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"Maka's birthday… Maka's birthday…" Soul thought out loud.

"Yosh. I've got everything planned out," he grinned.

Presently, he was walking through the school hallway with his hands behind his head in his usual 'cool' manner, trying to find Black Star and Tsubaki but kept losing their trail. It's wasn't that they were hard to find, seeing as was the loudest meister in the school after all. The trouble was that he moved around too much, and too damn fast. It was a wonder how Tsubaki could follow him around and not lose track of him. Every time he went in the direction of Black Star's voice, by the time he got there, he was long gone.

'Too freaking hyperactive,' Soul thought. He was getting really annoyed now.

He was back at the assignment board for the third time now. This time, he spotted Kidd looking up at the board with his two weapons standing behind him. Patty was waving her hands animatedly at various directions while blabbering nonsense to Liz who gave the occasional nod, as if she actually understood the ramblings of her childish sister.

Soul went up to Kidd and muttered a distinctable 'yo' with one hand up at shoulder level to indicate that it was a friendly greeting. Liz and Patty greeted him with a nod and went back to their discussion.

Kidd looked away from the board and smiled at Soul. "Yo. Where's Maka?"

"Library. Hey, Kidd. It's Maka's birthday today. If you guys are free later, come by our apartment – I'm throwing her a surprise party."

"It's Maka's birthday today? We'll definitely come." said Kidd as Patty and Liz turned their attention to Soul once again.

"Yeah, we love parties!!" Patty joined in.

"Throwing a surprise party for her? Pretty sweet of you, ne, Soul?" added Liz, one eyebrow raised, grinning and nudging Soul. Soul put on one of his coolest smiles and sighed.

"Whatever… Just remember to come before 7:30. The theme is formal dress, as in a ballroom kind of style. By the way, have you seen Black Star?"

Patty jumped out at him waving her hands in the air. "I was just talking about him to Nee-chan!! You wanna know what happened?! You see, he, he, he-"

"He's in the classroom." Liz interrupted, smirking. Patty began laughing in her usual loud way.

Soul gave Kidd a confused look who just shrugged in answer. He turned back towards Liz and Patty, mumbled an audible "thanks" and walked towards the classroom. When he finally reached the classroom, before he could open the door, it slid open and a crowd of very angry looking girls exited the room. After all of them left, Soul entered the classroom. He saw Black Star hanging on the black board by his shirt, bruised and bleeding. Tsubaki was in front of him saying something to him that sounded something like "That's why I told you not to!" She sounded concerned, but tired. Soul didn't blame her. Just hanging around with him could exhaust you. He came up to her and asked, "What did he do this time?"

"We caught him peeping into the girls' locker room," she sighed with one hand on her forehead.

"Isn't that on the third floor?" he asked slightly surprised.

"He was hanging onto the windowsill," she looked at the culprit hanging on the black board and sighed again. "But, I do appreciate his determination."

"Determined for the wrong thing," Soul muttered shaking his head. Then he remembered what he there for and turned back to Tsubaki. "Oh yea, I almost forgot… Tsubaki, we're having a surprise party for Maka later. The theme is formal, so come in formal dress. And try to come before 7:30. But, uh, can you guys come?"

Tsubaki smiled and replied, "We'd love to come. If Black Star's condition allows it, we'll be there." Her voice had a slightly more cheerful tone in it than earlier.

Soul and Tsubaki turned and looked at the blue-haired meister still hanging on the board. He tried to smile and gave a groan that sounded like an "ok" with one thumbs up.

Soul grinned. "Perfect."

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