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Rogue felt excited as she sat next to Remy in the car on the way to the meeting place with the Assassins. It was the same feeling she got before going on missions with the x-men. The adrenaline was already pulsing through her veins making her hyper aware of everything around her. The Thieves in the car with her were all still as statues except Henri who was driving. Jean-Luc sat in the passenger seat starting dead ahead on the road. Remy next to her was looking out the window. Rogue knew that another Guild car was behind them with Thieves she did not know.

Rogue knew from Remy that this would be an extremely formal meeting full of old courtly rules. She also knew the situation was very serious, but at the same time it was taking up little of her focus at the moment. Rogue would pay attention when they arrived, however for now she was content to think. She and Remy still needed to have a long talk. It would have to wait until after this meeting. It was so strange how her life had changed so much in such a short period of time. Yet again, Remy showed up one day drastically altering her life in unchangeable and dramatic ways. Rogue glanced sideways at the man sitting next to her. Could she spend the rest of her life with him?

Before Rogue could decide the answer the car slowed down and stopped in front of a small brick building on the outskirts of New Orleans. Mike's Restaurant was apparently on neutral ground, or at least that was what Remy had told Rogue. Remy looked her way and gave Rogue a wink, and she smiled back. Rogue was enjoying the air of suspense.

"Henri, are our thieves already in place inside?" Jean-Luc asked his son breaking the silence.

"Oui, Pere. Lapin and Luke are in there. The Assassins have some people in there too."

The leader of the Thieves nodded before opening the car door and stepping out. Remy did the same and offered a hand to Rogue climbing out after him. Once the door was shut Henri drove away. Jean-Luc decided that there was no need to the entire LeBeau family to be present at a meeting with Assassins. Rogue stood awkwardly next to Remy and smoothed out her white long-sleeved blouse. She wondered if she should have worn something more formal than jeans, but both Jean-Luc and Remy were casually dressed.

"Keep a sharp eye," Jean-Luc said and headed towards the green awning over the entrance to the restaurant. Remy took her hand and tucked it into the crook of his arm before they began to follow his Father. A second later the other car pulled up and more thieves emerged. Rogue recognized Theoren who ran to catch up with Jean-Luc.

"Chere, do not leave my side," Remy whispered in her ear. Rogue nodded as they headed into the restaurant. Rogue, its important dat you not talk unless spoken too. Mon pere et Marius will do all de talkin, Remy told her in her mind.

The interior of the restaurant would have been more comfortable in the seventies; now it just looked tired and dated. The carpet was old worn pea soup green. A hostess podium was directly in front of them and behind two dozen or so round pale yellow tables. A tall brunette wearing a white blouse and black pants stood behind the hostess stand and was talking quietly to Jean-Luc.

The girl began leading Jean-Luc and Theoren away towards the back. Remy and Rogue followed with five more thieves on their heels. The hostess brought them downstairs to a basement ballroom where the meeting was to take place. The room was large, which considering it was about to hold about a dozen assassins and thieves Rogue figured it was a good thing. There were two long rectangle tables set up parallel to each other with a good ten feet between them. Jean-Luc headed towards the table closest to the exit. Two thieves were already there having taken up posts on either side of the table like guards.

Jean-Luc went over to speak to the thief in the far corner. Rogue had never seen him before, not that she had met many of the thieves. He had to be Luke since she knew Lapin, Remy's cousin from the other day. Lapin waved at them and then turned his attention back to watching the assassins. Rogue took a closer look at Luke. He was taller than Jean-Luc with dark brown hair and an eye patch. Remy ushered Rogue over to the table and they sat down next to each other. The center seat was obviously reserved for Jean-Luc with Remy to his right and Rogue next to him. The other thieves that came with them took seats on the ends of the table dividing up on either side.

Rogue examined the three assassins already there. Two were standing in the corners similar to the thieves' guards. Both were tall overly buff looking men that had a sort of dumb look about them. Over the years Rogue had gained a sixth sense for summing up muscle. She guessed they had basic training, but would rely on brute strength.

The third assassin sat a few seats in from the end, but not center. Out of the three he was the one to watch out for. He was a good looking man with long golden hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His face would have been very handsome if it weren't for the scar inside corner of his right eye to the edge of his jaw. Rogue could tell it was an old scar. He paid no attention to their arrival and instead kept playing with a switchblade in his hand. He was ignoring them on purpose as a display of politics. His casual manner said 'I'm not worried about you. I'm a big, bad, assassin.' It was quiet in the room as if everyone feared speaking would result in violence and for all Rogue knew it might.

Rogue knew how to play this game too. "Remy, is the food good here?"

If he was surprised that she broke the tense silence his face did not show it. "Oui, mon coeur, the breakfast here is très délicieux," he told her casually. Rogue knew they weren't here for the food, but she hated silence. She wondered when the rest of the assassins would arrive. She had better things to do with her day like have a serious conversation with her husband.

