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Title – Naruto the Angel of Death

Rated M

Author – Elredar Skylance

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Chapter 1 – The Three Styles

"Hey Sakura-chan! Now that we're in the same team, would you go out with me?" Naruto Uzumaki casually asked his crush, Sakura Haruno, as he followed her outside.

Iruka had just told the newly graduated genins their teams and had told them that they would receive a message to return in one month. Apparently, there had been a recent attack on the Daimyo and the man had requested for some of Konoha's top ninja to help protect him and eliminate the threat. Unfortunately, that meant that most of the new teams' jounin senseis weren't around for the time being and it would take an estimated two months to ensure the Daimyo's safety.

Now that the two of them were on the same team, though with Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto had hoped that she would go on a date with him, if only to get better acquainted. Naruto had been trying for so long to gain the girl's affection, this dating back since the early days of the academy. Of course, the pink haired girl would rebuff him every time, and he had, unfortunately, come to expect it and was now quite use to it.

But today, it would be completely different as Sakura had had a horrible day. It had started when she overslept, and did not have the time to apply her makeup so she could look good for Sasuke. Then, she didn't even have enough time for breakfast when she realized that if she didn't get out of the house quickly, she would be late for the team announcements and would also lose her chance to sit next to Sasuke. She refused to let Ino get the best of her in anything. Once in class, she witnessed the unfortunate scene of Sasuke's first kiss, with Naruto to make matters worse. This action had already put her on end with Naruto and him asking her out was the worst thing he could do at the moment. It was at that moment that she finally snapped.


Sakura huffed in exasperation and left to pursue her other teammate. While she did feel better after venting her frustration, a part of her couldn't help but think whether she had been too harsh. She eventually shrugged off the concern for her blonde teammate and focused on catching up to Sasuke, confident that Naruto would bounce back. He did that every single time she rejected him, so why would this be any different?

Naruto, however, felt his heart shatter while what little pride he had was crushed. He had never felt so low and couldn't stop the negative thoughts that questioned his self-worth and Sakura's claims. Was he really that bad a ninja? Was he that despicable and ugly that no girl would ever go out with him? Sakura had definitely never been so harsh out of all the times he asked her out. While she had been cruel in some of her rejections, she had never openly said that no girl would ever go out with him.

Now that he thought of it, what girl would want to go out with the Kyuubi vessel? Not only would it be an insult to the girl, but it would also threaten her very life due to the villagers' opinion of him.

Naruto eventually bowed his head down low and sighed depressively. He tried to shake the depressing thoughts from his mind, but to no avail. Sakura's words and his own negative thoughts continued to reverberate throughout his mind.

Eventually, he decided that standing around for an hour wouldn't change anything and decided to go up to the Hokage Monument. It was his favorite spot to relax and reflect on his life. One thing for sure, he had a lot to think about.

As he walked, he suddenly heard the voice of the teen that had left him in such a state speaking to her rival. He decided to listen in on their conversation, hoping to gain some insight on Sakura's cruel rejection.

"UGH! Where is Sasuke-kun? First Naruto and now Sasuke-kun is missing! My day just keeps getting worse!" Sakura complained. Ino just nodded in misery, but looked up in curiosity when Sakura mentioned Naruto.

"What did Naruto do?" Ino asked. While many people considered her to be rather shallow, in truth she was very perceptive and was very considerate to others. Since she lived in a ninja village, a large portion of customers that had entered her family flower shop had been ninjas, and more often than not, flowers were bought as an offering to the dead or a gift to the hospitalized more often than for love interests. And as such, Ino had developed a sympathetic ear for those customers. Because of this, she had never liked to see others upset or in misery, especially those she knew. Right now, she could tell that Sakura was very upset with Naruto.

"He asked me out again! I don't know why that idiot continues to ask me out when I've told him no so many times! He's so annoying and loud, I just wish he's shut up!" Sakura said in exasperation.

