Drive Me Crazy Chapter 1: An Ominous Prisoner

Summary: Rubbing his temples in frustration, chaos having once again erupted in the base, the Kaiser realized without a doubt that capturing Daisuke instead of the blond kid had been his first mistake.

Pairings: Daisuke x Ken / Takeru x Hikari

Setting: AU Kaiser Saga; between episodes 17 and 18. Older Chosen in college, younger in high school.

Genre: Drama, Humor, Action, Romance

Rating: Mature (Yaoi, Violence, Swearing, Sexuality)

Beta Readers: TeamAbodo and Vertorm

Author's Note: I've always wondered what would have happened if Ken had ever captured one of the Chosen. I've read a lot of Daiken fics like that but almost all of them made Ken out to be incredibly disturbed, and I just don't think he would have been that extreme. A huge jerk for sure, but not a violent psycho rapist. So after a lot of thought I came up with this story. It will be mostly Daisuke x Ken with slight Takeru x Hikari here and there. I will be using the Japanese character names, digimon names, terms, attacks, etc. If you don't know what something means, just leave me a comment and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, though I certainly thank the creators for their amazing work! Digimon is the property of Akiyoshi Hongo, Saban, Toei, WiZ and Bandai, and is not my intellectual property in any way. There is no financial gain made from this, nor will any be sought. The entirety of this story is for entertainment purposes only.

"Deadly Sting!" the cry of a Flymon echoed above the thick digital woods. Its red stinger shot toward Pegasmon, Takeru sitting atop his back and holding on as best he could. He knew from years of fighting what was coming next and quickly tightened his grip with his hands and knees.

Pegasmon jerked his wings and his body was thrust to the right, Takeru leaning with it to keep himself balanced. The stinger missed and fell to the grass below, landing right beside the forest line. Seconds later the loud humming of insect wings filled the air as the Flymon charged forward.

As Pegasmon's wings began to glow with a black aura, Takeru flattened himself down against the back of his neck and held on tight. With a strong flap of his wings, a wide-range burst of stars was sent toward the Flymon for a higher chance of hitting.

"Shooting Star!" Pegasmon called out, and the Flymon were sent crashing down into the woods below with a burst of leaves and a loud buzzing sound.

"We have to help them!" Takeru called out and pointed frantically at their only two allies - Fladramon on the ground next to the edge of the forest and Daisuke beside him. Five Flymon were surrounding them and firing their poisoned stingers one after another. Fladramon was doing his best to deflect the attacks away from Daisuke, but how long could he keep it up? If only they hadn't split up with the others...

The Chosen had discovered a signal on their D-3s that appeared to be from Ken, but in two different locations. They weren't sure which one was real, or if either of them even were. On top of that they only had an hour or so before their parents would start asking concerned questions about why they'd stayed out so late. That was when Miyako suggested splitting up. Takeru hadn't like the idea at all though, and had tried his hardest to get the group to reconsider.

The year he'd spent trapped in the Digital World as a young child had proven time and time again that the group should never split up unless they truly had no other option. Hikari knew exactly what he meant, but unfortunately Iori, Daisuke and Miyako just didn't have the experience to understand their warnings. So in the end, the three new Chosen's vote to split up had outnumbered his and Hikari's pleas to just stay together and investigate one location at a time.

Fearing a possible ordeal over who got to be grouped up with Hikari, Iori made Daisuke and Takeru go together and head toward one signal while he and the two girls went for the other. Unfortunately for Takeru, the way he and Daisuke had gone ended up being the one with a trap. Worse yet, the abrupt and jerky movements in Pegasmon's flying were making it impossible to pull out his D-Terminal and message the others.

He shouldn't have gone out into the fight like this, but he'd really wanted to help. There had been countless times where he'd been able to warn Pegasmon of an incoming attack because he'd been right there with him, so he'd chosen to stay riding on his back even when the Flymon were approaching. So many mistakes had been made now...

Daisuke seemed to be having a different problem. His D-Terminal had been knocked out of his hands by a Flymon, and now that he and Fladramon were surrounded and being fired at, he couldn't manage to get back over to it. Every time he tried to make a break for it he was cut off and knocked back over to the tree line.

