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Legend of the Chosen One: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 6/6

Padme kissed her husband goodbye the next morning.

"Bye Mom!" her children called, as she waved to them.

"Have a good day," she told him.

"I will, though it would be better if I could stay here with you," he replied.

"Yes it would. But you have important work to do," she replied. He nodded.

"Security at the Senate will be extremely tight when I get done designing the perimeter. There will be Jedi and Clones everywhere," he promised. She nodded.

"I won't let Xizor intimidate his way out of this. Just be careful today. Who knows what the Falleen are planning," she said. He nodded.

"I will. I'll see you tonight," he replied, as he kissed her again, before hopping into the speeder with the kids and heading for the Temple. The trial started tomorrow and she would take part in bringing Xizor to justice. But today, she would finish reading the legend and discover what had become of Anakyn and Padmia…


Anakyn led Padmia to Theed palace through the courtyard, hiding behind trees and brush as needed.

"Your father is probably being held in the dungeon. I'm going to get us into the palace without being seen. Are you ready?" he asked. She nodded.

"Okay. No matter what, don't let go of my hand," he instructed.

"I won't. I love you," she said. He cupped her face with his hand.

"I love you too," he replied, as he kissed her softly, before slowly inching them toward the palace's back entrance. Suddenly, a dark presence washed over his senses. It was so strong that it nearly knocked him off his feet.

"It cannot be…" Anakyn uttered.

"What's wrong?" Padmia asked.

"The darks side…my mother's sister. She has been released and she is here," Anakyn said gravely.


The Lady Force stumbled slightly, as she stepped down from her throne, holding her head in agony.

"My Queen…what is it?" Kenoby asked.

"My sister…she has been awakened," The Lady Force said.

"That's impossible! You banished your dark side a millennia ago!" Kenoby exclaimed.

"Those that draw on the powers of the dark side can awaken her if they know how. It has been King Paladine blanketing Naboo with the dark side energies all along. He has awakened her and she is on Naboo. Rally the Guardians! My son is in grave danger!" she called.

"At once, my Queen," Kenoby obeyed.


The recording finished and Anakin turned the Holoscreen off, as most of the other Council members and senior Knights that Anakin had asked to attend stared in disbelief.

"I can't believe they just threatened to openly attack a Senator during the trial. Do they really expect to be able to pull such a thing off?" Serra asked.

"She's right. Now that we've been alerted to their plot, we'll be watching any of the Falleen species even more closely now," Ferus added.

"That means they could have something very big planned. They must be convinced that their plot will succeed," Kit warned.

"But why warn us? We'll be on guard even more now. Surprise would have been their best weapon," Whie replied.

"Arrogance. We all know that most Falleen males possess an overwhelming wealth of arrogance. They're taunting us," Qui-Gon said.

"Even so, surely they know how foolish it is to be so bold," Aayla said.

"Prince Xizor's family has ruled on Falleen for centuries. His people are loyal to a fault and will do anything at all to honor him, no matter the danger to themselves or others," Yan informed them.

"I already have Tyler working with Rex and his battalion to station security everywhere. I've created a perimeter and assigned a pair of Jedi to cover each point of interest," Anakin said, as he brought the map of the Senate building up on the screen. On it, he had marked everyone's assigned posts.

"This probably won't prevent them from trying something if they're really determined, but it will ensure that we'll be able to react as quickly as possible," Anakin said. Many were having trouble accepting the fact that such a blatant attack could possibly take place in such a heavily guarded place. It was quickly becoming everyone's conclusion that they were at war once again. Now that everyone had their assignments, they were dismissed and left for the Senate building to implement the perimeter, in order to be ready for tomorrow.


An evil laughter rang in their ears, as King Paladine slowly strode toward them. Anakyn glared at him, as he guarded Padmia behind him.

"King Paladine, I should have known you were the source of all the horrible things that have occurred," Anakyn spat.

"Yes, I am a servant of the dark side! My Queen is powerful and she will rule after she slays you, Son of Suns!" Paladine cackled, as the sky clouded and lightning flashed violently. Anakyn held Padmia close, as the wind blew fiercely and the sea boiled. Padmia gasped and held onto her love tightly, as a horrible looking serpent dragon emerged from the sea. Smoke filled the air, as the serpent burst into flames and transferred to a humanoid form that now stood before them. Her hair almost reached the ground and it was black as night. She took on the form of a very attractive human female dressed in black robes, but her lips warned against her, as they were the color of blood. And when she smiled, sharp fangs could be seen.

