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Chapter one: First Encounter

He waited patiently as he heard faint foot steps become clearer. He was stood in a cold empty room at the very top of Hogwarts castle. This was a very isolated area that had hardly any use at all, until now. He stood still deep in the shadows holding his breath as he anticipated the girl he was looking for. He knew exactly when to expect her. Hermione Granger was on her usual nightly patrol. He noticed how she would come all the way up here and look around. He suspected she was looking for Horny students.

He was standing just inside the door with his back pressed against the wall. Hermione walked straight passed him deep into the room when she stopped. Suddenly she spun around quickly to see Servus Snape stood before her. She let out a loud gasp looking up at him in complete shock.

Snape took a step closer blocking the exit. He drank in her image. A few months ago at the end of the summer, the order had a meeting before the start of the new term. Dumbledore had insisted he attend which fucked him off immensely. He was the one doing the most dangerous work of all of them anyway.

He was stood in the living room of Sirius Blacks Manor, when Hermione suddenly strolled passed him. She walked into the room the most unique beautiful creature he had ever seen. Snape remembered standing there as if seeing her for the very first time. She had transformed over the summer into a young woman. Snape could look at her face for hours. She had creamy porcelain skin with the softest tint of rose pink on her cheeks. Her lips were full and soft and looked as if they were permanently swollen from an intense kiss. They were a delicate pink that looked to Snape as if they were begging to be ravished. Her eyes were large and round in the deepest brown he had ever seen. They sparkled with every movement like light reflecting off of water. He hadn't seen eyes like this before. Her eyes shone innocently but were dark and soft at the edges with a warm look. This along with her full bruised looking lips made Snapes cock twitch. Her hair was very thick and long which flowed down her back into a little flick, in a chestnut brown that shone and softly moved aroundher delicate heart shaped face. She had the most dangerous curves that stirred his dark side. Large soft breasts that was very clear through her sweater. She had grown a bit taller too, which gave her soft slender legs. He liked the way they looked incredibly soft high up on the inside of her thighs. The curve from her hips into a tiny waist had the ultimate effect on his concentration during the rest of the evening. He imagined thrusting in and out of her wildly while she had her slender legs wrapped around him.

Snape snapped back to reality as Hermione softly spoke in a whisper.


A beat passed while he did not answer, but just looked back at her intensely. Hermione was puzzled. She didn't like the dark look in his eyes. She'd never found her self completely alone with him before, which she was thankful for.

"You startled me...I was just doing my patrols…"

"Miss Granger" Snape finally spoke. "You shouldn't be wondering around so late. Alone."

With a long pause Hermione could suddenly sense heavy tension in the room. She didn't know how to answer and just looked embarrassed. She would never admit it to anyone as she was head girl, but she was afraid of Snape. She found him unapproachable, distant, cruel and dangerous. She'd always avoided him at all costs.

Snape was enjoying the young woman's confusion. He slowly began to walk towards her.

"I wouldn't dare to assume you know this castle, Miss Granger. A mere girl could never comprehend the secrets that lie within these walls….. No matter how many books she may have read."

He drooled in a mocking and commanding voice. Snape added the last bit for his own amusement. Hermione would have been annoyed if she had had time to think, but Snape seemed to be coming straight for her.

Snape boldly came so close to Hermione that he had to bend his neck down as they were almost touching. Hermione's steps backwards only served to have Snape follow her back, not allowing any space between them. She was backed against the wall.

Hermione was now alarmed. She took in a tiny audible gasp of confusion.

Snape dropped his eyes down to her supple lips as they parted slowly to speak. No sound came out. Her deep brown eyes shone up wide behind her thick eyelashes. Snape inched his face towards hers slowly inhaling. Paralysed and speechless, Hermione flicked her eyes down and to the side. What could she do? This was her professor!

Snape leaned in closer, placing his right hand on the wall above her head and his left high on her stomach under her breasts. His hands were very large and masculine. Hermione was extremely frightened as she tried to pull her head back and look up at his shoulders. They were above her head, extremely broad and daunting. His wide chest drowned her against him as his magnificent stature leaned over her.

Snapes lips tugged into a smirk as he peered down at the slip of a girl, she appeared very distressed. Snape knew that his being her teacher and a figure of high authority would restrain her response to such a situation. He tried to contain himself and make his movements slow. He didn't want to frighten her any more than necessary.

"I've been watching you" he said in a low voice, not breaking eye contact.

"You're incredibly innocent. You have no idea how wild your soft body drives me"

Snape slowly raised his left hand onto her right breast. Hermione jumped.

"Professor! I don't. …what!…." she gasped out.

Her breath quickened, she had no idea what to say. He was her professor, she certainly couldn't swear at him. Even if he wasn't her professor she didn't have it in her.

She quickly tried to raise her arms and push against his chest and arm but found it difficult as there was no space between them. He was now slowly caressing her breast and she was mortified when Snape pushed his crutch hard against her, moving it in a slow rubbing motion. She let out a yelp and suddenly she felt him pulling at her jumper.

"No! No! Please NO!!"

Herminie was terrified. She tried pushing even harder against his iron grip. But he just ignored her tiny fists as they were useless against his hard chest.

"Be good for me and stay still. I've been dreaming about your creamy skin."

Snape had now managed to roughly pull up her school jumper, revealing her breasts clad in a tight white blouse. He started for its buttons but paused thinking how to sooth the young witch.


Hermione's mind was screaming so loud along with her pleas for him to stop she almost missed his use of her first name.

