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AN: Here's a brand new vignette! This is sort of an interlude in between The Corellian Conflict and the next vignette, which will be The Trial of Prince Xizor. These three vignettes will be followed by a fourth, which will entail the conclusion of this story arc and ultimately Xizor's final fate. I don't have anymore details on that one as of now, but I will tell you that it's explosive! But for now, sit down and enjoy this next vignette. After the hearing to set the trial date is over, the Senate is adjourned for a recess and Padme finds herself with a little time off. She begins reading the story given to her by Yan and finds herself discovering an amazing love story that resonates throughout time; the truth behind her and Anakin's love and connection...

Legend of the Chosen One: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 1/?

It had been a very short night once they arrived back on Coruscant from Corellia. The Galactic Supreme Court, the Republic's highest Judicial authority had taken the discovery of the Falleen Princes' treason very seriously. When Palpatine had been in power, the Judicial system had little to no powers. Their authority had been usurped by the Chancellor's emergency powers and were they forced to watch many injustices take place. That was why they now took anything with Sith involvement very seriously. Xizor would not be worming his way out of this one. That's why Padme was so perplexed as to how and why Mon Mothma was standing by him. Her reputation was taking a beating and the holotabs were having a field day with it. But since Mon was still visiting the slimy womp rat, she was still being bombarded with his pheromones. Even when he was put away, Anakin guessed that it might take her a while to find her way out of the haze, since she had been constantly bombarded with his influence for the last year and a half. Padme wasn't sure if Mon would ever be the same again. She felt a hand on her shoulder and her nerves immediately calmed.

"Ready?" her handsome, loving husband of almost fifteen years asked. She smiled and nodded.

"Yes. Besides, this hearing is just to set the trial date. That's when the fun begins. She replied with an eye roll. He chuckled, as she borrowed one of his favorite lines.

"They're not messing around with this one though. They know the slime won't be warm for long. They want convict him before the Sith find a way to put him on ice permanently," Anakin said.

"Just as long as justice is served. I'll be satisfied with a guilty verdict and the fact that one way or another, he'll go away. I'm curious though if the court will still allow Falleen's membership to the Republic," Padme mentioned.

"I doubt it. The Council has already made a plea to the Judge and submitted proven evidence that Xizor's staff and some of his ow constituents were in on the whole thing. I know that once the team that Master Yoda assigned to the investigation will also find that Falleen has been selling and exporting illegal chemicals to an unknown source, which we both know is Sifo-Dyas' operation. I'd be very surprised if Falleen is allowed to remain a member, since their admittance was on a probationary basis to begin with," Anakin replied.

"Do you think they may retaliate if they are rejected?" Padme asked. Anakin glanced at her and she knew the answer.

"You do. You think they'll start a war?" Padme asked.

"I don't know about a war, but they will turn to the Sith. But if we allow them to remain a part of the Republic, the corruption will only continue. We will be keeping a very close eye on Falleen," Anakin said, as the time for the hearing arrived.

"No matter what though, I'm going to see to it that everything turns out right," he promised her, as he lifted her chin and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet, tender kiss. Padme's heart fluttered and she pressed her lips harder against his, as they enjoyed those few tender seconds immensely. Anakin smiled at her, as their lips parted. He took her hand and led her into the courtroom.


"All rise for the honorable Judge Lar," The Court officer ordered. They all stood, as the galaxy's highest authority Judge entered. He was a human male with caramel complexion, brown eyes, and a medium sized build. His hair was dark brown also and was graced with silver. He was a native of the tropical planet of Maldive, a very small planet in the outer rim. Coruscant had become her home after Maldive was all but ruined by the separatists during the Clone Wars. Rossi Lar found his prowess studying law and finally practicing it. He was known to very fair and always sought justice for criminal wrongdoings, thus why Bail had appointed him to his current position during his time as Chancellor. Rossi motioned for them to sit and they obeyed.