"Takeru!" Daisuke called up to them. "We need to get out of here!"

"Fladramon, grab Daisuke and we'll-!" Takeru began saying, but he cut himself off with a gasp when three of the Flymon's stingers finally met their target. Fladramon grunted and doubled over in pain, his body shivering uncontrollably from the poison that was now spreading through his system.

As Pegasmon bolted for the ground, Takeru had to hold his breath and squint his eyes against the lashing wind. The blurred vision of the Flymon group played out in front of his half shut eyes, their clawed feet lifting Fladramon and Daisuke up into the air and dropping them. Takeru's chest tightened with despair and he prayed that they would be fast enough to at least catch Daisuke. However, with his added weight on Pegasmon's back he realized very quickly that they weren't going to make it.

A terrible thud rang out as they landed, Fladramon degenerating back into V-Mon and lying unconscious in the dirt. Daisuke cried out and curled up in pain beside his partner as blood stained the ground beneath him.

Takeru cringed at the sounds and squeezed his eyes shut. His arms were shaking and desperation was making it even harder to breathe over the rushing wind. This was exactly what he'd tried to warn them about!

Before they even reached the ground, the Flymon group turned and charged at Pegasmon instead. They knocked him around in the air and stung him with their stingers, which immediately caused his movements to lag. Eventually Pegasmon couldn't flap his wings fast enough to keep himself elevated anymore and they plummeted toward the ground.

The world spun into a twisting whirl of colors and buzzing noises. Takeru was thrown off Pegasmon's back during the confusion, and with a frantic scream he tried to reach out and grab him. However, his hands merely thrashed against air. They were luckier than Daisuke and Fladramon at least, having been much closer to the ground and managing to land in a soft patch of grass just outside the forest.

The left side of Takeru's body hit the field; first his foot, then his shoulder, and last was the side of his head. Immediately the buzzing from the Flymons' wings were smothered by a burst of shrill ringing in his ears and a dull throb crawled up his now injured leg.

The sound of Pegasmon degenerating from just over to Takeru's right managed to make its way through all the noise. He rolled over onto his hands and knees as a sharp pain beat against his temples. He didn't think he could walk with everything still spinning so much, so instead he crawled. He reached out toward the fuzzy mass of orange and white that he thought was Patamon's body. Thankfully he was right, and he pulled his partner's unconscious form into his arms.

This was entirely his fault! If he'd just been more persistent about not splitting up then none of this would be happening! He hadn't explained well enough, he should have just-!

"Poison Powder!"

Takeru gasped as a cloud of dust suddenly formed around them. He threw a hand over his nose and mouth, and his other hand over Patamon's. He wasn't sure what would happen if they breathed it in, but the name of the attack said more than enough.

The sound of hoarse coughing filled the air and Takeru immediately recognized it as Daisuke. Adrenalin coursed through him. He forced himself up onto his feet and limped as fast as he could toward his friend. He focused hard and squinted, managing to get some of the vertigo and ringing to go away. That probably would have been enough for him to figure out where he was going, except that the rest of the Flymon were now using their Poison Powder attacks as well. Immediately the cloud around them became so thick that he could no longer see anything but a sea of brown.

"Daisuke, hold your breath!" Takeru called out blindly. The air burned his eyes and the ground was getting harder to walk on with his leg hurting so much, especially now that he'd made it out of the grass and onto rocky, uneven dirt. A few more seconds passed and he couldn't hold his breath any longer. Pulling his shirt up over his nose, he breathed in as little as possible and held it again. He could quickly feel himself getting dizzier.

With a sudden burst of manic laughter, a strong gust of wind blew the poison cloud away. Takeru couldn't support himself on his injured ankle anymore and fell to his knees. He realized that he was now sitting right where Daisuke had been, the stains of blood painted upon the dirt beside him. However, that was the only thing next to him, Daisuke no longer anywhere in sight.

"Hello... Takaishi, was it?" an all too familiar voice slithered into his ears from somewhere nearby, sending a chill up his spine.

