Bella waited a few minutes longer and cliff-dived, she falls to Victoria's grasp. Turned, with no one else around to help her with her struggles; Bella is determined to find them, no matter how long it takes to search for the ones she's lost. No obstacles will be able to stop her, no amount passage of time will dull her determination. Nothing. There are Volturi Wars to fight, hiding from enemies from all sides, kidnappings, and betrayal. None of them will deter her from finding her Edward.

I stood within the shadows in the line of trees, a hundred or so feet away from the edge of the bluffs, I could taste the salt in the air around me, blowing in from the sea, and, on this rare day, the sun was shining brightly. I was contemplating my decision. I knew I would hear his voice soon, and my heart began pumping faster, filling my blood with adrenaline, at the anticipation of jumping off the cliff to hear him. A moment of hesitation caused me to pause and I frowned, stilling my movements. I was about to run.

I wondered why I felt wrong about the current situation and what I was about to do. Sure, it was risky, jumping off a cliff. But, something was terribly and horribly off about where I am now. Something was niggling at the back of my head in my mind, doubting my own motives. It seemed to mock me. I stayed that way for awhile, trying to figure out why something was wrong. I felt a little annoyed by the thoughts mocking me.

Shaking my head, I blamed the momentary hesitation on my guilt conscience, I was toying with my life now. The promise I made Edward had, needed to be broken again, as many times as it took. He had broken his promise to me in the first place after all. Studying the edge now, I became even more resolute than before, because of my feelings now. I was determined to break that promise as often as I could, so long I can hear his voice. The most beautiful I have had ever held the pleasure to hear in my life and it was likely I would never hear it again for as long as I lived. Except for the delusions of course. Smiling, I felt more sure in my decision. Even if I died now, I would die happy, hearing him. Taking a deep breath, steadying my nerves so I could move ahead; then I heard it as I took the first step forward.

"Bella! Don't do it, Bella! Please!" he cried out in my mind. His voice was beautiful as always. "Don't jump, Bella. Do you realize how cold it is in the water?"

I smiled again as I picked up the speed. I was not tripping today.

"Stop running!" he yelled, getting angry.

I grinned, smiling even wider, enjoying his voice. Just seconds before I made the lunge, I heard my name being called out, from two different voices. When I made the jump, I realized who the voices belonged to.

Edward and Jacob's.

As soon those thoughts registered, I forgot it when I felt myself falling, free of everything but gravity and voices now. The sounds behind—or above me now, were jumbling together, still shouting after me. It became very confusing to me, trying to get the gist of what the words were. All I could understand were:

"Bella! ….jump..."


"Are you..."

"...feet.... head wound..."

I looked down just before I crashed feet first into the water, my insides froze when I saw a flaming red hair and a face not ten feet from where I would crash into the water. Victoria looked at me in the eyes with a face that stamped forever into my mind. It was that of a pure, sweet victory she would get. Then her face changed to that of disgust. I briefly wondered why.

Once I broke the surface of the ocean, I felt first the cold, then the wetness of the water surrounding me, and then the salty taste on my lips. A split second later, I felt an even colder... thing, a hand grabbing my arm, jolting me sideways. I realized that not even the raging current of the water would deter the crazed vampire out to kill me. The power of the tide had nothing on this woman.

What a stupid lamb I am... I thought as the hand began tugging me away, away from the bluffs, away from the people I loved, moving against the water, she stronger than the powerful waves. I was going to die today.

"Fight her, Bella!" the voice in my mind sounded. "You can't give in now!"

Edward... I thought, wondering if I would ever see him again. Or the Cullens, my family, or Jacob. I...

"Don't you givein now! Fight with all you got, please!" Edward pleaded.

How? I can't fight a vam-- I questioned, then I felt the vampire stop and wrapped herself around me, pulling my neck to the side. I felt terrified, knowing it was coming.

"Oh Bella!" he moaned.

If I could scream in the water, I would, but all it came out of my mouth now were bubbles as I felt the teeth biting into my neck. Then I felt her sucking my blood away, my precious life force being drained. It was a very curious feeling, like an octopus' suction cups were on me. I couldn't really feel the blood leaving me, maybe it was because I was in the water. I felt glad for that small measure, I wouldn't need to worry about smelling any blood.

"Bella! No!" Edward cried again and I looked up, and saw a vision of Edward swimming towards me. I couldn't understand why he was here. Was he really here?

I realized it had been awhile since I had air when I saw the creeping darkness into my vision.

I'm sorry Edward...were my last thoughts.

I didn't know how long I was enveloped in motionless darkness until I felt the fire burning in me, jolting me awake. I gurgled, trying to get air as I realized I was out of the water now. I was distinctly aware that I was laid on the rocks. I kept coughing, trying to scream the pain away, my body convulsing in every each way. I felt hands on me now, trying to restrain me somewhat.

The more I coughed, the more water came out, and the louder my screams were.

Then it hit me like a ton of rocks, the fire in my veins felt awfully familiar as I recalled the time I was in James' captivity. With a shudder, I realized that Victoria had bit me and I was turning. This knowledge alone terrified me more than anything else because he wasn't here. They all were not here, I was alone.

"I'm here, Bella," the familiar velvety voice said and I tried to take comfort in that voice until I realized it was merely a delusion. I moaned, wanting to see the real Edward now.

"Kill me, please," I croaked, unable to freely writhe in pain because someone was still restraining me. I felt so utterly hopeless without them. Where were they? I couldn't live now, I needed to die. My throat felt raw from being nearly drowned, and being made worse as I kept on screaming, still pleading for death.

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