"This hearing will be brief, as I have already labored over this case this morning. The level of conspiracy and treason displayed by Prince Xizor has deeply shaken this court and we will seek penalties for his crimes to the full extent of the law. The Jedi Council has already launched a full investigation into Prince Xizor and Falleen's dealings and the end result could very well mean Falleen's expulsion from our great Republic. As for you, Prince Xizor, you will stand trial, beginning in five days. You will remain in Jedi custody for the duration of the trial. In compliance with our laws, the Senate is in recess until the conclusion of the trial, as well, due to the extremity of the charges involved in this case. We are hereby adjoined," he announced. Just five days from now, they would begin. Convicting Xizor would likely be a swift victory


Han stood, as he hugged his mother goodbye. He was visiting her at the Temple, as he did everyday and it was now time to leave.

"How come you have to stay here? The trial hasn't even started yet," Han complained.

"Sweetheart, I'm already getting a better deal than I should. I knew better than to get involved with someone like Xizor. I've learned my lesson though and when I do get out, I'll be earning an honest living. Meanwhile, you're going to learn to do the same under Calin's watch," she said.

"Boy this Skywalker really had an effect on you, didn't he?" Han questioned. She nodded.

"He did. Seeing him again changed everything. And even though he'll never feel about me the way I feel about him, his example is one I want to follow now and I want you to follow too," Lauren said.

"Whatever," Han said, with an eye roll.

"I love you Han," she said, giving him a hug.

"I love you too, mom," Han said, as he left with Lando, while Lauren was taken back to her cell.


The next morning...

Despite the fact that she had the next five days off, she woke up early, though about an hour later than usual. Her husband's side of the bed was empty, but she wasn't surprised. He was likely meditating. He and the kids were going to the temple today. She got up and donned a dark blue robe over her long white nightgown. She padded to the fresher to brush her teeth and then headed downstairs.

"Morning beautiful," Anakin greeted her. She took his hand, as he pulled her close.

"Morning handsome," she replied, as she heard the kids chattering in the kitchen.

"You should have woke me up. I would have helped with breakfast," she said.

"Threepio made breakfast. You were sleeping so peacefully and I didn't want to wake you," he replied, as they shared a tender kiss.

"Well, thank you. I think I needed it," she said.

"I know you did. So, what are you going to do with all your free time the next few days?" he asked.

"Oh, I don't know. I'll probably catch up on my reading or something. Maybe I'll even bake your favorite cookies," Padme said.

"Mmmm...I look forward to that then," he replied, as they kissed again, even as the kids scampered out from the kitchen.

"Eww...they're kissing again," Jenna complained.

"Come on Dad. We have to go," Jayden prodded.

"Dad...can I drive?" Luke asked.

"No way laser brain. I want to live to see fifteen," Leia sniped.

"Luke is a good driver," Kimberly said.

"Thanks Kimmy," Luke replied, tossing a smug look at Leia. Anakin sighed and broke their kiss.

"I think you and I should ship this lot off to Grandma's some night this week, I think we need a little alone time," Anakin suggested.

"I agree," Padme replied, as she kissed him again.

"I love you," he said.

"Love you too," she replied.

"Bye mom!" the kids called, as they all went to pile into the speeder. Luke pouted in the passenger seat, as his father took the driver's side. His parents said he wasn't old enough to drive in the busy air traffic yet. Padme waved to her family, as their speeder zoomed into the air. Padme went to the kitchen for some caf and some breakfast. She brought her tray out into the living area and sat down on the sofa. She picked up the data disc containing the story Yan had given her and anxiously put it into her datapad. And with a hunger for knowledge, she began to read...


Legends and myths have existed since the beginning of time. Stories of good vs. evil. Stories of love or war. But no legend is greater than that of the Chosen One. Even at the beginning of time, the Force sensed the birth of a great evil. She knew she must protect her beautiful creations and so she took human form in order to establish direct communication with her most gifted followers and in order to bare a child to groom into the galaxy's greatest hero. He would protect and defend the weak. And he would banish evil. He would be revered by her gifted warriors and cherished by her. But he would also find love that no one had foreseen. A love so powerful...so great that it had both the power to save the galaxy...or destroy it. This is that story. Some call it a legend or a myth, but there is nothing fictional about the Legend of the Chosen One...


