The third Hokage sat looking at a picture of the forth Hokage on the wall of his office.

Just a few days before a massive Nine-tailed Fox had attacked the Village Hidden in the Leaves, killing or maiming hundreds of ninjas and civilians. It had taken the Forth Hokage sacraficing himself to finally seal away the beast in a container.

The Hokage shifted his large red and white hat so that he could see into a crib that sat next to his desk, the better to see the days old baby that had been choosen to be the beast's container. He had a tuft of blond hair and three whisker like scars on each cheek.

As he was looking at the boy the Hokage heard the door to his office open an close. He looked up to see who it was and was surprised to see a large man standing there. The man wore a black cloke that hid his body and a black dog-shaped mask with white teeth and red eyes. The Hokage relaxed a bit as he reconised the man and took a deep draft on his pipe before speaking.

"May I ask what your doing here Koga Uzumaki?"

"I've come for my Grandson" the figure said as he took a couple off steps forward.

The Hokage took another breath as he tried to find the words to explain the situation to Koga.

"I'm sorry but that wont be possible" a growl started to leak out from behind the mask "it was the Forth's final wish that the boy be a hero to the people of this village not an exiled parish".

The growl coming from the mask didn't stop as Koga finally spoke.

"Village hero? are you deaf old man, the people are screaming for his blood, and thoughs not out to kill him see him as a strategic weapon for use aguinst their enemies. Do you really think that this is what the Forth wanted when he said that, for his boy to become a weapon or a corps?"

The Third Hokage bowed his head, conceeding the point, then he renewed the attack from a different angle.

"But there is also the problem of his position as the last Namikaze and barer of the Forth's bloodline. As such I can activate the Bloodline Peservation Laws to keep him from leaving AND garentie his safety." the Hokage sat back and puffed his pipe, waiting for Koga's counter.

Koga's hand emeraged from his cloak and laid a thick, manilla foulder on the table in front of the Hokage.

"Paragraph seven" was all he said.

The Hokage pick up the foulder and opened it. his face fell as he realized that he was reading, 'The Last Will & Testement of: Minato Namikaze, The Forth Hokage', the Hokage skipped most of the legal jarggen and went straight to paragraph seven, which he read aloud.

" 'I, Minato Namikaze, do here afirm that none of my spawn shell carry the surname Namikaze, they would be put in undew risk from any of several parties and I will not Endanger them so. They will become part of their mothers's birth clan in all ways.' "

The Hokage set the foulder down and took a long drag on his pipe.

"Well this d'use eliminate my 'last Namikaze' arguement quite well, But their is still the 'Bloodline Peservation laws'."

"Point, that make it one all, so any ideas on how to solve this one?" Koga asked. The Hokage thought for a moment before speaking.

"Call a witness from your clan, one who'm you can trust to remember clearly, and I will do the same. Then we will sit down and hash out a deal that will satisify both of use. Is this agreeable with you?" the Hokage asked.

"Completely" answered Koga as he pulled out a walkie talkie to call in a subordinate. The Hokage sent his secratary to find his son Asume and bring in some tea and cakes, It was going to be a long night.


Six Years Later:

The Third Hokage stood by the main gate, waiting for Koga to arrive.

With him was the son of the Forth Hokage, named Naruto by his parent's last wills. His hair was now a pile of unruly, blond spikes too match excuberant personality and true blue eyes. Naruto's outfit was a burnt orange t-shirt and blue shorts.

Naruto was finding it veerrry hard to sit still and wait for these travellers too arrive and was squirming all over the place. The Hokage had foreseen this somewhat and gave Naruto permission to explore the squire just inside the gate.

As Naruto ran off the Hokage watch with a look of resigned sadness on his face. In the last six years there had been more then fifty assasination attempts on the boy and he was sure that Naruto had noticed at least a few of them.

Before the Hokage could get to lost in his train of thought Koga arrived with a small group of people.

Koga himself was dress in a set of farmers garb that hid his well toned body but couldn't hide his weathered face and graying hair.

The Hokage signed a hidden Anbu agent that flashed off to find Naruto then turned to the new arrivals. Koga was standing in the front with a middle aged man with red hair on his left and a young girl, (also a red head) on his right.

"Hokage sama I hope we find you well?" Koga asked as he bowed to the Hokage.

"As well as can be expected" the Hokage whirilly replied. Just as the Hokage was about to continue Naruto came running up.

He had been told that he was going to meet some people today so Naruto didn't feel any surprise when he saw the two adults, but the girl throw him for a loop. most people keep their kids well away from him.

The girl had bright Cherry red hair that hang to her shoulders, the same true blue eyes and whisker-like scars as Naruto and the same Devil may care smile that he always tried to ware.

at the sound of running feet Koga had looked up and was now smiling at Naruto as he gestured at the girl.

"Oh Naruto, nice to see you aguin, oh and I'd like to introduce you to someone. Naruto this is Kushina and she's your sister."