Ino nodded in agreement, though a part of her was worried about Naruto. Sure the guy was annoying sometimes and rather loud, but that's just who he is, and she wondered how harsh Sakura's rejection had been. However, now was the time for soothing Sakura's frustration, and she sincerely hoped that Naruto didn't hear this, even if what she was going to say was all true. "Ya, how can he expect to get a girl when he's so loud? The girl would just run away to get her ears fixed. His pranks are so annoying and he never takes his ninja training seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if he got killed on his first mission! He's nowhere near as handsome as Sasuke-kun, and his sense of fashion SUCKS! I mean, who in their right mind would wear a bright orange jumpsuit? It's so HIDEOUS!"

Sakura nodded enthusiastically at each of Ino's point while Naruto cringed with each of his flaws that were pointed out. He knew it was the truth and that made it hurt all the more. Tears welled up in his eyes as he ran away from the conversation, but he would not allow the tears to fall. He had not cried for years from the hate of the villagers and he would not cry now. He was stronger than that despite the hurt he felt.

He soon found himself on top of the Hokage Monument, looking over the village that hated him but wanted to protect. Normally, he came up here to wonder why the villagers hated him so much, but this time, his thoughts were occupied by his pink-haired teammate, her words, and his path in life itself.

'Why do I even try to get her attention? She's never acknowledged me or my very existence, let alone shown any type of interest. I should probably just give up on her . . ."

After going over his memories, he had realized initially pursued the girl to achieve acknowledgment from not only her but the villagers as well. He had reasoned with himself that if a girl as smart and pretty as Sakura liked him, he could eventually gain the villagers' respect and interest. However, now that he knew the reason why the village hated him so much, he began doubting himself. The village saw him as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and he had switched his views immediately after this revelation. Instead of the villagers' respect, he wanted them to see him as Naruto Uzumaki, not the demon inside him, and thus continued chasing after Sakura.

He had always known that Sakura would never be interested in him in a romantic sense, especially when she was so engrossed in gaining Sasuke's attention for herself. But he would always delude himself to think that he had a chance. The sometimes frustratingly stubborn part of him simply would not accept defeat, especially not against Sasuke.

Now it was time to seemingly crush his attraction to her. Sakura had made it perfectly clear that it would be a waste of her time. But should he search for and pursue other girls or give up entirely?

Naruto shook his head slightly at the thought. Now that he thought about it, he had never really even thought about the kind of girls he liked. He wanted girls that were smart, pretty, but most importantly, mature enough that they would look past the demon and see him for who he truly was. In short, he wanted someone who acknowledged and appreciated him and his goals of becoming Hokage.

Unfortunately, very few people fit into that category and none of them, save three or so, were women. He knew that some of the older female shinobi accepted him but he doubt they would ever see him in a romantic light.

As much as he hated to admit it, Ino and Sakura were right about him. He wasn't very attractive, according to the two girls, and was rather annoying. His orange jumpsuit wasn't the best thing to wear as a shinobi, and would easily alert enemies of his presence. Unfortunately, he had never been able to buy anything else due to his condition. The shop keepers had always thrown him out or vastly overcharged him. He continued to wear the jumpsuit as it got him a lot attention. It practically screamed "LOOK AT ME!" While he did get some attention, it had all been in the negative sense, and because he played pranks by skipping class, his grades in the academy slipped. Despite this downside, Naruto received a great deal of attention per prank, and even with the threat of failing the academy, he could not bring himself to stop. And despite the lectures on seeing underneath the underneath, very few could see underneath this cheerful and idiotic mask he had build up over time. It served to conceal the sadness that was all too apparent in his eyes and if there was anything he truly hated, it was pity. He would rather be hated than be pitied.

His skills weren't exactly top-notch either – his three failures at graduating was a testament to that. His interest in Sakura and quest for obtaining attention had severely affected his training. He couldn't even do a basic bunshin and that was one of the most basic jutsu known in the shinobi world!

All in all, Naruto could see that he wasn't something a girl would stop and look at. He decided that he should just give up on women for the time being, maybe wait until he got some respect. Naruto decided right there and then that it was time to take being a ninja seriously, and now that he had given up on Sakura and any other girls, things had to change.