As if her thought had summoned them, Rogue heard people descending down the stairs and a murmur of voices. Jean-Luc joined them sitting down in his seat next to Remy. A looked passed between the two that Rogue could not read. Rogue saw Remy discretely pulling three cards from the deck in his jacket and tucking them up his sleeve.

A second later Julian Boudreaux entered the room. He was still looked much the same like he shopped at hobo-redneck-Cajuns-R-US store. Rogue felt when Julian recognized her and put the two together. His psyche had never been strong enough to come up often in her mind. Her friends, Logan, Storm, Kurt, Kitty, and Hank banded together to keep most of the psyches from bothering her too much. Then there was Remy. His very presence soothed the mass of psyches. Now though, Julian's psyche was at the forefront do to his counterparts close proximity. His face twisted into disgust upon seeing her, but he took her seat at the table across from them in silence. Marius Boudreaux followed behind his son looking more put-together than Julian. He did not spare her a glance and instead locked eyes on Jean-Luc as he joined his son at the table.

Taking up the rear of the group was Belladonna and another man close on her heals. The man looked like a bodyguard with the bulky build. He was good-looking Rogue had to admit. He looked like a Greek statue come to life with bright green eyes and sandy hair that hung just above his eyes. He seemed to be Belladonna's body guard because he was watching her and hovering behind her like a protective mother hen. Belladonna herself looked worse than the last time Rogue saw her. Her nose was all taped up, but Rogue could tell it was red and puffy. The blond assassin glared daggers across to her. When her eyes turned to Remy her expression changed to one of longing. Rogue was a little surprised that Belladonna walked civilly to her seat. She had been expecting an attack regardless of Marius' declaration that no assassin would attack today unprovoked. Still, Rogue couldn't help but smirk at the sight of Belladonna's formerly beautiful face. Now without surgery she would always have a hump on her nose as a reminder of their run in.

"Jean-Luc, I am glad you accepted my offer for this meeting today," Marius told the leader of the Thieves.

"It seemed prudent given the circumstances to accept. I do not wish for this matter to escalate." Rogue was shocked at how eloquent Jean-Luc had stated his reply. Who knew the cheesy Cajun had it in him?

"We acknowledge that Belladonna shed first blood and for this reason we do not seek tribute for the damages she bore from the fight." Belladonna seemed to disagree with her father's words but remained quiet with her arms crossed glaring at the table as if she meant to stab it to death.

"Rogue is a member of our Guild and is under my authority. Your daughter drew first blood, but ma belle-fille has already gained restitution for the offense. As le Roi, I declare that no further justice will be sought for this matter."

Marius tipped his head up in acceptance of Jean-Luc's words. "There is another matter I wished to discuss today and that is the promise of your fils to my fille." At his words Belladonna began to smile, which put Rogue instantly on edge. Remy notice it too because he became stiff at her side. Being cautious, Rogue called Logan's psyche to the forefront of her mind. She hoped she wouldn't need him.

"Yes, it would be good for that matter to be solved as well," Jean-Luc sounded a little tense. Rogue wondered what the consequences would be for them getting married despite Remy being betrothed to Belladonna.

"You referred to the young woman sitting next to your fils, Remy, to be your belle-fille. Est-ce que c'est vrai ?" Marius asked lacing his fingers together over the table.

"Oui, as you know Remy has been gone from our halls for a long time. He has found himself une femme since then. We accept her into our fold." Rogue wondered what those words meant. It means you are a Thief, Chere, and that the Guild will defend you, Remy supplied in her head.

"The Assassins Guild will acknowledge the marriage between the couple before moi and retract our contract of marriage between Remy LeBeau and Belladonna Boudreaux," Marius proclaimed to the room.

The shriek that erupted from Belladonna's lips was almost inhuman in sound. The blond Assassin leapt to her feet and reached for something strapped to her back. Rogue felt Remy yank her elbow towards him and they began falling to the ground just as Jean-Luc kicked the table onto its side creating a barrier between them and the crazy blonde. The knife made a loud THWACK sound as it imbedded itself into the wood table. Then Belladonna screamed.

"Hold your fire!" Jean-Luc shouted. Rogue looked down at Remy wide eyed and shocked. He seemed a bit winded at first, but quickly noted their intimate position with her straddling his hips. Rogue turned her head around to assess the Thieves before getting up and making herself a target again. None of the Thieves were moving.

Rogue untangled herself from Remy and rose to her feet. Remy was next to her in an instant like a magnet. He moved his body in front of hers as Rogue took in the scene before her. Marius had Belladonna on the ground with a gun pointed at her head. The corner of her mouth was bleeding from being struck. Julian was standing frozen in shock.

"J'ai donné mon honneur (I gave my honor)" Marius' voice boomed through the room.

"Salope! Remy is mine!" Belladonna seemed to have completely lost her hind. Marius' face turned an even brighter shade of red before he used the gun to strike Belladonna again. Her ice blue eyes full of tears rolled back in her head as the girl's body went slack. Julian made a sound of protest, but the sound died of his lips from the intense glair his father shot his direction.

