go more into detail about what was to become of him. Surely, the Konoha's council members and the nobles wouldn't just let him off that easily. There must be something else. All of a sudden, there was a female voice at the door. The voice sounded young. Whoever it was was trying to convince the guards to let her in, but they refuse because they weren't authorized to do so. The volume of the voice rose a bit. From this, he knew the young girl was getting impatient. Sasuke sensed another presence near the entrance, it was of a male's. But there was something on his back. He couldn't figure it out, but it was lying almost lifelessly on his back.

After a few moments, the people were finally able to negotiate something with the guards and they came towards Sasuke's cell.

"Open the door and let us in." Sasuke recognized that voice. It was Neji.

The guard replied, "The Uchiha is a C-rank criminal, and his presence is dangerous. We can't just let you in. You need authorization from the Hokage."

"We do have permission from the Hokage." Hanabi said. She was trying to trick the guards, but she's afraid that her mask might slip.

"Where is your proof?" The guard asked.

"Unfortunately I don't have it with me, I--"

"Let them in. It's fine and I can prove that they have Tsunade-sama's permission." Sakura walked in with a sealed scroll. The guards opened and read it. Afterwards, they opened the gate and let them in. "Don't take too long."

Sasuke was curious as to why these people wanted to see him. Then he caught a whiff of something familiar.

Neji placed Hinata 3 feet away from Sasuke. "Hinata..." Sasuke breathed her name. He tried to crawl closer to wherever she was, but the heavy chain prevented any movement.

"Sasuke... I'm here." She wept as she inch herself closer to Sasuke. Finally, as she reached him, she threw her arms around him in an embrace.

Sasuke tried to breathe in her scent and presence. All thoughts were temporarily driven away by his elation on having Hinata in his arms.

"Let's give them a moments together." Sakura suggested, and she lightly pulled Hanabi outside.

"If you need us, we'll be outside." After saying that, Neji followed Sakura and Hanabi out.

"Oh Sasuke." Hinata squeezed tighter, to make sure that Sasuke was not a fabricated figure of her imagination. She snuggled into his chest, taking in his warmth.

Sasuke just silently sat there, his nose in her hair, breathing her in. All the while, he gently brushed his hands down her back, a gesture of comfort and love.

"I thought I will never see you again. I wouldn't know what to do if that happened." Hinata's words resonated with Sasuke's thoughts. He was so choked up with emotions that he could only croak "Me too."

"If you are getting expel from the village, then I will leave with you as well." Hinata declared."I will not leave you alone. No one and nothing can separate us." Hinata gently touched her lips to Sasuke's.

Upon contact, it ignited Sasuke desparity, so he returned Hinata's kiss with more passion, more ferocity. He hugged her body closer because he was scared of losing her. The only other person that really mattered to him other than Itachi was Hinata. The thought of separating made life almost unbearable to him. He would gladly lose everything just so he could be with her. The chests were so close together that it felt like their hearts were beating at the same time. Hinata raised her hand to feel Sasuke's face, marveling at his handsomeness. How come she never noticed how beautiful he was? It made her stomach do some somersaults just thinking that she made this man fall in love with her. I love you, she thought. As if Sasuke heard her thoughts, he took the hand that was caressing his face and touched it to his lips. His tenderness made her stomach flutter with love. They both stayed in that position until Hinata had to go. "I will see you soon." Sasuke said as Hinata left the cell.

The procession of sealing away Sasuke's power happened 3 weeks later. Though it was not a painful process, Sasuke still felt himself being stripped of pride and dignity. His hatred had dissipated because he knew when all this was over, at least Hinata would be there to wait for him. The glimmer of light was shining down his life path. He was no longer alone.

Hinata walked back and forth near the entrance of the gate for Sasuke.

"Are you sure you're going to do this?" Neji asked. He was concerned for Hinata because just yesterday night, when she broke the news to Hiashi, he did not take it too well. He even threatened Hinata with dissociation with her if she were to leave the house and run off with Sasuke. Hinata had never seemed so strong and determined before, and she stood her ground on her decision to go away with Sasuke.

Hanabi squeezed Hinata's arm and said, "No matter what happens, Oneesan, you will always have our support."

"Thank you." Hinata held Hanabi's hand for a bit. They have never been this close before. It was a pity that only when Hinata was about to leave that she discovers imouto's generous nature.

"Remember to keep in contact with us." Sakura said. Following her were Kakashi-sensei, Iruka sensei, Naruto, Chouji, Lee, Kiba, Akamaru, Gai-sensei, Shino, Kurenai Sensei, Shikamaru, and Ino.

"You have grown to be a wonderful ninja, Hinata, and I couldn't be more proud of you." Kurenai sensei looked at Hinata.

After all of them said their final words to Hinata, Sasuke appeared and was guided by Shizune. The two left the village with neither of them turning back.

"Let's start our new life together." Hinata said to Sasuke. He smiled at her and replied, "Whenever you are, is where I live."

Soon, they disappeared from the Konoha ninja's line of vision.

"Ha ha! Papa! Come and catch me! Whoo!" The little child with long black hair grinned and sprinted toward the bushes.

"You think you can get away from me, you little rascal!" Laughing, Sasuke chased after his son.

It has been 5 winters since their departure from the Konoha village. Life was peaceful. Hinata had been there for him for the most trying times, when he became frustrated with being blind. However, she was very supportive and overcoming those obstacles made their bond even stronger. They haven't been keeping in contact with Konoha or anyone from there. Sasuke believes that it's the only way to start anew. Suddenly his thoughts were distracted by a harsh yell, "Come eat your lunch!" The old woman barked at both father and son.

Hinata just smiled as she helped set up the table for the meal.

"Coming mama!" The young boy called out, and ran toward the house.

"Take off your shoes before you come in, or you'll be gettin' a spankin'!" The old women pointed towards the child's feet.

A light breeze gently stroke Sasuke's arm. Itachi, I hope you, dad and mom are watching over us.


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