Simply put, it was time to stop playing the fool. He knew it would be hard to change as he had acted this way for so long that the facade had practically become part of him. But he had to stick with his decision and follow it through. In truth, he was far more intelligent than he seemed. It was just that at the start of the academy, whenever he answered a question right, he would get punished or physically harmed for "showing off against the clan heirs and students." Because of that, he had decided it would be best for him to act like an idiot as to save himself from any further abuse.

First things first, he needed to change his appearance and look more professional. Afterwards, he had to make up for the training he should have done over the years and perhaps find a hobby to replace the time he would now have from the pranks. Perhaps the Hokage would help him. 'I hope Ojii-san isn't busy today . . . I really need his advice.'

Orange. Orange. And what do you know, MORE ORANGE! He had absolutely nothing that wasn't orange save for a few shirts, shorts, and pajamas. Naruto also noted that aside from the jumpsuit, he didn't have anything for a ninja. The several t-shirts and shorts he had simply weren't practical. The fabric and stitching simply wasn't made with durability in mind.

His only option would to be to buy new clothes and that alone made him worry. None of the shop keepers had let him buy anything from them and had promptly kicked him out, some literally. Perhaps, some of the shinobi-only stores would let him in. He had a reasonable amount of money since he saved up.

Naruto quickly left his home in search of a proper store that sold ninja equipment. The first two stores immediately kicked him out the second they saw him. As he approached the third store, he couldn't help but expect the store manager to immediately yell at him to leave. If only he looked like someone else, he wouldn't have a problem shopping . . . that's it! With a quick Henge, Naruto now had long black hair, dark brown eyes, and was dressed in a plain t-shirt and shorts. His hitai-ate was tied across his forehead to ensure the shop keepers that he was indeed a ninja.

Taking a deep breath, he entered the Kazuki's Weapons Shop, hoping that he wouldn't get thrown out. As he entered, he immediately knew this shop was different from all the others and far more professional. Inside the large store, Naruto saw rows upon rows of shinobi equipment from simple clothes to shuriken and kunai. A large section of the store was reserved for equipment like katana, knives, weights and stuff, some of which he didn't even know the name of. He felt like he could get lost in this place and probably could spend hours looking at everything he didn't know or had heard about but never seen. For a young genin like himself, this truly was the place to be, there was no doubt about it.

"Ah welcome, how may I hel-" the shop keeper stopped and studied him closely. Naruto began to sweat, fearing that the man had figured him out already. He mentally cursed when the man brought his hand together in a hand seal and said, "KAI!"

Naruto sighing in resignation as his illusion dropped and began to leave the shop. He tensed when he felt a hand grip his shoulder and turned around with a look of fear.

The shop keeper had frowned when he noticed Naruto begin to leave and was visibly upset at his reaction when he placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. 'Damn, the villagers really did a number on him. You would be ashamed of what they did to your son, Minato.'

"Where are you going kid? I thought you came here to buy something?" the man said politely.

Naruto stared at him in shock. His mind was screaming at him that the man was just messing with him by bringing his hopes up before he was kicked out.

"I'm sorry sir; I know you do not wish to sell anything to someone like me. Please let me go so that I may leave," Naruto said in his most polite voice. He had learned long ago that if he was polite, he wouldn't get physically harmed when they kicked him out.

"Don't worry kid, I don't have any problems with you," the man said with a smile. "Judging by the way you said that and your reaction, you know about your tenant. I, for one, have always respected the Yondaime's wishes and I know he wanted you to be seen as a hero. You are always welcome in my shop Naruto."

Naruto once again felt tears well up in his eyes for finding another person who didn't see him as the demon. What's more was that this man owned a store and wouldn't overprice him. He hastily wiped away his tears and faced the kind man.

"Thank you very much sir," Naruto said with a bow.

"Your welcome, gaki. The name's Hideki Kazuki, owner of the Kazuki Weapons Shop," Hideki said proudly. He was in his mid 40's, had brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and sharp piercing green eyes. The man was relatively well-built, no doubt from working in the forge for so long, and was dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts. "So whatcha need?"

