Dragon Knight




"Do you see them?"


"Up in the sky!"


"Dragons! I see dragons, Drakath!"

Hundreds of dragons. They flew through the sky like fish swam in water, their wings spread and their scales shimmering in all colors of the rainbow. Dragons everywhere the eye could see them. As the ship descended through the atmosphere a light like none other flashed across the sky over and over. Each time it did another dragon would appear. Was this death? Was this what you were really meant to see as your ship was crashing toward the Earth at death defying speeds?

"I see them, too."

"They're beautiful."


And then, as the dragons multiplied in the sky the ship hit the Earth. The ground shuddered as the giant ship plowed through it. Two other ships fell, looking like broken mannequins. One was a feminine figure that shined gold with its metal plating. The second was a male figure with charred blasters perched atop his shoulders and charred limbs from the fight in the heavens.

"They're… so beautiful," said the girl inside the feminine figure's head. Then, both mannequins hit the Earth.