She suddenly paused and looked up into his face. Snape suppressed a moan as the innocence in her eyes struck him. He wanted her so bad and by god he was going to have her.

"I'm going to make you mine an-"

He was suddenly cut off.

"WHY?!" came Hermione's desperate and shrill reply.

"Because Hermione Granger you are so deeply embedded into my mind I cannot think straight. I want to posses you and make you mine forever. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen."

Hermione was shocked into silence.

"You're going to belong to me and only me."

And with this he pushed his throbbing erection into her as hard as he could.

Before Hermione could react, Snape's lips were so close to hers she could feel his breath upon her lips. Snape was intoxicated with lust. He briefly allowed his lips to linger over her parted ones. Hermione was completely overwhelmed by his masculine and forceful touch. Her tiny hands held on to snapes sleeves as her eyes became half lidded. After what felt like minutes to them both, Snape closed the gap between them and as gently as he could, he took her full soft bottom lip between his. He sucked upon it in one long slow motion as softly as he could possibly master and broke contact. He left only a fraction of space between their lips, just enough to be apart and mingle their breath. He continued by repeating the motion as he brought both his hands up to her jaw line and ever so softly tilted her head. Hermione couldn't breathe as she closed her eyes fully, thinking of nothing but his breath tingling on her wet lip. Snape took both her lips into his own. He was making this innocent angel his. He began to kiss her harder as he felt her hands pushing against him relax ever so slightly. Hermione didn't kiss him back as she had never been kissed by anyone before. She just allowed her parted lips to be kissed as her legs became weak.

Snape slowly pulled his head back to part their kiss. He didn't miss the fact that Hermione unconsciously followed his lips in order not to break contact. Snape looked down at Hermione as her head was still tilted up with her lips parted, and deliciously moist. Her eyes were closed and her long dark eyelashes pressed against her soft skin. Snape groaned as his shaft pressed painfully against the inside of his trousers. Snape couldn't believe this young woman before him. He suddenly had an image of throwing her to the ground, pulling her underwear to the side and roughly pulling her legs apart so he could ram himself deep into her as hard as he could.

Snape snapped his eyes open. He looked down at the witch as he slowly moved his thumb over her lips. How could he continue this? She didn't deserve to be treated so roughly, especially if he was planning on keeping her. He knew she was obviously a virgin. He felt suddenly protective over her even if he had to protect her from himself. Hermione was suddenly shocked into thinking straight as she felt his body brake complete contact from hers.

She instantly felt cold and looked up at Snape. His face was expressionless but his eyes were vastly dark and hard. She suddenly became washed over with embarrassment as she thought of the kiss. She couldn't believe it. Professor Snape just kissed her. The gentlest kiss imaginable! Snape the cruellest, most hardened man she had ever met just kissed her and she was shocked to admit it but she was disappointed he had stopped!!

She didn't know what she was thinking but she had to get then hell out of there. She tried to hold back from running away. Snapes dominant assertion made Hermione feel like a child.

Snape hadn't moved but continued to look down at her. Her cheeks were a delicate rose pink, and he noticed how she seemed to be avoiding eye contact. She looked incredibly timid and beautiful.

Snape took another step back.

"Miss Granger you are deep within my veins". He paused. Hermione raised her eyes in response but still did not make eye contact.

"I was not lying when I said I wished to make you mine. I am regretful for what just accrued. Not for the kiss." He looked at her lips. "But for the harsh way in which I forced myself upon you. I did not mean to frighten you. I've been finding my self unable to tear my thoughts from you lately and I am not a gentle man. Not only are you an incredibly beautiful young woman but your intelligence is remarkable."

Hermione was now looking up at Snape self-conscious and confused. She didn't understand what he was trying to tell her. Was he trying to explain what just happened??

Snape continued as he saw her brow furrow

"I want you to understand my intentions. I wish to give you what you deserve and court you properly"

Hermione wasn't sure she heard right. He wants to court me?

"I hope you can forgive what I have just done to you. I know it's incredibly presumptuous of me but I will not stop lusting after you. I wish to have you belong to me. From here forth I will be pursuing you most adamantly until you want me as I do you. I will use all my efforts to have you look at me the way you just did when I kissed you, every time you look at me."

Hermione was gobsmacked. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was this a cruel joke? She looked up at him as he was watching her reaction. She tried to process everything he just said. "I wish to have you belong to me". His words rang in her ears as her stomach flipped. She found her self liking his words but was afraid. His powerful manner over whelmed her. Everything about him was intimidating. She couldn't believe he found her attractive. She couldn't bring her self to speak.

Snape knew she was afraid as she appeared in deep thought and wide eyed as her perfectly formed breasts heaved driving him wild. He could see numerous emotions flick behind her eyes. He wanted nothing more than to let his dark side take him over and ravish her. His mouth tugged into a smirk again. No he wouldn't do that to her. He made up his mind. He was going to do this properly. She would be aching for him and then and only then would he make love to her. She was going to belong only to him. He knew she was fearful of him and she had every right to be as Snape was a dark and threatening man. He made a mental note to be gentle with her, though he honestly didn't know if he had it in him.

Snape gently drew her into him by her waist and pulled her sweater back down into place.

"It's very late. Ill walk you back to your room to make sure you get back safely."

Hermione couldn't believe it. Was he joking!?

Snape started for the door. Hermione was incredibly intimidated by him as she hesitated and slowly walked toward the door. Snape saw how timid and shy she was. When she reached him he placed his long arm protectively around her tiny waist so she was tucked into the side of his chest.

And together they slowly walked out of the room.

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