"Um, I want to change my image and look a bit more professional. I also need to get some more kunai and shuriken if that's not too much trouble," Naruto asked timidly. Hideki looked thoughtful for a minute before his face brightened and looked down at the genin.

"I have just the thing!"

Half an hour later, Naruto walked out of the store with his new clothes and weapons in several bags. Hideki had also given him two scrolls on the art of weapons forging and several sealing scrolls after telling him how they worked. Hideki had told the boy he was welcome anytime in his shop for clothes, the use of his forge, or to just chat. He had also mentioned he had a daughter by the name of Tenten and that he was sure the two would get along.

As soon as Naruto got home, he immediately don his new clothes. Gone was the orange nightmare that he had once worn. He now wore a mesh shirt under a form-fitting dark blue long-sleeve shirt. His orange pants were replaced with black cargo pants that had plenty of pockets in which to store things like weapons and scrolls. He had replaced his ninja sandals with steel tip boots and wore black fingerless gloves with silver metal plates on the back. Over all this was a white trench coat that, according to Hideki, had a weight seal on it. The weight was set to the amount of chakra first placed in the seal and the coat would constantly drain a slight amount of chakra to maintain it. The seal was unique in that it would constantly increase in weight as soon as the wearer had gotten use to the weight before. All it needed was a single hand seal and the weight would dissipate as well as releasing the stored chakra back to the user thus providing a helpful boost. The coat also had two more seals at the shoulder junctions on his back, but Hideki unfortunately didn't know what they did.

Little did Naruto know, the coat and seals had actually been custom made by the Yondaime and had been given to Hideki as the two had been close friends. The fourth Hokage had requested that the coat would be given to Naruto as soon as he became a genin. The other clothes Hideki had given him gave him an almost perfect resemblance to the Yondaime and the man hoped that the villagers would see the connection and leave the boy be.

Naruto couldn't help but smile as he inspected himself in the mirror. He looked completely different and much more professional. He left his hitai-ate hanging loosely around his neck letting his hair fall over his eyes. He turned around to place the rest of his clothes into his closet but paused when he reached the two scrolls of weapons forging Hideki had given him.

Weapons forging had never truly interested Naruto before. While he could see the practical uses of it, like being able to repair his weapons, did the art have any other purpose in his career? 'I could just do this as a hobby,' thought Naruto. 'Might as well. It's always good to learn new things. I need to talk to Ojii-san first. Maybe after I eat some ramen, I'm kinda hungry.'

With that thought, he quickly placed the scroll into his shelf and left his apartment for some delicious Ichiraku ramen.

'Weird, I wonder why ossan was so insistent on me learning how to make ramen. He even gave me these cooking books and this beginner's guide. And what's with Ayame-chan? She kept giving me these weird looks. Come to think of it, I got the same look from a lot of people on my way there . . . I'll figure this out later, I need to talk to Ojii-san,' Naruto thought.

When he had arrived at the ramen bar, the two cooks barely recognized him. When asked about it, he merely said he wanted to change and look more professional. For some reason, Teuchi had told him that he should learn how to cook and had immediately handed him several recipe books. He had mentioned something about proper food during missions, but Naruto hadn't been paying attention as he was leafing through the books.

He had also noticed that Ayame had been sneaking glances at him and would have a tinge of pink in her cheeks every time he caught her. At first he thought it was from his new look but he quickly brushed that aside. Someone as beautiful as Ayame would never see him that way. He decided to think about it later and bid the two cooks farewell as he left to see the Hokage.

He gave a slight nod to the secretary as he passed who gave him a polite smile before returning back to her work. As he entered the office, Naruto couldn't help but grin at the Hokage who was cursing at the bane of all Kages: Paperwork. 'I wonder why Ojii-san never used Kage Bunshin to do paperwork.'

"Hello Ojii-san," Naruto said. The Hokage looked up and jaw dropped as he stared at Naruto.

"M-Minato?" Hiruzen Sarutobi whispered.

"Who? Ojii-san, it's me! Naruto!"

"Naruto-kun! I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you. I have to admit that you look quite sharp in your new outfit," Sarutobi said with a smile. 'He looks just like you, Minato.'

