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90 years ago he broke my heart. I was human...frail and fragile and he didn't want me. I wasn't bitter, but I was angry. My transformation from human to vampire had been....awkward. I had been shot while hanging out with a group of kids that I had never noticed at Forks High. After he left the mask of depression came and Charlie, sick of what had been going on, had urged me to go along. Of course I didn't want to go. But I didn't know that a few months before that when I had been invited, that Charlie, was going to be shot and killed on his job.

Flash Back

I woke up to the rain pouring outside it was thundering and lightning and I layed back down. I had had the oddest dream, Charlie had been shot and killed mulitple times. The phone caught my attention and I raced down the stairs to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Bella Swan." A deep gloomy voice said.


"I'm sorry to inform you that your father has been shot and killed on his job. I am truly sorry for your loss." I was at a loss for words.

"Thankyou." I choked out, "For calling." Then I hung up and the sobbs came. I cried all night and all day the next. I finally 'ran out of tears'.

After the funeral I left Forks. I went to California and stayed in Losangelas. I moved to the Ghetto to keep low profile. I never spoke a word to any one unless I had to. The school I now attended oddly enough was named Forks High.

Flash back Ended

I sobbed, unaturally. it had been one of my gifts to cry, as a vampire. I could shape shift and I could absorb powers, the shap shifting also includes shape shifting into a human, with real blood and everything, but I would still be extremly beautiful. I had two siberian White tigers and two cubs. I now lived in Italy. It turns out that I was the lost princess of Italy and that Charlie wasn't even my real father. I was packing now. I was going to go to the United States, and back to Forks.i couldn't understand why but my parents had told me that it was going to be a good experience. My closest friends were my Tigers. They could shift forms too. They were my brothers. Tahj and Rodam. Tahj was the oldest. Anyways, I started coughing and a silver bullet flew out of my mouth. Finally! I had been waiting for that thing to come out!

Flash Back

I was at the party, I was visitng Forks. We were playing out at one of their houses when a shot went through the window. I was shot in my torso and was bleeding furiously. Everyone else had been shot dead. Victoria, the wild red headed female vampire proceeded curiously through the window.

"Where's your little Edward now?" She asked as she grabbed me by my shirt. All the emotions left my body.

"He left." I said in a dead tone. She glared at me.

"Well that's hardly fair!" She shrieked. "Oh well." She said she turned to me and bit my neck.

Flash back.


The plane ride was pure torture. Tahj and Rodam sat next to me.

"Guys no one in the United States knows that I'm the princess of Italy so please keep it that way," I begged.

"Sure. What ever you say." Tahj said. I rested my head on his shoulder.


"Hey did that bullet ever come out?" Rodam asked. He was obnoxious. They were both as big as Emmett and loved me just as much...more. I cringed at the thought.

"Yeah. I have it right here." I said as I pulled it from my pocket and handed it to him.

"Aww cool." It was a big bullet.

"Great. I'm glad you think that." I rolled my eyes. I remebered when I had first found out I was a princess. I was taking a trip to Italy and was staying on the down low. AS I walked through the streets people would stare at me. One person had hte nerve to talk and said,

"Princess, we have waited for you to arrive." It all went down hill from there. The plane touched down and we got off quickly. We rode in my blue Scorpion, sports car to our new house. It was large, and white and open.

"I call the 3 floor!" I shouted as I made my way out of the car and into the house. I went into the elevator.

"wait we have an elevator?!" I asked.

"Yep nothing but the best for our little sister." Rodam said I smiled. The elevator was competely made of glass. When I got to the top floor, I went to my room and unpacked my things. My bed was a canopy and the theme was white. I layed down and opened my book and just began to read...wondering about tomorrow;s events.