A/N: For those who don't know me, I have written a bunch of stories for Eureka Seven, but I have recently gotten bored with writing for the anime. I write primarily historical fiction and the atmosphere of the Allison and Lillia anime fits squarely with my favorite time period: 1930s-1940s Europe. Also I love the original novels by Sigsawa and I think that the anime did not do his masterpieces enough justice. Therefore, I will write some fan fiction for this anime. For any who didn't read the description, this takes place after the light novels. Besides that there is nothing else to say. Off I go! Let the adventure begin!

During that summer, Treize and I only thought about two things: Flying and falling…in love.

It's strange the way people go far out of their ways to show love. Never in my wildest of imaginations did I think that my summer with Treize would take the turns that it did, but looking back now, I am glad for what happened. And this is the story of why.


By Jordan Harms

Chapter One: A Summer in Vasel

It was the year 3306 on the World Calendar. It was early June, the beginning of summer for all attending the upper school in Roxche's capital. It was a day like any in the summer. The air felt warm. The sky was clear with hardly a cloud residing in the blue yonder. Through the campus of the upper school, there was a slight breeze that managed to cool the ones who were suffering from the heat.

Near the front gates of the school, standing tall with its black tips like spikes struck against the rich blue sky, among the myriad of students filing out for summer vacation, were two uniformed students, a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. The boy had ebony black hair and brown eyes wearing a grey suit jacket and matching trousers with a white dress shirt underneath. Next to him walked a girl with light brown hair and bronze eyes wearing a white shirt with puffy sleeves, a red bowtie, and a plaid green skirt. The two of them had been friends since childhood and the boy had only recently come to attend her school. They had just finished their first year in school together and were ready for the summer.

"So what plans do you have for the summer Lillia?" the boy with black hair asked casually.

"Nothing in particular…Your Highness…" the girl, Lillia, answered with a giggle. The boy issued a groan.

"I told you not to call me that in school," the boy said. The girl only giggled and gave him a soft punch in the shoulder to which the boy just chuckled lightly. "I can't have too many people knowing about who I really am."

"But it's so fun, Your Highness," Lillia said smirking.

"Let me put it this way then. How would you feel if I went and called you Lillia Acacia Corazon Whittington Schultz all the time?" Lillia turned to him with a scowl, fierce catlike eyes and bright red cheeks and growled.

"Don't call me by my full name, Treize!" The boy, Treize, only chuckled and raised a hand with one forefinger extended.

"My point exactly…"

The two old friends walked together to a small parking lot where Treize's black motorcycle with the sidecar was, locked in its position so no one would steal it, a prospect that was remote; still, Treize being who he was, he didn't want to take chances. He let Lillia climb into the car first being the polite…princely gentleman he was brought up to be.

"Ladies first."

"You always say that!"

They both laughed as Lillia climbed into the motorcycle and Treize took the driver's seat, as always. Treize started up the engine and they were soon both on their way. As they sped away from the school, Treize took a right turn at a crossroads, heading for the capital where Lillia's parents currently resided. As they cruised along the street towards the capital, Lillia turned to him and spoke.

"Say Treize…"

"What is it, Lillia?"

"What plans do you have for the summer?"

"Oh I have something special in mind…"

"Really?!" she said with a wide smile on her face. "What kind of plans?"

"I wanted to save it as a surprise for when I took you home."

"Is it really that big that you have to keep it a secret from me until we get home?" Treize looked at her kind face and smiled earnestly.

"Yes it is."

"You and your secrets…" she said smiling slyly.

"What about them?"

"Oh, nothing. I know a lot more about you now that we've spent a whole semester in school together, but there are still some things I want to ask you."

"And there is still a lot I want to tell you, Lillia."

"I guess everything will be revealed in time."


There was especially one thing neither had told the other yet. During the semester at school, they had spent more time with each other than they ever did before. Treize was in the same classes as Lillia most of the time so they saw a lot of each other. They often worked together on projects, in class activities, and were part of the same clubs. Over time they had grown closer to each other, although they still denied being boyfriend/girlfriend. Whenever anyone posed the question, Lillia would always throw a fit. Heck, they hadn't even shared a kiss…well…unless giving Treize mouth-to-mouth resuscitation during that time in Tolcasia counted at all. But despite all that there was a small stirring in their hearts. They all felt like each time they met, and it was considerably often, there was something that needed to be said but neither could sound it out into words, making them both indelibly frustrated for the rest of the day and angry/ashamed at themselves later. But, Treize had made up his mind this time.

He had planned out a whole vacation for just him and Lillia. Two full weeks away at a lovely seaside country, a nice getaway, with just the two of them. And spending time together doing fun things like taking a seaplane tour or riding along the Lutoni River might give him the right opportunity to finally say the words he had meant to be said for a long time. Going to this country was costly, however, so he asked for help from Lillia's parents and his parents (on the sly so Merielle wouldn't find out).