"I just decided it was time for a more professional approach. By the way Ojii-san, do you have any scrolls on techniques or stuff that could help me?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi frowned and thought for a moment before smiling. He got up and exited the office for a couple moments before returning with three large scrolls and seven smaller ones.

"These three larger scrolls are ancient Taijutsu and Kenjutsu styles dating back hundreds of years. The red scroll contains the style of Rokushiki, or the Six Powers. It is said that with this style, one can create chakra blades from just kicking and can jump multiple times in the air," Sarutobi said, chuckling at the wide-eyed look from Naruto. He reached over and picked up the large dark green scroll.

"This scroll describes Kenjutsu styles and techniques using Santōryū, or three sword style. There are also techniques in this scroll that use fewer or more swords, some with no swords. The last scroll is this black one here. This style uses only the person's feet and legs. This martial art is known as Red Leg style. It is used for those who do not wish to injure their hands, which applies to mainly cooks, but also to people like blacksmiths or tailors. I will let you take one of these scrolls for you to keep and train in. So far, no one has been able to open the scrolls but I think you'll have better luck. I believe the scrolls test you in some way but I do not know to what extent."

"Now before I tell you what's in these smaller scrolls, I want you to first channel chakra into this piece of paper," Sarutobi said as he handed the teen a chakra affinity sheet. "It will tell us what element is best for you to use."

Naruto nodded and began channeling his chakra into the paper. He watched as the paper glow blue for a brief second before splitting down the middle while the two halves became soaking wet. Sarutobi went wide eyed at seeing Naruto have two affinities at such a young age.

"Well it seems you have two elemental affinities Naruto-kun. That's very impressive for someone at your age. You seem to have high affinities in both wind and water. Now these two scrolls here have two jutsu each for both elements and I will give you this third scroll that has three more jutsu that I'm sure you'll like. This last scroll will help you with your chakra control," Sarutobi said.

"Thank you so much Ojii-san," Naruto said with a smile.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun. Now which scroll do you want?" Sarutobi asked. Naruto frowned.

"Can't I take all three?" Naruto asked. Sarutobi shook his head.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but that would be showing a great deal of favoritism, and I've already given you a more than most."

"How about a deal? If I tell you how to defeat your paperwork, you give me all three scrolls," Naruto offered. Sarutobi just stared. 'Did he really figure out the secret behind defeating paperwork?'

"Anything! I'll give you anything for the secret, just please tell me. I'll even give you the Yondaime's own notes on sealing just please tell me" Sarutobi begged. Naruto just sweat dropped at seeing the most powerful man in the village go on his hands and knees begging.

"Ever thought of using Kage Bunshin?"

The old man just stared at Naruto slack-jawed as he silently handed Naruto all three of the ancient scrolls along with the four smaller ones and a small book before walking over to his desk. He slowly pulled out a piece of paper that Jiraiya had given him long ago, saying he would use it if he ever discovered the secret behind defeating paperwork, and placed it on the desk. On the sheet of paper were the words "Bang head here" inscribed within a large circle.

"Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid . . . " Sarutobi muttered as he repeatedly banged his head against the paper. Naruto could only sweat-drop as he quietly exited the room.

As soon as Naruto got home, he immediately attempted to open the three ancient scrolls, but completely failed. He decided to make some Kage Bunshin to help him with the other scrolls. 'Maybe if I cut it open with a kunai,' Naruto thought. He quickly drew a kunai but cursed as he accidentally nicked his finger. He still wasn't use to the new clothes and had to adapt to the different placing of his weapons. He watched a drop of blood fall from the tip of the kunai right on a kanji of the Red Leg scroll and began to glow.

Suddenly tendrils of chakra burst out of the scroll and connected themselves to Naruto's head and chest. He saw flashes of his cruel childhood up to the revelation of him being a demon container. After about five minutes the tendrils receded and the scroll unfurled as Naruto blacked out.

'Ow, what hit me?' Naruto thought as he sat up. He winced at the pounding headache he had. Looking up, he noticed that his clones were still there despite him being unconscious. 'Strange, they should have disappeared when I blacked out.'