"Hello nephew…so nice to finally meet you. I will relish your destruction and laugh, as your mother drowns this world in her tears when you are dead!" she hissed. Padmia watched, as a bright silver aura surrounded him. The dark witch winced away and growled.

"The light will not save you, Son of Suns!" she growled, as she drew a light sword and a crimson blade blazed to life. Anakyn drew his own and a blinding white blade appeared. He touched Padmia and a brilliant white shield encased her.

"You'll be safe under my shield. Stay here," he told her.

"Be careful, my love!"she called, as he leapt into battle. Their blades crashed together and thunder boomed loudly in response to the battle. Twisters swirled in the sky, while Typhoons formed in the sea. The ground beneath them shook violently. Mountains crumbled and the ground broke apart in violent fissures across the planet, while molten lava spewed from the fissures. Chaos swallowed the planet. Padmia remained safe in the courtyard, as it was being protected by her beloved, as he fought the monster. King Paladine watched on as well with a devious grin.

"Watch closely, my dear, so you may witness the death of your lover," Paladine sneered. Padme gazed up in the sky where the battle raged. Nothing could kill Anakyn. She was sure of it. But that did not get rid of the bad feeling she had…


Anakin stood at the security station in the atrium of the Senate building, studying the overlay of security measures they were currently implementing.

"Everything seems to be in order," Anakin said, as his father approached.

"Yet you're still worried about what they might try," Qui-Gon replied.

"Someone is always trying to hurt her or take her away from me and then I realize that most of the time, it's because I'm the one they're trying to destroy. I look at her everyday and I'm always asking myself why anyone would ever want to hurt her. She's so good and she helps so many people. I know anger is wrong father, but it would destroy me if anything ever happened to her," Anakin said.

"You and Padme have created a powerful opposition against evil. They seek Padme out in order to get to you, that's true. But she loves you deeply and she doesn't blame you at all. The thought of blaming you hasn't even crossed her mind," Qui-Gon replied.

"I know," he said, as Qui-Gon patted him on the shoulder.

"Go home and spend the afternoon with her. I'll drop the kids off tonight," Qui-Gon suggested.

"I wish I could, but there's still a lot to do here," Anakin replied.

"No, everything that can be done has been done. Go home to Padme and that's an order," Qui-Gon said. Anakin smiled and nodded.

"Well, this is one order I'll gladly follow," he replied.


"Of all the women in the galaxy, you choose that weak, insignificant peasant girl. The dark side can offer you wonders you can't imagine," the Lady of Darkness tempted.

"Padmia is an angel; good and pure, something you know nothing of and there is nothing I would ever want from you," Anakyn spat

"Such a pity, so much power wasted on love. She makes you weak. She will be your undoing," the Lady of Darkness cackled, as she raised her had. Anakin watched in disbelief, as his shield around Padmia was punctured. His beloved clutched her throat and fell to her knees.

"Nooo!" Anakyn screamed, as he slashed at her. But she disappeared in a puff of smoke and was now holding his beloved captive. Padmia screamed, as the monster's human form faded into that of a giant serpent again and coiled around the petite young woman.

"Release her now beast!" Anakyn screamed, as his feet landed soundly on the ground.

"If you want her back alive, then you have to pay the price," the Lady of Darkness hissed. Anakyn looked into Padmia's frightened eyes.

"I will do what you want. Just don't hurt her," he pleaded.

"Anakyn…no!" Padme pleaded.

"You are a fool, Walker of the Skies. For her insignificant life, are you really willing to surrender your immortality to me?" she hissed.

"I will do anything for her," he replied.

"No…you can't!" Padmia cried. The Lady of Darkness cackled with glee, as a gold, jewel encrusted goblet appeared in her hand.

"The blood of a serpent dragon will surrender your immortality. Drink and the angel is free," she hissed.

"No Anakyn…please don't do this!" Padmia pleaded.