This time he had come to a conclusion, an ultimate decision. He was going to tell her. No ifs, ands or buts about it. No maybes. No wavering. He would have to choose who he wanted to marry before he turned 20, and he had made up his mind a long time ago. This time, by hook or by crook, he was going to tell her how he felt about her, even if he had to force it out of himself. He had received some encouragement to at least tell her about him being a prince of Ikstova over the last year, but that day on the train he almost said the words. There had just been too many things in the way for him. Telling her how he felt was not as important as playing cat and mouse with armed ruffians and keeping creepy demented people like Criminal 42 at bay. But now that all of that was over, he could finally have a chance to say what he felt in his heart.

As he thought all this, he almost missed Lillia's apartment in the capital, but thankfully was snapped back into reality by Lillia's calls.

"Treize, slow down! You're going to miss my house!"

"Huh? OH! I'm sorry!"

He hit the brakes as he came up to her apartment, causing the motorcycle tires to screech and leave skid marks on the pavement, marking their trail and leading right to them the way railroad tracks led to the final destination where no more tracks could go any further.

"Treize, you really need to pay attention!" Lillia said making a pouty face.

"I'm sorry, Lillia, really," Treize said, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "I was just thinking really hard."

"Really?" she said with bright bronze eyes. "About what?"

"About…what I'm going to tell you when we get inside…"

"Oh really? Well if you were thinking about it extra hard, then it must be really good…" she said with a cute innocent smile that would make anyone fall in love.

Treize just chuckled as they walked into the building and up the stairs to the apartment on the third floor. She came to the door with her apartment number and reached for her silver key. She slid it into the lock and turned it, and pushed the door forward, greeting her parents inside:

"Mama! Papa! I'm home! Treize is here too!"

She found her mother, Allison, a stunningly beautiful woman of 35 with blonde hair and blue eyes sipping tea at a table with her husband and Lillia's father, Wil, a tall man with light brown hair and bronze eyes behind metallic reading glasses, also 35. It had only been a short while ago when she once knew him as Major Travas, but ever since the mission involving the train plot, Wil had retired from the Sou-Beil Intelligence Agency for good, and reclaimed his long stowed away identity as Wilhelm Schultz. Ever since then he had led a stable private life as a professor of history at the Federal University in the capital. But even after leaving the intelligence service, he still maintained connections with some of his old colleagues. He and Allison remarried shortly after his retirement and ever since he has lived with her and Lillia. Both parents looked to her daughter and her childhood friend and greeted them with smiles on their faces.

"Welcome home, Lillia," Allison said cheerfully.

"How was your last day today?" Wil inquired.

"It was wonderful," Lillia said with a bright smile. "We got to go home because we finished exams earlier than expected. Everyone was really happy for it."

"Good to hear, dear," he said as he brought his tea up to his lip only to have it sting him slightly.

"You know you can't drink hot things, Papa!"

"I know; it's just a persistent habit of mine." He then looked to his daughter's right and saw her friend Treize wearing a school uniform standing next to her. "What brings you here, Treize?"

"He wanted to tell me what he was doing for the summer break!" Lillia said with exuberance.

Allison and Wil turned to each other and smiled knowingly. They had helped him plan the vacation with travel expenses and had arranged a reservation at a hotel in the port city in the seaside country that was their destination. All eyes turned to Treize with smiles on their faces. Treize could not help but feel a little embarrassment at all the attention being on him, but such was to be expected with such important news. He smiled and cleared his throat before turning to Lillia, looking into his childhood friend's bronze eyes with his soft brown.

"Lillia, I made big plans for summer break. What I wanted to do was…"

Lillia's eyes seemed to sparkle with anticipation in the afternoon light shining through the balcony window. The light reflected through her light brown hair making it seem almost heavenly. The semi-divine sight of his childhood friend made him say it all.

"…I wanted to go on a trip to Vasel with you!"

At that, Lillia gasped and almost fainted. Allison and Wil just smiled and chuckled lightly. Lillia's smile turned into a wide grin that ran from ear to ear as she jumped and clapped her hands lightly. She had always wanted to go to Vasel, a lovely country by the seaside known for its diamond mines which made for its fine jewelry, known as a center of commerce for Roxche, and known for its beautiful riverside scenery. It was her dream come true! She was as happy as an angel.

"Treize, you went out of your way to organize a trip with me…to Vasel? You know I always wanted to see Vasel!"

"That's why I planned it. I had you in mind."

"Did you really plan it all by yourself?"

"Well I would not have gotten the money for it if it had not been for your mother and father and my mother and father." Lillia turned to her parents with an inquisitive look.

"You knew about it and didn't tell me?"