"OK guys, dismiss yourselves." The clones gave him a curt nod and vanished with several puffs of smoke. Naruto blinked at the sudden rush of information on what the scrolls contained. Naruto was surprised when he realized he had gotten all of the memories the clones had gained. While the Kage bunshin had been a skill he had only recently learned, he had not realized the technique's ability to accumulate information.

While the technique was new in his repertoire of jutsu, he knew enough that the Kage Bunshin created solid clones that acted independently from the user, though the clone will follow all orders the original demands. This information gathering ability had infinite possibilities and can easily be used to help with his training. He would need to speak to the Hokage or go to the library to further research this revelation.

He quickly summoned ten more clones to study the jutsu, weapons forging, cooking, sealing and techniques while he opened the other two scrolls. He also sent one of the clones to run to the library to get a scroll on Kage Bunshin. Nicking his finger once more, he let a drop of blood fall on the blood seal on the Santōryū scroll and watched as tendrils of chakra burst out of the scroll and duplicated the actions of the Red Leg scroll. This time though, he did not black out, though he did feel rather woozy. Finally, he went over to the Rokushiki scroll and did the same thing and didn't even feel a thing when the scroll examined him. He promptly grabbed the first scroll that had opened and began reading. He was in awe at the sheer power and usefulness of the Red Leg style and couldn't wait to learn it. The scroll described incredibly complex moves and useful stretches and exercises that would exponentially increase his skills. He stopped as he glanced at the other scrolls.

'Hmm, learning two Taijutsu styles and one Kenjutsu style is a little much. I think I'll try learning one style at a time. I'll only start learning the next style as soon as I become at least proficient in the first one. But which to start with . . . well, I'm already reading the Red Leg style so I'll start with this. Afterwards, I'll start on Santōryū and then Rokushiki. Once I've mastered the three styles, I might be able to combine them,' Naruto reasoned.

As he read, he couldn't help but curse. The Red Leg style required incredible leg strength and the only way one could achieve the strength required would be to get weights specifically for his legs. While his coat had a weight seal on it, it was more evenly proportioned and he needed weights specifically for the legs. Unfortunately, he had used almost all his money buying the new clothes and weapons. He needed a way to make money as the Hokage could no longer give him allowances since he was now a genin.

'Maybe if I go hunting in the woods, I can catch some animals and sell their skins to the merchants that come every few weeks. The merchants don't seem to mind that I'm the Kyuubi vessel and I'm sure they'll buy the skins if they're good enough quality. Hmm, I can also cook the meat for myself. I hope the book ossan gave me has some easy camping recipes for game like that.'

The merchants were a large caravan of people that traveled around the Elemental Countries. Every few weeks, the group would come here to Konoha and sell the wonders they had collected. Apparently, the group hadn't been anywhere near Konoha during the Kyuubi attack and thus, did not know about his condition. They had always treated him with respect and on occasions, gave him discounts.

'They always come on the third Saturday of each month so that means they'll be here . . . in one week and a day! Shit, I need to start hunting now! I better go to the library to get some books on skinning and hunting. I've seen some hunters do it before but it's better if I learn how to do it properly. I wonder if the books ossan gave me have anything about skinning. After all, one has to learn how to get to the meat before cooking it,' Naruto thought. Remembering his earlier discovery, he dismissed the Kage Bunshin reading the beginner cooking book and waited as a stream of information rushed into his mind.

A smile appeared on Naruto's face as the book did have information on hunting and skinning and he would put it to good use tomorrow. He needed to first read as much about skinning as possible as well as at least start his training.

Once again making one more Kage Bunshin to replace the one he dismissed, he left his apartment to go running to increase his stamina and leg strength. Remembering the seal, he quickly channeled chakra into the seal and immediately felt the coat weigh down. According to Hideki, the amount of weight would automatically set to ten kilograms. The amount would increase once Naruto adjusted to it. With the weight set, Naruto started jogging to adjust to the sudden increase of weight. He decided that he would run around Konoha until sunset, which was in two hours. 'It's going to be a long day . . .'

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