"I must my love! I will not lose you," he cried, as he took the goblet. Without another thought, he drank from the goblet, allowing the rancid, metallic tasting liquid to slide down his throat. He only swallowed a couple of gulps before he was bending over in agony. The aura of light around his disappeared, as he coughed violently. The Lady of Darkness howled in victory, as her grip on Padmia loosened. She slipped from the serpent's coils and ran to her love.

"Anakyn!" she cried, as she dropped to her knees beside him.

"Padmia…run! My powers cannot protect you any longer. I am mortal now," he said.

"I'll not leave you," she refused.

"Oh, but you will be leaving with me!" Palo growled, as he pointed a sword at them. Anakyn ignited his light sword, which was now a normal sapphire color. He didn't have his immortal powers anymore, but he would still fight.

"You won't touch her," Anakyn growled. Palo laughed.

"I think you better worry about yourself, rather than her," Palo sneered, as the serpent swooped down on them. Anakyn jumped in front of Padmia and dodged the beast's snapping jaws. Unfortunately, the serpent's tail whipped him in the chest and sent him flying hard into a tree.

"Anakyn!" Padmia screamed, as Palo grabbed her arms.

"Let me go!" she cried, but he backhanded her across the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

"You will learn to obey me when you become my wife," Palo said.

"Like I'd let a little bastard like you take my baby girl from me," a voice said. Palo turned and Reid punched him twice in the face. Palo went down, as unconsciousness swept him.

"Daddy!" she cried in relief, as he helped her up.

"How did you get free?" she asked. He smirked.

"Those guards they put on me didn't stand a chance," he replied, as she hugged him.

"You may have escaped them, but you won't escape me," Governor Denal said, as he had them surrounded by palace soldiers. Reid held his daughter close.

"Come quietly Padmia and your father's life will be spared," Denal said.

"You ain't getting her unless it's over my dead body!" Reid spat.

"Well, you heard him men. Dispose of this peasant trash and take the girl!" Denal ordered.

"No!" Padmia cried, as she stood in front of her father. But before they could advance, the soldiers were cut down by a light sword. The man landed on his feet and was flanked by several others of his kind.

"You're Guardian Kenoby! Anakyn has told me about you!" Padmia said.

"You must be Padmia. I've heard much about you. What has happened?" he asked.

"The serpent tricked him into drinking its blood. He did it to save me…and now his immortal powers are gone," Padmia said regrettably.

"We warned the Queen about this! We told her that this peasant girl would ruin him!" Zane shouted.

"Now our Prince is helpless and it is because of you!" Garil added. Suddenly, they heard the beast cry out in pain, as Anakyn landed on his feet before them.

"I assure you that I am not helpless Garil and you will not blame my beloved," Anakyn said sternly. The serpent roared, as the Lady of Darkness took her human form.

"I'm impressed, Son of Suns. Even without your immortality, you are formidable. But you cannot defeat me," she sneered, as she swirled her form into a beam of essence. She entered her dark servant's body and took over him. It distorted him into half man, half monster and it laughed maniacally.

"I am immortal and there is nothing you can do to stop me!" its voice roared. It breathed fire down upon them and Anakyn shielded Padmia, as they rolled away.

"I must stop this monster before it destroys the planet," Anakyn said.

"But how? Your powers are gone…and it is because of me," Padmia cried. He cupped her face in his hand.

"No angel…I still have the power to vanquish that Sith monster. It is what I was born to do. I may no longer be immortal, but I still have the power I need. And I have it, because of you," Anakyn replied.

"I don't understand," Padmia said.

"For as long as I can remember, I was drawn to Naboo. It felt like I was searching for something and when I found you, I felt complete. I found what I was looking for when I found you. I have the power I need, because I have your love," Anakyn said. She leapt into his arms and they kissed passionately for several long moments.

"Please be careful…I can't lose you," Padmia whispered

"It will be all right, my beloved. My mother is with me. She surrounds me with her power," he replied.

"You are right, my son. Your immortality is gone, but you can still draw power directly from me in a way no one else can. Love is the key. She is your other half," his mother spoke only to him. Anakyn focused on Padmia and let her love and the Force fill him.

"Everything will be okay, my angel," he whispered to her, as he kissed her tenderly. He drew his light sword and the sapphire blade blazed white, as the silver aura around him returned. He leapt into battle again. They exchanged strikes, as their swords crashed together again and again.