"We figured it would be better if Treize told you himself," Allison explained.

"But I did plan a whole bunch of things that we can do together," Treize continued. "We can take a seaplane ride or visit the diamond mines or go for a ride across the Lutoni River."

"Sounds like you have everything planned out," Lillia said smirking. "When do we leave?"

"In about four days or so. It will give both of us enough time to get packed. Are you happy, Lillia?"


She leaped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling on him slightly. Treize just chuckled nervously. He didn't expect her to be this happy about it. Allison and Wil just looked on smiling, and couldn't help but think about how much those two children reminded them of them in their earlier years, when the world seemed new, bright and waiting to be explored with an adventure around every corner.

"I didn't think you would be this excited about it."

"Of course I am! I have always wanted to see Vasel! I was going to go with Mama and Papa next year, but this changes everything."

"Glad to see you so excited, dear," Wil said smiling sagely. "I am sure you two will have a lot of fun."

Lillia and Treize laughed as they sat down with her parents and a quiet afternoon talking to each other and wondering what adventures tomorrow would bring them. Every now and then however, Treize could not help but catch a quick glimpse of Lillia while she wasn't looking, for fear of her punching him for staring. But as they talked into the afternoon until the time came for them to part, Treize kept repeating in his mind the promise he had made to himself for this summer.

I have made my decision. This time…I won't let anything stop me. Lillia, I will tell you what I truly feel in my heart. I promise I unveil the longest-kept secret of all.

The four days had passed quicker than they had anticipated. They had packed enough clothes to last them about two weeks, which was how long they were planning to stay in Vasel to see all that it had to offer. Lillia and Treize along with Lillia's parents had come to the railroad terminal to catch the next train bound for Klow, the major port city in Vasel. Lillia's parents had come to see them off while Treize's mother, father and sister had to stay in Ikstova for some government business. However being by the side of the one true friend he had in this world was enough for him. They soon found the platform where the train bound for Klow sat in waiting. It was a considerably long train; Lillia counted almost 13 passenger coaches in all, all painted in a vibrant summer green with white stripes, all of which were headed by a large polished high-wheeled green steam locomotive with red stripes. Even before the journey had begun, the prospects seemed bright and promising just by the luxurious look of the train that would carry them to their destination.

Out there, there's a world outside of Yonkers

Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby

There's a slick town, Barnaby

Out there, full of shine and full of sparkle

Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby

Listen, Barnaby!

They stopped at the platform and faced Allison and Wil, looking at them with bright smiles. Allison was dressed in a one-piece orange dress with spaghetti straps while Wil wore a loose-fitting navy blue jacket and matching trousers over a white dress shirt with a blue tie with black oxford shoes.

"Did you forget anything Lillia?" Allison asked her daughter in a motherly tone. Lillia only laughed.

"Even if I did, it is a little late to be asking now."

"I would have noticed if you had forgotten anything, anyway," Wil said chuckling.

"That is true. You do have a photographic memory."

"Now remember, Lillia, if you or Treize need anything at all or if something goes wrong, just give us a call okay?"

"We'll remember," they said together, smiling.

As the porters took their bags and towed them to the baggage car near the front of the train, the two youngsters took two steps onto the train and looked back to Lillia's parents as the two adults smiled at their daughter and her dearest childhood friend. They looked their best this special day. Lillia was wearing a white blouse tied around her neck in a neat bow, a short maroon skirt with shoulder straps and black thigh-high leggings and red buckle shoes. A step above her, Treize wore his usual white collared shirt under his black leather jacket with olive green trousers tucked into black boots.

Put on your Sunday clothes, there's lots of world out there

Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars

We're gonna find adventure in the evening air

Girls in white in a perfumed night

Where the lights are bright as the stars

Both wore bright and eager smiles on their faces, eyes shimmering as the light shone through the glass dome of the station, sparkling with the excitement of this, a new adventure that awaited them, with fun and thrill just around the corner. Just then the conductor blew his whistle and waved a green flag signaling the start of their adventure. The engineer blew two sharp reports on the whistle and the train gave a sudden lurch forward, one that nearly threw Lillia off the train, but Treize caught her before she fell, holding her with his arms around her midsection. Lillia looked up to her friend's brown eyes and felt something churn in her heart.

Put on your Sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town

In one of those new horse-drawn open cars

We'll see the shows at Delmonico's

And we'll close the town in a whirl

And we won't come home until we've kissed a girl!

Why do I feel like…I want to say something…what do I say? What do I say?!

"Th-thanks, Treize. I need to be more careful."

Idiot! That's NOT what I wanted to say!!!

"It's no problem Lillia," Treize responded, beaming. He hoisted her up and brought back onto the steps before turning and waving goodbye to Allison and Wil, standing on the platform and the wind flapping at their clothes, with wide grins on their faces, showing their white teeth that reflected in the sunlight with the shine of diamonds.

