Wow. Double update. Whoops, note to self, proofread the first time.

Anyway, I don't think there's enough SJA fanfics at the moment, so I'm writing my own. Set the day after the events of "The Lost Boy."

Sarah Jane Smith was just getting up from having made herself a nice, beautifully calm breakfast when she heard a light rapping on her door. She smiled. "Come in," she called.

A few seconds later, there was a girl standing in her doorway, grinning at her. "Hello, Maria," she said, smiling back. "Have you had breakfast?"

"Yes, thanks," said Maria, spotting Sarah Jane's dishes and helping her to gather them up before she could ask. "Dad brought doughnuts."

"Oh. That's unusual, isn't it?"

"It's his way of apologizing for not being at home all day today," said Maria, shrugging. "He's got a big important meeting or something. I don't really mind. I figured I might be able to hang out today some. Does that bother you?"

"Oh no, not at all. In fact, it's especially nice after the sort of crises we've had happen lately. It's good to remember that not every outing is a catastrophe."

The phone rang, and Sarah Jane smiled apologetically as she moved to pick it up. Maria grinned again.

"Hello? Oh, hello, Clyde. Yes, of course. I'll ask him, but I don't think he's quite ready yet. I'll have him call you when he sets out, all right? Good. Don't bother your mother while you're waiting. Yes, I'll get him ready soon. All right. Bye."

"Clyde?" Maria asked as Sarah Jane hung up the phone.

"Clyde. You know, I think he's determined to have Luke living as normally as possible. It's a good thing, too - I don't know anything about being normal, especially not these days."

Maria shrugged. "After all these aliens and saving the world all the time, neither does he," she pointed out. "But where's Luke?"

"He's sleeping in," said Sarah Jane with a smile.

"Really?" said Maria, shocked. "But Luke never - "

"I know, but I expect he'll be tired for a couple of days, after using all that telekinetic energy. Besides, I caught him up late last night, working on Mr. Smith."

"I thought you said he just needed to reboot."

"Well, he does, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Anyway, how do you feel about waking Luke up? Clyde's waiting for him to meet him at the park. I wonder what he's up to this time."

"I think he's trying to teach Luke hacky sack or something."

Sarah Jane raised an eyebrow. "Hacky sack?"

Maria laughed. "He said he's running low on sports to try on Luke. Apparently he's good at hacky sack, so Clyde thinks there might be a chance this time." Maria started up the stairs. "Anyway, I'll go get him."

"Good, I'll start on toast. It shouldn't be too difficult to wake him; he's a light sleeper."

"All right, then." Maria said, and headed up the stairs.