"Ichijouji," Takeru verbally spat up at the Kaiser who was riding on an Airdramon above them. He had an egotistical smirk on his face, his whip in hand, and an overall obnoxious aura about him. Wormmon was right by his feet and looking like he didn't really know what to do - quite the opposite of Ken. There was something else on the Airdramon as well, something with maroon hair and...

"Daisuke!" Takeru gasped.

Ken chuckled, sarcasm dripping like acid from his voice. "How observant."

Takeru tried to stand up and help somehow, but the moment he straightened his legs a wave of dizziness and nausea crashed against him. His head spun and he fell back down onto the ground, dropping Patamon beside him in the process.

This, of course, only made Ken laugh more. "Ah, your skills overwhelm."

"Shut up!" Takeru yelled and clenched his fists. Had capturing one of them been Ken's plan all along, or was he just taking advantage of the opportunity? Frustration overwhelmed Takeru's previously demoralized mind at the thought. "Let Daisuke go!"

"Hmm," Ken hummed and tapped his chin in mock-consideration. "That's a nice thought, but I don't believe you are in any position to be giving me orders, are you?"

"What are you going to do with him?" Takeru seethed and grit his teeth, glaring up at the Kaiser. "Use him as a hostage?"

Ken offered a dull expression before responding, "Oh you'd just love for me to spill my entire plan, wouldn't you?" Suddenly he snapped his fingers and turned to one of the Flymon. "Make sure he passes out."

The Flymon that had just been given orders flew down toward Takeru and created another poisoned mist around him. It wasn't as thick this time, and he could still see Ken enough to watch him reach into his pocket to pull out what appeared to be a whistle. A high pitched ring was sent out into the woods, piercing into Takeru's skull like a bolt of lightning. The rest of Ken's slaves rose up into the air and began flying away.

"No! Stop!" Takeru called out, hoping that somehow his screams would actually get them to turn around and come back. If Patamon could just evolve somehow then he could... he could...! There had to be something he could do! He couldn't just lie there and let this happen!

His head was so light now that he could hardly even sit up anymore. White spots were appearing all around him and the scenery was starting to twist and spin again. It gave him the same sense of falling that he'd previously experienced.

"Let him go!" Takeru shouted as loudly as he could. " Ichijouji!" His screams were ineffective though, and the Flymon that was still there simply hovered in the air next to him.

Takeru slammed his fists onto the ground as Ken and his slaves flew out of earshot. The Kaiser had won. It was just like before, when Devimon had killed Patamon... He was lying beaten and worthless on the ground, unable to help at all while a friend was taken away.

Takeru forced his aching body to try and crawl out of the cloud. He reached over and picked up Patamon again, clutching him protectively as an all too familiar fear of loss filled his already nauseous stomach. In response to his attempt to escape, the Flymon created more poisoned dust in the direction that he was moving toward.

Hysteria took over and tears tugged at his eyes. He could hardly breathe as the scenery began to blur and fade out entirely. The white spots danced in front of his vision as they quickly became more solid than the world around him...

Miyako frowned. She, Iori, Hikari and their digimon had been searching the forest clearing for quite a while now. So far they'd found nothing out of the ordinary, seen no signs of the Kaiser, nor discovered any indications that he'd even been there at all. It had been nothing but a sea of wasted time.

On top of that she still hadn't heard anything from Takeru or Daisuke yet, which was very unlike them - especially Takeru, who had always been one of the most punctual and responsible in the group. Even space-case Daisuke wouldn't have forgotten something as important as this though, so she was starting to get nervous.

"Hmm..." Miyako trailed off to no one in particular and looked around a bit more. There was a blue expanse of sky, lush grass, tall trees and, well… that was pretty much it. The area itself was quite large, enough that it required more time than she'd expected to fully investigate.

"Do you think we should head back now?" Miyako called back to the others. "I haven't heard from the guys yet."

"They really haven't said anything?" Hikari turned away from the edge of the clearing and gave Miyako a worried look, Nefertimon beside her. "It's already been thirty minutes since we left… Surely they would have found their location by now."