"Take care you two!" Allison said calling out. "Have fun!"

"Don't get into trouble, you two!" Wil said, the light shining off his reading glasses.

"We won't!" Lillia called back. "We'll call if anything happens!"

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out

Strut down the street and have your picture took

Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about

That Sunday shine is a certain sign

That you feel as fine as you look

The train picked up speed and they kept waving at each other, until both were out of sight. Allison sighed with happiness as Wil put his arm around her shoulder and they watched the train speed away, leaving a trail of grey smoke from the engine's smokestack marking the trail of their daughter and her friend on their trip towards adventure. Wil felt something else leave as the train sped out of sight. He felt he had just seen the Lillia that he knew during his time in the Intelligence Service for the last time. When she returned, she would be a new person. More mature. More self-aware. At first he felt unbearably sad at seeing the daughter he had known for 16 years turn into someone new, but in the next moment he smiled and remembered how he had grown during his adventures with Allison 16 years earlier, back when he was as dense as a brick when it came to figuring out how much Allison loved him. It would be not the end of something, but the beginning of something. The beginning of seeing his daughter grow into a mature headstrong young woman, just like her mother.

Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile

That makes you feel brand new down to your toes

Get out your feathers, your patent leathers

Your beads and buckles and bows

For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday

No Monday in your Sunday

No Monday in your Sunday clothes

"They sure remind me of us," Allison remarked.

"The same thought occurred to me," Wil concurred. "You know what's funny though? I felt like I was saying goodbye to the Lillia I knew for 16 years. Like the old Lillia was going away."

"What do you mean, Wil?"

"I felt that by the time she came back, she would be a changed person, not at all like the Lillia we knew." Allison raised an eyebrow and tilted her head.

"I still don't quite understand."

"Well think of it the way I had changed by the time you married me in the church. I was different than how I was before. Do you understand what I mean?"

"I think so. Like she's…maturing."

"That's it."

"Well, in that regard we can only see what happens when they get back."

"You're right about that, dear."

Wil chuckled and gave her a quick peck on the temple before they started walking out of the station and to their car that would take them home.

Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out

Strut down the street and have your picture took

Dressed like a dream your spirits seem to turn about

That Sunday shine is a certain sign

That you feel as fine as you look

Beneath your bowler brim the world's a simple song

A lovely lilt that makes you tilt your nose

Get out your slickers, your flannel knickers

Your red suspenders and hose

For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday clothes!

On the train, Treize and Lillia traversed up and down the length of the train exploring and passing the time they would have until they reached Klow. They came to a café car and decided to get some food before they went to their compartment. Treize turned to Lillia and smiled.

"I'll get the food, Lillia. You go on to the compartment. I'll meet you there."

"You're too kind…Your Highness," Lillia said above a whisper smirking.

Treize just sighed and chuckled as Lillia skipped away to find her compartment as Treize stepped up to the counter, ordering tea and biscuits for the two of them. He quickly got what he asked, paid and received the tea and biscuits on a platter. He shuffled out of the café car and soon made his way to the coach car where he found a door open. He peeked in.

Lillia was sitting on the right side of the compartment staring out the window at the scenic Roxchean countryside flying past her outside. Treize couldn't move as he was lost in how beautiful she looked as she sat there, unbothered by anything and everything in this world. Her light brown hair shined in the sun like a bright gem, and her bronze eyes sparkled, rubies engaged in a waltz before his eyes. In the sunlight shining through the window, her face appeared smooth like piano keys. It made him want to come out to her right now. He felt his knees almost buckle from seeing her like this but he pulled himself together and cleared his throat which quickly got Lillia's attention. She turned her head sending her light brown hair into dancing and saw her friend holding a platter of tea and biscuits.

"Thank you…Your Highness…" she said with a giggle.

"You're welcome Lillia," he responded laughing.

He set them on his seat and pulled out a retractable table from the arm of his seat before setting the platter on the table. They then drank tea together as the train rocketed across the countryside towards Klow and Vasel, on their trip to destiny. What lay ahead of them? They knew not. There was one thing that both were certain of: there would be fun and excitement for the two of them. And for Treize, he would make this the time that he would work up the courage to say what he had long wanted to.

Lillia…there is so much I want to tell you…

Put on your Sunday clothes there's lots of world out there

Put on your silk cravat and patent shoes

We're gonna find adventure in the evening air

To town we'll trot to a smoky spot

Where the girls are hot as a fuse, Wow!

Put on your silk high hat and at the turned up cuff

We'll wear a handmade gray suede buttoned glove

We wanna take New York by storm!

We'll join the Astors at Tony Pastor's and this I'm positive of

That we won't come home, no, we won't come home

No, we won't come home until we fall in love!

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