Marius rose to his feet and strapped his gun back into his shoulder holster. He gave nod to the assassin body-guard that had come in with Belladonna. The man picked up the princess of the assassins like she was a delicate thing. She never woke as he lifted her bridal style and carried her from the room.

Marius watched his daughter leave with a mixed expression Rogue could not read. He seemed to regret striking his daughter. The Thieves and Assassins both seemed tightly bound by their word of honor. Belladonna had been trying to kill her, but the violence the King of Assassins showed to his child unsettled Rogue. Remy seemed to sense her unease because he took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"Je pense que it would be une bonne idée to postpone this meeting pour un autre jour," Jean-Luc said breaking the tension.

"Oui, that might be best." Marius looked distracted and answered on reflex rather than thought. He seemed to pull himself together and gave a dramatic bow to Jean-Luc. "Je suis désolé, pour what has happened. I gave my honor that nothing would occur today. I hope dat we can rach and understanding in reguards to dis feud."

"I too hope we can settle things not in bloodshed."

"Then we Assassins will take our leave." Jean-Luc nodded in agreement before Marius left with his assassins following his lead. After the Assassins departed the room remained quiet. Rogue hardly knew how to process what had happened. Belladonna attacking her wasn't surprising, but Marius hitting her was.

"Dat was interesting, non?" Remy said to the room at large, but his eyes were on her.

"Oui, I have never known Marius to not give his fille anythin' she wanted." Jean-Luc sounded a million miles away. Dat be his plottin face, Chere. Remy would put money on dat, her mini-Remy informed her.

"You okay mon Coeur?" Remy wrapped his arms around her. It felt rather intimate and comforting. Remy had been touching her since the con on his family started. She had gotten used to his little touches mostly because Rogue knew they didn't mean anything. Everything was different now that she knew they were married. She should pull away, but Rogue just couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Why wouldn't ah be?"

The hand on her hip gave her side a light squeeze and his eyes glowed a little brighter. "Well, Chere, an Assassin just tried to kill you. What kind of mari would Remy be if he wasn't concerned?"

"Remy, plenty of people have tried to kill meh. No one's succeeded yet, and it isn't gonna be blondie ah can promise you that."

"Remy, quit staring at your femme. We need to get out of here before the Assassins realize dat having us in one place is just too tempting to pass up," Jean-Luc shouted as he and the other Thieves had already begun filing out of the restaurant.

Rogue went to follow, but Remy grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against his chest. "Swamp rat, what do ya think you're doin'?" Rogue demanded. She began to struggle to get away, but Remy wrapped his arms around her tight and buried his face into her shoulder. Rogue's heart began to race at the close proximity. It wasn't fear like she usually felt when someone dared to get close. She was excited and nervous at the same time, but not afraid.

"Rogue," Remy whispered her name into her ear and a shiver ran down her spine. There was tenderness in his voice she had never heard before.

"Yes?" Rogue tried to sound nonchalant; however her voice came out sounding thick and full of emotions she would rather hide.

"I . . . I was afraid when I saw dat Bella was goin for de knife. Don't know what I would do if anything happened to you, chere." Rogue was touched by his words.

"Ah'm okay. Nothin' happened." She wanted to comfort him so Rogue held onto him tight. It felt good to be in his arms like she belonged there.

Slowly, Remy turned her to face him. He gave her plenty of warning with his eyes as bent his head down to capture her lips. Rogue waited anxiously for Remy to close the centimeters between their lips. As it was she could feel his breath warm of her face and just the faintest whisper of a touch of his lips on hers.

"Remy! Belle-fille! Get your asses up here tout de suite!" Jean-Luc screamed down to them making Rogue jump guiltily away from Remy.

"Merde!" Remy swore. Rogue couldn't help but laugh. Remy shot her a glare at laughing at him. It was hard not to. He was a grown man and he was actually pouting!

"Aw, Remy, that face yer making is just too adorable."

"M'not adorable! Je suis très handsome." He was still pouting so his words were mostly lost on Rogue who was still laughing.

Rogue sobered when she saw the embers in his eyes brighten and that smirk grace across his face. Rogue yelped as Remy lunged for her and tried to run for the escape. She made it just to the bottom of the stairs before Remy began mercilessly tickling her.

"You want to laugh at Remy, chere? Remy will give you somethin' to laugh at." Rogue laughed wondering how he knew she was ticklish on her sides.

"Ah surrender!"

His fingers stilled. "What else, Rogue?"

"You're not adorable?"

"And what is Remy?"

Rogue smiled. "A swamp rat." Remy whipped her around so fast Rogue felt dizzy.

"Remy Etienne LeBeau, if you are not up des stairs in cinq minutes!" Jean-Luc shouted from somewhere above them.

There was a little bit of fear in Remy's eyes as he looked up the stairs as if he expected his father to come down at fulfill whatever had been implied in that threat. Then he looked back at Rogue. "Screw him!" Remy declared and with great gusto kissed Rogue fiercely.

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