"Maybe they just forgot to check their messages?" Iori suggested, appearing to be the only one still genuinely looking for signs of Ken as he investigated a bush with Armadimon. "I'm sure they would have said something if the Kaiser was there."

"That doesn't make sense though," Holsmon said with a frown as he walked over to Miyako. "Why would we get Ken's D-3 signal in two different places and have him not show up in either?"

"Don't speak too soon," Nefertimon scoffed, her annoyance with Ken's ability to slither out of the shadows like a virulent snake quite clear in her voice. "Ken's pretty good at popping up out of nowhere."

Miyako crossed her arms, "Yeah, but they didn't even give me a yes or no when I asked if they were okay." Deciding that being proactive was much more her style, she pulled out her D-3 and pressed a button on the front. After bringing up the Digital World map, she panned out as far as it would go. Of course that wasn't very far with its limited programming, but it was far enough to see the other group's location where... only Takeru was? Where the heck was Daisuke? Had something happened to his D-3?

"What's wrong, Miyako?" Hikari asked as she and the rest of the group quickly walked over to see what she was looking at. Miyako felt nervous and unsure of how to answer Hikari's question. She didn't want to cast a cloud of distress upon the group, but…

Memories of Takeru's warnings to not split up flashed through her memory, causing pangs of guilt to reverberate against her chest. He and Hikari had warned them, but they'd been so insistent to split up - especially Miyako.

With a deep breath she silenced her mind. Everything was fine. "Well, I see Takeru, but I don't see Daisuke. He's not anywhere nearby, and I know they wouldn't have split up further."

"Maybe Daisuke went home to get something?" Armadimon offered slowly, but he clearly didn't believe in his own words.

Iori placed a knuckle over his lips in thought, "What if this whole thing was just a glitch or something? Maybe Ken was in both places at some point, and for whatever reason the signals just didn't go away until now."

"I guess..." Hikari trailed off. Miyako could tell that she was on edge from the apprehensive shadows that had cast over her face. A very bad feeling was settling inside of her as well now. No matter how many excuses she came up with, she just couldn't find a good reason for Takeru and Daisuke to ignore her messages like this. They wouldn't do that no matter what had happened, they just wouldn't - not even Daisuke.

Miyako had always been as stubborn as an ox, and unfortunately so was Daisuke. It was exactly why they fought so much, and over such petty things. Even with all of their bickering though, they'd still managed to become friends. Argumentative friends, but friends nonetheless. Their adventures together had helped Miyako see that Daisuke wasn't the simple moron that she'd originally viewed him as. He could certainly drive her nuts sometimes, but his bravery, loyalty, compassion and responsibility when it mattered greatly made up for it.

All of this was exactly why he would never fail to communicate with them in a situation like this, no matter how lazy he was.

"I'm going," Hikari suddenly announced as she pulled herself up onto Nefertimon's back. Miyako quickly followed her lead and got up on top of Holsmon. She reached down and helped Iori and Armadimon climb up with her since they had no means of flying otherwise. Hikari got out her D-3 after that and took off with Nefertimon, Holsmon following closely behind them.

The flight was painfully slow, seeming to take hours when it only took about eight minutes. Miyako knew deep down that her perception of time was off because she was stressed, but that didn't make it any less irritating. What if... What if Takeru had been right about not splitting up and now something bad had happened?

No, she wasn't going to think that way. She had to stay positive or else-

"Hey, I think I see something!" Hikari called back to them and pointed down at the ground. Miyako looked around and quickly spotted what Hikari had been referring to. She had to squint to get a good look at it, but she was pretty sure that it was...

Both girls gasped when they recognized the crumpled body of Takeru lying in the dirt with Patamon beside him. Neither were moving, and there were definitely signs of battle scarred upon the land around them. The air was thick and the ground was littered with large stingers. There were scorch marks all over the trees and grass, and was that… blood?!

Before Nefertimon could even reach the ground, Hikari had already leaped off and was running as fast as she could over to him with Miyako and Iori not far behind her.