"No…this isn't possible! I should be more powerful than you! I am the dark side!" the monster growled.

"The light is always more powerful and I will banish the darkness again," Anakyn called, as he whipped his saber around and speared the monster through the heart. It roared in agony and managed to thrust its sword through Anakyn's abdomen, before it burst into white flames. Anakyn fell to the ground and Padmia rushed to his side.

"No…" she cried, as she lifted his head into her lap. Anakyn looked up at her and smiled.

"You are so beautiful. I love you so much," he whispered.

"No…you can't leave me! I can't lose you!" Padmia cried.

"You'll never truly lose me. I'll always be with you," he rasped. She shook her head.

"No…please no!" she sobbed, as her father knelt beside her and rocked her gently back and forth. Suddenly, just as Anakyn prepared to draw his final breath, a bright silver aura surrounded him again. Padme gazed up and gasped, as she saw a beautiful woman before her. The Lady Force smiled brightly at her, as she placed a hand on her son's chest. His eyes snapped open and glowed bright blue. Padmia watched in amazement, as his wound healed right before her eyes.

"I cannot restore his immortality, but I can heal his wounds. I would not be so cruel as to take him from you, my dear one," she spoke. Anakyn sat up and Padmia threw her arms around him, as they kissed passionately.

"Let it be known that this union is blessed by me and to try and come between them would defy my will. Live and be happy, my son. I will always be watching," the Lady Force said, as she faded.

Anakyn and Padmia were married the next day. Revered by Naboo's people as their savior, they crowned Anakyn their King and Padmia their Queen. They lived a long, happy life together. They died together in their sleep at a very old age and joined the Lady Force in the afterlife, where they lived in bliss together. But the darkness was not gone forever and over the next millennia, it grew by leaps and bounds, until the Lady Force decided that she had to step in again. She knew that if she brought Anakyn and Padmia back from the afterlife that she would bring all the good and even the bad with them. But without her son to protect the galaxy, it would certainly be doomed to darkness forever. So, she sent them back to be born into the galaxy again. They would have no memories of their previous life together, but they would meet again and she knew that together, they would save the galaxy again, but only if their love survived. She took the necessary measures to warn her guardians not to forbid love and attachment, lest they wished for disaster. Her son needed his soul mate and she needed him. Only together, with love, would the galaxy be saved. And so, she made it so and they were reborn to mortal parents and their legacy of a powerful love unlike any knew continued…


Padme had finally finished the story. It had ended happily, yet with an ominous future. If she were to believe what she read, then it was true that the two people in the legend were actually them, though their memories of that past life had been completely expunged. The Force had foreseen an evil so great that it had deemed it necessary to will hers and Anakin's rebirth. It was a lot for one to believe and take in, but she thought about the amazing, magical connection they had and realized how impossible for one of them to live without the other. Their love could save the galaxy. Their fight against evil had been a struggle already and she had a feeling they had yet to see the worst. But this didn't worry her, for she knew they would prevail, as long as they were together. She suddenly felt her husband's presence nearby and her heart skipped a beat, as she saw his speeder land on the veranda. His heart had felt her own heart's longing for him. Their eyes locked and she felt a delicious tingle course down her spine. With an urgency neither of them could explain, nor cared to, they ran into each others arms. They were their own people, but the spirits of Anakyn and Padmia were a part of them, she was sure of it. Passion took a hold of them like a wildfire took a forest, as their lips dueled with feverish intent. Neither of them knew what had come over them, though neither cared about an explanation. Destiny was the only word that came to Padme's mind. They felt like they had been separated for a lifetime. Perhaps Anakyn and Padmia's spirits were experiencing a small awakening inside of them from their dormant awareness. She didn't know and she didn't care. All she knew was that she needed him now, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She was in his arms and he was ascending the stairs in a sprint before she knew what was happening and all other thoughts and cares other than each other ceased, as the door slid closed behind them. The trial would begin in just eighteen hours and the galaxy would be plunged into a period of strife and conflict again. The battle between good and evil would intensify. They would stand on the front lines, love as their greatest defense. There would be times that they would be unsure if they would make it and tears would be shed. But their love would always and forever remain the one constant they would always be able to count on and draw strength from. The Chosen One and his Angel would be ready for the battles to come…