It has come to my attention that a youtuber that goes by the username of ShadowClone2602 has been posting audio book videos of my story, Naruto the Angel of Death. Let me be clear in saying that I did NOT give this person permission to do this, and its frankly annoying that this person is getting ad revenue for my and other authors' creative content. I've tried asking the youtuber to take the videos down in comments on the videos, but they're being deleted and I can't say I'm surprised since this person is getting money out of it.

To all of you out there, please do me the favor of reporting this youtuber, because there's only so much I can do. If all of you were to go to his channel and report him under "Report User" "Impersonation" "The channel is impersonating someone else" or ""The channel is impersonating me" if you're one of the authors, and add your own comments. This part is a bit confusing though, as it looks like you need to put in a youtube channel name, but you can actually add anything there. The videos themselves can also be reported as copyright issues. We do all this, and we can get this channel taken down. Also, reach out to the other authors this person is stealing from. The more action we get, the better.

Also, I am still writing - Its just slow going, but I'll get it done eventually. Promise.

Thank you,

Elredar Skylance