Seeing Takeru up close caused a wave of nausea to hit Miyako's stomach hard. His head and ankle were horribly swollen and bleeding, dirt covering most of his body. His face was unnaturally pale and there were too many cuts, scrapes and bruises to count. Patamon was in an equally bad condition; bent wings, bruised body, swollen limbs and dirt was smeared all over his face and appendages.

"What happened?!" Miyako exclaimed as she covered her mouth with her hands. Panic and guilt overwhelmed her senses. Why hadn't Takeru or Daisuke called for help if they were attacked?! And where the hell was Daisuke?! Takeru was right, they never should have split up! If she would have just shut her big, fat mouth and listened to him, then...!

"Takeru! Are you okay?! Takeru!" Hikari shouted hysterically as she knelt down beside him. Tears flooded her eyes when she received no response from him or Patamon. She tried shaking his shoulder, not hard enough to cause further injury, but enough to hopefully stir him. When he didn't react to it at all though, Hikari broke down crying and covered her face with her hands.

Iori couldn't seem to get his mind or body to move under his own willpower. His eyes were wide and locked onto Takeru and Patamon as he started to shake uncontrollably.

Were they… dead?

"This is all my fault..." Miyako whispered. She'd been so sure of her own correctness that she'd dismissed the warnings of someone with more experience than her. She'd caused all of her friends' misery, and now they were-

Miyako shook her head violently and pain crept up the sides of her skull from the sudden movement.

"I'll message Yamato and Jyou!" Miyako's voice came out firmer than she'd expected as she pulled out her D-Terminal. She didn't have time for self criticism. She was the only one in the group who was managing to remain somewhat composed, so she needed to keep it together long enough to call for help!

The first thing Daisuke became aware of was the warm blanket lying softly over his body, followed by the fluffy pillow under his head and the cozy mattress beneath his back. All he really wanted to do was go back to sleep and ignore everything else. However, there was something in the back of his mind which was preventing him from doing so.

He had yet to open his eyes, but he didn't need to in order to notice the bright fluorescent lights filling the room he was in and making it hard to keep sleeping. He figured he should probably just look around and find out where he was since the nagging feeling just wasn't going away. It was only getting louder every second, telling him quite firmly that regardless of the comfort this was not a place he wanted to be in. He really had to wonder how anywhere with a bed this soft could be all that bad, though.

He continued to lie there for a bit longer, but eventually he decided to play it safe for once and slowly opened his eyes. A few seconds later he decided that he was going to listen to his gut feelings from now on, no matter what.

The room he was in was definitely not one that he recognized. The walls were made of metal and there were no windows anywhere, just a strangely large door with many locks. How had he gotten here? The last thing he remembered was...

"Ah, shit..." Daisuke swore quietly to himself as he looked around the room of the Kaiser's base, paying more attention to detail now. The most noticeable thing was the flat screen TV on the wall directly in front of him. Underneath it was a strange square hole in the wall with a few buttons below it, though he had no idea what they were for. The hole itself was roughly the size of a microwave.

To the right of the television was a desk and chair with a small trashcan beside it, and to the left was a massive bookshelf. Various books of different colors, shapes and sizes had been crowded onto it. However, there was a noticeably empty shelf right in the center of it for some reason.

Daisuke looked to his left, and along the same wall as the head of the bed was a closet with a mirror on the sliding door. To his right was a small bedside table with a lamp and a drawer.

Curiosity overcame him and he reached over to open the drawer. He was both surprised and furious to find his goggles inside, though they were all chipped, bent up and cracked.

"Oh I'm gonna kill him!" Daisuke seethed as he cradled his precious possession, various forms of revenge festering in his mind. He decided to ignore the fact that he was more pissed about the small accessory being damaged than at being held captive in the first place. Taichi had given that to him when he appointed him as the new leader, damn it!

A sigh left his lips as he placed the goggles back inside the drawer. It was then that he finally noticed his own condition. Flipping the blanket off he looked down and found a large white cloth had been wrapped around his torso like a bandage, and his left wrist was in a black, movement-restricting cast. He didn't have his Digital World clothes on for some reason, and was instead wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and black socks. There simply was no shirt.