Naboo. It was a favorite of hers among all her creations. That's why she had chosen to build her hidden mountain palace there. When she created her immortal son in the image of a human, she too had taken a human form and for this reason, she needed an appropriate place to raise him. She had chosen Naboo as their home. Her gifted warriors, also known as guardians, also resided with them when they were not attending to their duties of Galactic protection. Her warriors were gifted in the use of abilities she granted them. The Force was what they liked to call her. It was her essence and presence and it resided in all living things. Her offspring was not mortal, like the guardians though, but he was a free spirit and loved interacting with humans. He was blessed with her superior abilities, including super strength and speed, as well as the ability to fly. She allowed him to grow into a young adult in mind and stature, before his aging process ceased. From a young age, her son had been fascinated by the Nabooan people and enjoyed mingling among them. Therefore, he had taken on a human alias and was known as Anakyn Skywalker, which in direct translation meant walking warrior of the sky. The Force was proud of her beautiful son, though she knew evil crept in the shadows, awaiting to challenge the balance of power. But she believed in Anakyn and knew he would prevail. But not even she had foreseen the extremity of the danger to come. She sensed the dark tremors around her, but a bright spot broke through the darkness. She opened her eyes, as she watched her grown son approaching her throne. She had taken on the appearance of a very beautiful human female. She had always found humans to be one of the most physically attractive species, among all her creations. Her hair was golden blonde and it cascaded down her back. Her eyes were an intense sapphire and her skin was a fair ivory. She wore a long, glittering white flowing gown and an intense silver aura emanated from her. Her son resembled her greatly, though he was much taller, with golden blonde hair that was shoulder length. His eyes were as blue as hers and he had handsome, chiseled features, golden tanned skin, and a lean muscular build. Human females pined after him, but none had held his interest so far. Their inner beauty had never matched their outer beauty and therefore, his heart had yet to be captured.

"Good morning, my son," she greeted.

"Good morning mother," Anakyn bowed to her, before kissing her cheek. She saw one of her most gifted guardians follow. Guardian Kenoby was her son's friend and mentor.

"I take it Ani beat you again, Lord Kenoby," she mused.

"Yes your highness. He is becoming a fine warrior; albeit arrogant," Kenoby reported.

"Now Ani...I've warned you about letting power overcome you," she scolded sternly.

"Yes Mother. I will do better," he promised. She smiled.

"I know you will. You may go now," she said. He grinned.

"Thank you mother," he replied, as he ran past Kenoby in a hurry. He flew into the sky and let out of yelp of excitement, as he went free falling to the Naboo valleys below. Kenoby shook his head in amusement.

"I don't know what fascination he gets from mingling with those Force blind mortals," Kenoby said. She smiled knowingly.

"He will soon discover the source of what draws him to Naboo so strongly," she mentioned cryptically, which only perplexed Kenoby even more...


