During the breakfast, Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru planned the new day. "I wanna go to the zoo!" Hotaru begged, looking at her parents with huge, cute eyes. Haruka of course couldn't deny her daughter this wish and agreed. Michiru didn't have anything against a visit of Vienna's famous zoo, Schoenbrunn, and so the little family decided to go there as soon as they had finished breakfast.

Haruka was studying the underground plan, trying to find out which line they had to take to reach the zoo. "I'd say we take U6." Michiru suggested, but Haruka shook her head and pointed to a little symbol that was printed next to one of the U4 stations. "Look, that's an elephant. The zoo has got to be there." Michiru agreed on that, and the three of them made their way to the underground. They soon reached the right station, but the zoo was no where to be seen. After twenty minutes of useless running around, Michiru could almost see the storm clouds that formed over Harukas head. "Please don't explode." Michiru whispered to her lover when Hotaru was busy with chasing a butterfly. "I won't." Haruka replied, her eyes suddenly lightening up. "Look, there!" the blonde called out, pointing over to the sign which read "Schoenbrunn: --" Michiru let out a sigh of relief and called out for Hotaru, who came trotting over to her parents. The little family made their way over to the zoo, Haruka paid the admission price and they entered Schoenbrunn. "I want to see the little monkeys!" Hotaru cried out while she grabbed her papas hand. "Please, Haruka-Papa!" "Sure." Haruka agreed, smiling. She took Michirus hand into her free one, and they made their way over to the monkey cage. Hotaru pointed to a huge ape with a very light, almost blonde fur, and informed her parents: "Look! This one looks like Haruka-Papa." Haruka sweat-dropped and glared at her daughter while the other people who stood around the cage laughed at the cute little girl. "I don't think that I look likeĀ  a monkey, thanks a lot." Haruka now mumbled, causing Michiru to giggle. "Don't worry, love, you don't." Haruka smiled at her lover, and they shared a short kiss. They continued their walk through the zoo, where Hotaru awed at the baby elephant, shrieked at the spiders and poked her tongue out to the snakes. Finally, after almost four hours, the family decided to leave and find a restaurant where they could have lunch.

After a short, effective search, Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru decided to eat at the Restaurant Alcazar. After they had ordered their food, Haruka was delighted to find out that it was a non-smokers restaurant. "Oh thank God, I won't have to put up with friggin' smoking people again." The blonde sighed relieved. Michiru smiled and placed her hand on top of Harukas. Hotaru was wriggling around in her chair, looking rather unhappy. "Hotaru, what's the matter?" Michiru asked, frowning at her daughter. "I gotta pee and don't know where the toilet is." Hotaru whined. Michiru smiled and let go of her lover's hand. "I'll take Hotaru to the toilet, love." Haruka nodded, and the two left the desk. Haruka looked after them, smiling and feeling happiness rising inside her. "My family." The blonde thought to herself, her smile growing even broader. "How lucky I am to have them."

When Michiru and Hotaru returned from the toilet, the food was already served. Haruka had waited with eating until her lover and her daughter had returned, and as soon as they had sat down, all three of them started to eat. Haruka took the first bite of her pork, and her eyes went wide. "It's very stringy." She then whispered to Michiru, who giggled. Hotaru seemed to be perfectly happy with her kids menu, and Michiru informed Haruka that her veal was perfect. Haruka grumbled about her luck, but ate the pork anyway. As soon as they had finished lunch, Haruka paid, and they left the restaurant. Outside on the street, the blonde pressed both hands against her stomach and groaned. Michiru looked at her worried. "Love, are you alright?" "I have a stomachache." Haruka informed her. "I think the meat was no good." "Let's get you into the hotel, okay?" Michiru suggested, taking her lover's arm. Haruka nodded, and they made their way to the underground station.