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"What do you think of Mexico?!" Carlisle asked as he ran into our bed room.

"What? Its too sunny. We'll shine like diamonds in the sunlight." I said. Edward and Carlisle Chuckled.

"Well maybe before. But I found a solution. I tested it on myself. I came up with a cream that keeps us from glittering in the sunlight.!" She said victoriously. My eyes became as big as saucers.

"No way!" I said as I finished braiding Apollo's long curly hair into one long braid, while braiding flowers into it. THe warhad ended months ago and everyone was happy. Edward was playing with a strand of my hair but suddenly stopped when Carlisle had spoken.

"Impossible." I said.

"Nothing's impossible." Carlisle said.

"Vacation time!" Alice yelled "We're going to Phoneix and Cancoon! Oh and California and all those places I've wanted to go but it was really sunny!" ALice shouted as she bounced up in down. She'd ran in mere seconds ago.

"We have to pack. OMG! This is going to be so cool."

"Hold on. Hold on." Carlisle said.

"Before we go anywhere. You kids need to go back to school." Oh no he didn't.

"You wouldn't dare." I said.

"Oh yes.."

"Why?" I whined. " I already know that stuff." I stomped my foot. Edward laughed and Apollo climbed into my lap. Anthony stirred on the bed.

"Am I going to have to leave them?" I asked my lower lip jutting out.

"I'm afraid so." My father said walking in. EDward's eyes narrowed. Carlisle's eyes narrowed as well. "Artemis can I talk to you?"

"Why?" I mumbled.

"Please." He said. He had just returned from some 'trip'. We were all upset with him for not helping in the battle.

"Sure." I sighed. Edward kissed my forehead. I handed Apollo to him.

"Momma." Anthony had said. Edward soothed him. Anthony latched to his arm. I followed him out into the garden so no one could hear us.

"What?" I asked icily.

"I wanted to say I'm so proud of you daughter."

"Your so sad." He scoffed.

"You should have loved me while you had the chance." I growled. "I will never call you my father." I said. His eyes widened in shock and he left. I sat by the small pond that glowed light blue. I breathed in the smell of roses that surrounded me. I put my hands into the pool and instantly felt calm. My father had to come back and stress me out didn't he? Anna and Terrance were coming to visit again with their one month old baby Amara. Well not techincally visit we were all going to meet in the States anyway. I could only wonder how our future would turn out. Would all of our problems ever be resolved? But I was content for now. I could be happy and rest in that fact and right now I have everything I ever could have wanted and more.


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