Young Padmia Zandar sat beside her father in their rickety old land skimmer, as they slowly drove into the village they lived near. Her father was an underpaid factory worker and Padmia earned what little money she could at the local library. Her father couldn't afford to send her to school, for only the rich kids attended the fine schools in Theed. But Padmia was very smart and studied hard everyday in the library when she wasn't attending to her duties or helping customers. But they were happy and their little country cottage outside of town was home. Her mother and older half sister lived with her cruel step father in Theed. Her mother's affair with her father had enraged her step-father and for the first five years of Padmia's life, her mother and sister had lived with them, until Russo came for them, claiming he wanted them back and that things would be different. Russo was quite wealthy, for he was employed as constable in Theed by the evil Governor Denal. In the end, the prospect of not being poor had caused her mother to leave with Russo and she had taken Solma, her older sister, with her. Her father was heartbroken and her mother had the nerve to beg him to let her take Padmia with her. But Padmia had cried uncontrollably when they tried to take her away from her father. Reid denounced Russo for the evil man that he was and vowed that he'd never let Russo get his hands on her. Russo did not take kindly to the threat and promised that he would pay someday. But they had heard little from any of them in the last eleven years. She and Solma missed each other terribly, but Solma wasn't allowed to come visit her and Riley was too afraid of sending Padme anywhere near Russo or Solma's new, abusive husband. She wished things were different on Naboo. She wished that evil people like Governor Denal and King Paladine didn't rule. Their rule was stifling and their laws were unfair to poor people like her and her father. Padmia dreamed about making things better. She dreamed of a better Naboo, where all people were equal and the government took care of their people, instead of controlling their lives.

"Off in space again, sweetness?" her father asked. She was snapped back to reality and she smiled at him.

"You know me," she replied, as she realized they were at the library.

"Yes I do. I still wish you'd just come wait for me when your shift ends. I know it's a few hours wait, but I don't much like you venturing home by yourself in those woods," Reid fretted.

"I'll be fine Daddy. I walk home all the time. Besides, if I get home earlier, I can have dinner ready," Padmia replied.

"You're sweet for doing that, but you know I don't expect you to cook for me all the time," he replied.

"Daddy, we both know that you're helpless in the kitchen. You'd starve if I didn't cook," she joked. He chuckled.

"Suppose that's true. Okay, just promise you'll be careful," Reid said.

"I'll be fine. Stop worrying," she replied, as she kissed his cheek and got out. She waved and he waved back, as he drove off.


Padme looked up from the datapad and noticed that her stomach was growling. She felt like she had just eaten breakfast, but as she looked at the chrono. She realized it had been four hours since she had started reading. She had been so enthralled by the story that the morning had slipped away. She went to the kitchen to make a sandwich and slice some shurra fruit. After eating a quick bite, she went about making cookies. As she put the first sheet in the oven, she eagerly returned to reading after setting the timer.


When Padmia's shift ended that afternoon, she purchased a few things at the market and put her books in the satchel with her grocery items, before she set off through the forest path toward her home. She wasn't quite halfway home when she was intercepted by four men, who seemed to have been waiting for her. She jumped back, but they quickly surrounded her.

"Lord Paulo would like to have an audience with you, beautiful," the leader sneered. Padmia glared at him.

"You can tell Lord Paulo that I'll have nothing to do with him," Padmia spat.

"Too bad, because he's not giving you a choice, sweetheart," the man sneered, as two of them grabbed her arms.

"He told me that we should teach you your place, little peasant whore," the man growled, as he got uncomfortably close to her.

"He said we could sample the merchandise and I get to go first. Hold her still, boys," he ordered. Padmia fought and struggled, but it was no use. She let out a terrified scream, which only made them laugh...


Anakyn's feet landed solidly on the ground and he broke into a blur, as he ran carefree through the forest, leaping over trees. He loved the way the wind felt against his face when he was running or flying. Suddenly, he heard a woman scream. He probed the Force around him and felt her fear. Quickly, he took off running in the direction where he sensed the disturbance and arrived to see four men attacking a beautiful young girl. It was men like these that were the reason for his existence. It angered him when he saw the evils of mortals who enjoyed preying on those weaker than them.

"Let her go!" he roared. The leader looked up.

"Beat it pretty boy. We've got orders to deliver her to Lord Paulo," he snarled.

"Well, it doesn't seem that she wishes to go. You're hurting her and I won't stand for it. Release her now! I'll not warn you again," Anakyn said sternly.

"Guess I'll have to teach you a lesson, kid. Hold her while I take care of this brat," the man snarled, as he approached Anakyn.