Wait… If he was wearing different clothes, then who had changed him? It hadn't been Ken had it?!

"Eww..." Daisuke glared down at his feet and crossed his arms, cringing when he nudged his injured wrist against his side. Deciding that sitting in bed wasn't going to be fun or accomplish anything worthwhile, he stood up and headed over to the mirror.

His face seemed to be fine, though he had a small bandage on his cheek that he hadn't felt before. Turning around he then looked at his back, and his eyes widened. There appeared to be a very thick wad of cotton tucked under the white cloth, roughly the size of a hand towel. Apparently it was his back that had been injured and not his chest, as opposed to what he'd originally thought.

"What happened...?" Daisuke trailed off, nervous about what his skin might look like underneath that bandage now. What if the damage was irreversible? What if his back was horribly disfigured for the rest of his life, and girls found him gross, and-

"A stick."

Daisuke gasped and spun around when a loud voice echoed in the room. He looked about for the culprit, and what he found was a large image of Ken sitting in a chair on the television screen. He appeared to be in a very large room full of machines and other electronic screens, possibly some kind of control room. He was also, of course, wearing his tyrannical Kaiser outfit and that nasty smirk.

"What do you mean 'a stick'?" Daisuke verbally spat, glaring up at the television and making his voice sound as rude as he possibly could.

Ken didn't acknowledge Daisuke's anger and simply answered, "When you hit the ground a small stick punctured up into your back and nearly damaged your spine. I removed it and applied numbing cream, which is why you have that large bandage on your back. I highly recommend you leave it there if you don't want to bleed all over yourself. I'll have various digimon go in there and change it every once in awhile."

Ken sighed as though having to explain all of this was a huge chore for him. "You also sprained your wrist, which is why you have that cast on. It should heal on its own, though I can't give you an estimate on how long. Aside from that, only some minor abrasions. You can remove the bandage on your cheek now if you wish."

"Yeah, talk all nice and fancy if you want, Ken," Daisuke kept his tone just as snide as before, making sure to emphasize the Kaiser's real name for optimum insult. "But don't think I've forgotten that it was your fault that I even have all these injuries in the first place!"

Ken chuckled lightly, "Who says I'm acting nice? You asked me a question and I answered, simple as that. If you think I seemed nice while doing so, well... that's your own business."

"Yeah, whatever," Daisuke continued glaring as he spoke. "So what do you want with me then?"

"Humor me," Ken said and tapped his chin a bit, seeming pleased with the possibility of messing with someone's head like the sick, twisted fuck that he was. "Why do you think you're here?"

"The usual reason," Daisuke replied and rolled his eyes. Guys like Ken were so predictable... "I'm a hostage and you're gonna threaten my life to get the others to do your messed up bidding."

"No," came the Kaiser's simple answer as a small grin formed on his face.

"W-What?" Daisuke's arms unfolded in surprise. Immediately he wished he hadn't reacted though, because of the way Ken started smirking more.

"I said no," Ken's voice was thick with sarcasm.

"I heard you!" Daisuke glared at his captor. "Fine then, you're gonna torture me with weird chemicals and knives or something."

"As fun as that sounds, no." Ken chuckled and took off his gloves, picking at his nails in mock boredom. Daisuke narrowed his eyes at the obvious insult and sat down on the edge of the bed, a long sigh escaping his lips. What else did evil guys do with their prisoners? He said ransom was out, which made him pretty happy actually. Torture was also out, which made him even happier. So... all that was left was...

"No!" Daisuke suddenly yelled and pointed accusingly at the screen, making sure to avoid using his left hand much. "Don't even think about it you sicko!" When Ken simply raised an eyebrow in question and appeared to not understand what he was going on about, Daisuke continued, "You keep your sick, sexual fantasies away from me!"

Ken was silent for a few moments as an awkward silence thickened the air between them even through the electronic screen. His eyebrows raised a little, and then he groaned loudly. By the time Daisuke had crossed his arms in annoyance, Ken had removed his glasses and slumped his forehead down into his hand. "Don't be such a moron," the Kaiser sighed in frustration. "What kind of movies do you watch at home?"

