Authors Notes: Since I was asked for it, here is some kind of Sequel to „Finding Love". Haruka and Michiru go on holiday, of course with Hotaru ^_^ just a tiny little fic when I wrote at work, out of sheer boredom.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka, Michiru or Hotaru (dammit!!) but I own the plot. Naoko Takeuchi owns the three cool people I'm writing about :-( And she won't give them to me. *cries*

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my weird colleagues who make me laugh every day.


„Finally!" Haruka called out, jumping down the stairs that led up – or down – from the hospital's main entrance. Michiru followed her lover, panting; after all, Haruka was a fast runner, and when it came to running out of hospitals she was unbeatable. "Michiru-Mama, not so fast!" Hotaru panted while she hurried after her mama, grasping tightly on her hand. "HARUKA!" Michiru yelled. "Slow DOWN!" Haruka dug her heels into the ground and came to a halt with a cartoon-like screeching sound, causing a big cloud of dusk whirling up. Michiru coughed and made her way through the cloud over to her beloved tomboy. "You shouldn't be running that fast." The aqua haired girl scolded. "After all, your leg got shot." "Yeah, but it's healed, and I'm perfectly fine. See?" Haruka replied, jumping up and down to prove her statement. Michiru just sighed and handed her love the car keys. "Let's get into the car and drive home." The aqua haired girl begged. Haruka beamed, nodded and snatched the keys from Michiru, who frowned. The three of them got into the car and drove off.

"So, where do you wanna go on holiday?" Haruka asked while staring at the huge pile of brochures Michiru had brought from the travel agency (A/N: O_O *lol*) "What about Vienna?" Michiru suggested, but Haruka frowned. "In Austria it's winter now. Do you really wanna go there?" Michiru looked at Haruka with puppy dog eyes. "Please please please!" she begged, almost on her knees. Haruka grinned and patted her girlfriend's head. "If you want to go to Vienna so badly, how could I say no?" "Oh, thank you!" Michiru called out, hugging Haruka so tight that she almost crushed her to death. Hotaru, who just came walking in, saw that scene and called out: "Group cuddling!" She ran over to her parents and hugged Harukas legs, causing the blonde to loose balance and fall over. Luckily the couch stood behind her, so Haruka didn't hit the hard floor. Michiru ended up on top of her, giggling like mad, while Hotaru refused to let go of her papas legs. "Guess what", Michiru said to her adopted daughter, "we are going on holiday!" "Oh, how cool!" Hotaru cried out. "Where are we going?" she then asked. "To Vienna." Haruka panted; Michiru was kinda heavy. "Michiru, honey, not that I would mind you lying on top of me, but…could you please get off me? You're heavy." "Oh, sorry." Michiru apologized, blushing. She quickly climbed off her lover, allowing her to sit up. Haruka shook her legs, since Hotaru still was hugging them, but it had no avail. "Hotaru, why are you hanging on my leg?" the blonde asked. "Because it's fun." Hotaru answered matter-of-factly. "Plus you are so tall that I can't climb on your lap, Haruka-Papa." Haruka sweat-dropped, bent down and pulled Hotaru up on her lap where the young girl sat happily, grinning from ear to ear. Michiru quickly hurried over to the cupboard, opened it and produced a small camera. She turned around to Haruka and Hotaru and yelped: "Say cheese!" Both looked up surprised, and Michiru pictured them. With too much flashlight. "Michiru!" Haruka yelped, rubbing her eyes. "Mama!" Hotaru complained, squeezing her eyes shut. "Sorry! I forgot to turn the flashlight off. ^_^" Both Haruka and Hotaru sighed and shook their heads. "So", Michiru quickly changed the subject, "when shall we go on our holiday?" "Today!" Hotaru squealed, causing Haruka to chuckle. "That's not really possible, Hime-chan. We have to pack, book the flight, book the hotel – where do you wanna stay, by the way? – and inform Setsuna to take care of our plants." "Auntie Setsuna will take care of our plants?" Hotaru asked with a frown. "I don't think that this is a good idea!" "But why, darling?" Michiru asked surprised. "Weeell…" Hotaru started, "all the plants auntie Setsuna had in her flat died!" Haruka and Michiru blinked and looked at each other. "Oookay." Haruka slowly said. "I guess we'll have to find someone else who'll take care of our plants."