"This should be fun. Beating up a lanky wimp like you will be child's play," he chuckled, causing his men to laugh with him. Padmia, however, couldn't take her eyes off the handsome stranger and she feared for him. But she would find that her fear was in vain. The man took a swing at Anakyn and hit him square in the jaw. But Anakyn didn't even flinch and it was his attacker that was holding his hand in agony. He looked at his hand and found that his knuckles were bloodied. He looked at the young man in disbelief. He roared angrily and punched Anakyn in the stomach, but he was the one reeling back in pain, for it felt like he was punching durasteel.

"Get this freak!" he called to his men. They shoved Padmia down and charged at the mysterious youth. They never made it to him, for they found themselves being thrown back by an unseen force. Anakyn slammed the three thugs into nearby trees, knocking each of them out. Anakyn stared menacingly at the leader.

"You'll tell Lord Paulo that he better not send his goons after this woman again or he'll answer to me personally," Anakyn warned. The terrified mercenary started running away. To punctuate his point, he used the Force to shove the man forward, sending him tumbling down a steep hill. He would survive, but would think twice about his profession. Anakyn turned his attention to the young woman. Their gazes locked, as she stared up at him in amazement. And he found himself captivated by her angelic beauty. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

"Are you okay?" he asked, as he offered his hand to her.

"Y...yes..." she stammered, as she stared into his gorgeous blue eyes. He helped her up and she lost her balance, but he caught her, as she fell forward, right into his arms.

"Are you okay?" he asked again in concern.

"Yes. Just clumsy. Thanks," she replied shyly, as they continued to gaze into each other's eyes.

"You're so beautiful," he blurted out unexpectedly, making her blush.

"You're very kind," Padmia said, as she smoothed her dress with her hands.

"Why is the Governor's evil son after you?" Anakyn asked.

"I honestly don't know why he would try to have me kidnapped. But I'll bet my evil stepfather is somehow behind it. He would do anything he could to hurt my real father and taking me away would do it," Padmia said.

"Sounds like a long story," Anakyn replied.

"It is," she nodded.

"I've got time," he stated, as they started walking.

"I'm sure you don't want to hear about my life," she replied.

"I'm sure that I do. My name is Anakyn," he said, as he held out his hand.

"Padmia," she told him, as she extended her hand to his. He surprisingly lifted it and kissed the back of her hand.

"That's a beautiful name," he mentioned, making her blush again.

"You really want to hear about me?" she questioned skeptically.

"Very much so. We need something to talk about while I walk you home. You shouldn't go alone," he said. She nodded.

"Okay. But if I tell you about me, then you have to do the same," she replied. He smiled and she felt her heart skip a beat.

"Fair enough," he answered.

"It's this way," she gestured, as they started walking.


The timer interrupted her for the final time, as the last sheet of cookies was ready to come out of the oven. She took them out to cool and saw that her family would soon be home when she glanced at the chrono. She was eager to continue what she was positive would turn into an amazing romance, but it would have to wait until tomorrow, for she needed to start dinner. She switched the data reader off and tucked it away, before going about making a casserole. Just about the time she put it in the oven, she heard the chatter of her children, as they filed inside from the veranda.

"I smell cookies!" Jayden called, as he rushed to the kitchen with his brothers and sisters.

"Hi Mommy!" they called, as Padme opened her arms to them, hugging each of them.

"Can we have cookies?" Jenna asked.

"Well...only one before dinner," she replied, as she held the plate out to them. They each took one and munched on them, before scampering off to the playroom, as their father came into the kitchen.

"I've been waiting for this all day," he said, as he took her in his arms. She looked at him with a wry expression.

"For me or for the cookies?" she teased.

"Both," he replied, as he kissed her tenderly. Padme wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard and deeply, moving her lips over his in a passionate rhythm.

"Wow...what a welcome," he said, with a smile, as their lips finally parted. She giggled and cuddled against him.

"Dinner should be ready soon," she said, as she took his hand and led him out to the living area, after he filled his other hand with cookies. She would continue the story later, but for now, she would make her own romance with her handsome Jedi husband.