Author Notes: Since I was on a Rurouni Kenshin one-shot kick, I decided to change gears a little and delve back into the lives of our beloved hanyou and miko. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: The Inuyasha world and all characters depicted are a creation of mangaka, Takahashi Rumiko.


By Hoshi-ni-Onegai

This seemed like the worst idea Miroku had come up with as of yet. Inuyasha had no doubt that his partner would come up with far worse ideas, but he knew that this one would always be high up on the "incredibly stupid" list.

He grumbled as he filled out the hospital check-in forms. Filling in a fake name, address, and phone number he tried to remember his fake birthday. Taking out his alias identification, he scribbled. "Scott Miller."

There was absolutely no way that he looked like a Scott, much less a Miller. He was full-blooded Japanese and there was no denying his facial features or his black hair.

He glanced around the group of people in the waiting room. There was enough of an ethnic diversity that he didn't stand out, or look suspicious. He also had confidence in his dialect training, and that he wouldn't give himself away the moment his mouth opened.

But Scott Miller? Who the hell came up with that name?

After turning in the medical history form Inuyasha sat back down. From what Miroku had told him, hospitals didn't check if you were the person you said you are as long as you were self-pay and an out-patient. So Miroku had sent him off to get treated at the city hospital because the bullet in his left shoulder and the long gash down his leg needed more than what a first aid kit provided.

Inuyasha frowned. This was the first time he allowed himself to get this badly injured on a job. Sure, there were the occasional bumps, bruises, and grazed bullets -but nothing to this extent.

He would have usually sucked it up and waited until his flight back to Japan, but this particular job had required an elaborate two-week stay in New York and he still had a week left. Reasons like these were why he hated foreign jobs. He liked being on his home turf, but he was also not one turn down a job.

He waited for two hours before he was showed to a room with rows of temporary hospital beds, all divided by curtains. While he waited for another hour and a half on the bed, he started getting light-headed. He was lost more blood than he had previously thought.

He was dazing in and out when he finally heard a questioning voice call his fake name. "Mr. Miller?"

He cracked his eyes open to see an equally Japanese looking woman giving him the once over with her grey-blue gaze.

Not really of the right mind he answered in Japanese, "Hai?"

She raised a brow and set down his chart on a small table next to the bed. "Mr. Miller huh? Speak any English there buddy?"

He could barely muster the words. "Yeah." He had definitely lost more blood than he had thought.

A serious look struck across her face as she went into full-on doctor mode and took his vitals. Yelling for a nurse, he could hear the doctor yelling at the nurse for not putting him higher up on the priority list. Inuyasha rolled his eyes mentally. The nurse probably didn't notice that his clothes were soaked through with blood because they were all black.

He felt his gurney moving and he peeked open his eyes to look up at the ceiling lights that raced above him. He was getting moved? "Where are you taking me?"

"Just to the surgery wing," when she saw his eyes widen she shook her head. " We're not cutting you open, there's just not any room in the ER right now to do a blood transfusion."

He nodded his head weakly, "And who are you?"

Pushing the gurney in to the elevator the woman smiled and he felt himself blacking out, "I'll be your doctor during your time here. I'm Dr. Higurashi."

When he finally came to, his head was groggy. Raising an arm to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he noticed that he had a syringe in his right arm and a bag of blood attached to the other end.

He looked around the room and noticed he was alone. He wasn't in the jam-packed room of the ER and he was on a slightly bigger bed. How long had he been out?

His leg was killing him and he looked down at the previous gashed up leg, it was now clean and neatly stitched. He could also feel that his shoulder had been tended to.

"Oh, you're awake."

He whipped his head toward the door to see the woman from earlier. "You're..."

"Dr. Higurashi. I'll be your attending physician."


She shrugged, "That too." Walking up to him she took his pulse and check the hanging blood bag. "You're doing pretty well there Mr. Miller."

He frowned at the name, it sounded stupid when he was being called that.

She scribbled down his status on his chart and looked up to catch his frown. "What? Would you rather have me call you Scott?"

Inuyasha glared at the woman, she was obviously suspicious and didn't believe for a moment that his name was Scott Miller. He would rather change the subject then have his cover blown by an overly perceptive doctor, "How long have I been out?"

She glanced at the chart then at her watch, "A little over three hours. Your family hasn't been notified since you didn't put anyone down as an emergency contact or your next of kin."

He nodded, "So how much longer until I can leave?"

"About half an hour," hanging his chart at the end of his bed and clipping her pen into her coat pocket she crossed her arms. "Why don't I call someone to drive you home? A family member, a friend, your wife."

"I'm not married."

She shrugged, "A friend then."

He looked her over then laid back into the bed, "You and I both know I'm not from around here. Look, I'm here on business so I don't know anyone in the city."

She scrutinized him for a moment then sighed, "You walked here right?"

"What of it?"

She rolled her eyes, "If you act a little bit politer I'll drive you to your hotel. My shift ends in an hour. By the time you get discharged, I'll be heading home."

He stared at her calculatingly, "What's in it for you?"

"The pleasure of your company," she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Just wait for me in the lobby and I'll drive your wounded ass home."

"You can't say ass to a patient."