Daisuke sat back down on the bed, not sure if he should feel insulted or happy about what Ken had just said. "Yeah, well... then I have no idea why I'm here, so why don't you just tell me already?"

"Let's see…" Ken spoke slowly, putting his glove and glasses back on now that the subject had been changed. "You're here for... experimentation."

Daisuke must have visibly shown the discomfort brewing in his chest because Ken suddenly smirked again, so he settled with just glaring back.

Ken tiled his head to the side a bit. "Though I can't help wondering why you haven't even thought to ask me about the fate of your little friends yet. I guess they don't matter that much to you after all."

"You-!" Daisuke gasped and jumped to his feet. He was probably reacting exactly the way Ken wanted him to, but whatever. Right now getting upset was about all he was able to do. "What did you do to them?!"

"Oh don't worry," Ken began, his voice just as sarcastic as he ever was. "V-Mon's in a dungeon cell with a dark ring to keep him quiet."

"Bastard!" Daisuke growled. "Take that damned thing off of him!"

The Kaiser looked at him for a moment before responding, "Umm, no, I actually don't think I will." His hand tapped idly on the arm of his chair for a moment before he continued. "And as for the blond, my Airdramon only had the strength to carry one prisoner. Those Flymon are quite pitiful when it comes to carrying things, you see, and I honestly hadn't expected to smear you both into the ground so easily... Not the best foresight I suppose. I should have expected such weakness. In any case I left him lying right where he belonged - in the dirt."

Daisuke glared furiously and felt the heat rise in his face. His arms shook with hatred. Oh how he wanted to punch the screen so badly... Just one good smack in that asshole's face, and-!

"Anyway, I really do need to be going now." Ken stood from his chair and walked closer to the projector, making it seem as though he was right in front of the television screen now. "I have lots of things to do and places to destroy. Just so you know though, there are two Gorimon guards outside your door at all times, so I wouldn't suggest trying to escape. I promise they'll make you wish you hadn't."

Ken seemed to start typing on a keyboard in front of him. "There's a remote for your television in the drawer beside your bed, and the large, blue button on it will page me. The desk has paper and pencils in the drawer, and the closet has clothing that should fit you. Also the square hole in the wall is a replicator that will make food for you. The bookshelf will create books that you wish to read on the center shelf."

Suddenly Ken looked up from his keyboard and smirked. "I imagine someone as intelligent as yourself can figure out how to use it all. So do what you want, and stay out of trouble." With that, the television screen went black. Daisuke glared at it for a few more moments and then growled loudly. His pent up anger bubbled over and spilled out as he kicked over the trashcan in the room.

Daisuke sat down on the bed and put his face in his uninjured hand. Takeru... He'd been left out there on the ground? The others would find him, they would! He knew they would!

Daisuke sighed and stood up, walking over to the bedside table where Ken had mentioned a remote. Sure enough, after checking it again, he found it further back in the drawer behind his goggles. Why was Ken giving him all these nice things though? Why hadn't he simply thrown him in a dungeon cell like all the other slaves and called it good? He was up to something for sure.

He walked over to the mirror and looked at himself once again. Well, things seemed pretty bad now. There really wasn't any way to get out of the base on his own, and even if there was he wasn't about to leave V-Mon behind. Ken was really smart and probably expected him to try and escape, so was his only option to wait until the others could save him?

Screw that, he hated waiting! Nope, that wasn't good enough. He had to do something on his own. Even if it wasn't much, there had to be some kind of action he could take!

Daisuke glanced around the room a little bit more and stopped when his eyes reached the desk. He walked over to it and opened the drawers, finding the paper and pencils that Ken had described. There was something else in there too. It kind of looked like... candles? And a box of matches?

His eyes traveled upward a few seconds later and stopped at the sprinkler on the ceiling. A sudden thought came to his mind and he had to hold back laughter.

'Alright, Ken... you want to play this way?' Daisuke smirked mischievously as he curled his fingers around the box of matches. 'If you're gonna keep me here against my will, then until I find a way out I swear for V-Mon, Takeru and myself that I'll make you regret every moment of it.'