She laughed as she headed out of the room, "You conduct business with bullets and you use a fake name to check into a hospital, I don't need any lip from you buddy."

During the next hour a nurse came in to remove the syringe, wrap his wounds, and brought him a fresh pair of scrubs.

"What happened to my clothes?"

She pointed toward the biohazardous waste bin, "Those clothes were not salvageable. We had to cut through them to get to your wounds. The only thing we found on you was your wallet."

She handed him a hospital standard zip-lock bag that had "Scott Miller" written on it with a permanent marker. Inside the bag was his brown wallet and nothing else.

After changing into the navy surgical scrubs he went to the lobby to pay his hospital bill. The only way to pay for it without a paper trail was with cash, so he had to go to the ATM in the lobby to withdraw enough money. He shook his head, how did four hours in the hospital amount to so much money? He grumbled as he to took the money out in increments of $500. By the time he was through with it, the ATM would have nothing left in its reserve. He was never happier than now to have all his expenses covered by the agency.

Limping out the hospital doors he could hear footsteps chasing after him.

"Scott! Scott Miller!" Turning around he saw his doctor running over to him. She was no longer in scrubs and instead in jeans, t-shirt, corduroy blazer, with a tote bag slung over her shoulder. "I told you to wait in the lobby."

He narrowed his eyes, "I didn't think you were serious. And I can take a cab or a bus."

She rolled her eyes and gestured him in the direction of the parking garage. "Did I sound like I was joking? Anyways, I'm going to drive you home whether you like it or not Scott Miller."

Coming up to a black sedan she unlocked the doors and slipped in. He eyed the car momentarily, and then opened his door.

Peeking up at him she sighed, "It's not a trap, so get in."

After he strapped himself in, she peeled out of her parking spot.

"So where to Scott Miller?"

"42nd and 3rd."

"Right by Grand Central Terminal?"

"Yeah." He kept an eye on her, making sure she didn't trying anything. "Do you drive all your patients home?"

She shrugged, "Only ones that take business trips to New York and get shot during the process... So, you know -maybe twice a week."

He sensed her sarcasm. He didn't appreciate that she was getting amusement at his expense. "So what are you doing in New York?"

She frowned and glanced at him for a moment then brought her eyes back to the street. "As opposed to what? Being in Milwaukee?"

"No, Japan."

She shrugged, "My parents moved here when I was in middle school. I ended up going to college here, then med school... the rest, as they say, is history."

"Your parents are in New York?"

She shook her head, "Nah. I have no family in the states anymore. After my dad died my mom and brother moved back to Tokyo to live with my grandfather."

"So you decided to stick around here? Alone?"

She laughed, "You make it sound like I'm completely lonely here. Look, I have friends and co-workers -it's not bad."

"So you're here permanently."

She stole quick glimpse in his direction, "If you had asked me that question last week, the answer would have been yes. But I was recently offered a job I couldn't say no to in Tokyo, so I'll be heading back. This is actually my last week working at that hospital."

Looking outside his window Inuyasha realized that they were getting further and further away from hustle and bustle of Manhattan. He glared at her as she drove across the George Washington Bridge and into New Jersey. "Where the hell are you taking me?"

A smirked played across her lips as the bridge ended and she was driving through an industrial part of town. "That's the second time you're asking me that question. You should have a little bit more faith in your doctor."

He snarled, "Who the fuck are you?"

She shook her head, "You already asked me that question."

She suddenly jerked the wheel and the car swiveled into an abandoned gravel-covered lot. With a speed he did not expect from a surgeon she pulled out a gun and pressed the barrel up against his forehead.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi and I'm your new teammate."

His mind was blank for a moment, he could barely process the gun held to his head -let alone her words.

His door opened and a familiar man in a black suit grinned down at him. "I see you met Kagome."

Recognizing his partner Inuyasha visibly relaxed and frowned, "What the hell is going on Miroku."

Miroku stepped back to let Inuyasha step out of the car. Kagome had put her gun away and turned the ignition off. Getting out of the car she stood by the two men.

"I told you we were in New York to retrieve someone."

Inuyasha glared at Kagome, then back at Miroku. "Her?"

"She's been recruited by the higher ups. They wanted a doctor on our team and she's apparently classically trained."

"In what? The piano."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Lock picking, rope work, gymnastics, and I'd say I know my way around gun."

Inuyasha glanced at the both of them, "And this was the best way you could come up with introducing her to me?"

Miroku shrugged, "Its more fun this way."

"I'll shove fun down your damn throat if you pull something like this again."

Grinning she extended her hand out, "Like I said, my name is Kagome Higurashi and I'm the newest member of your team."

He shook his head but took her hand anyways. "Kagome."


"No, just Kagome. When you join this organization you lose your life -and that includes your last name."

She searched his amethyst eyes. He did not appreciate the searching -it felt like she would find something out about him that he wouldn't want to reveal.

"What is your real name anyways Scott Miller?"

He hesitated, there was something about this woman that he could feel was going to be trouble.

"Inuyasha," he said precariously.

She grinned, "That's a mouthful -good thing you don't have a last name."

He glared at her. Yes, this one was going to be trouble.