Jazz: Another Pai/Retasu one-shot ^__^

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Retasu glanced at the letter again, the letter that had arrived six days ago, changing her life for good.

"Just one day left." She whispered.

Retasu was ill, her skin was deathly pale, and she had been throwing up for days now, the other Mews were too busy with their love life's to notice her.

Pai-san... I never got to tell him how I feel, Retasu thought, tears slipping down her pale cheeks.

A light shined in her eyes suddenly, as she knew she had to tell him. Retasu quickly stood up, then started coughing, her knees went weak, and she grabbed hold onto the chair before she fell.

She stood up again slowly, then walked towards the front door, grabbing her coat. She slipped it on then disappeared outside, looking for Pai.


Pai stared at the fish, as they swam past, their colourful tails flicking out behind them. A thin smile slowly appeared on his lips.

He dipped one of his fingers in the water, and a small one swam up to his finger, and nudged it before quickly swimming away.

Retasu, they're like Retasu, Pai thought.

He had been watching Retasu lately, watching her sleeping, or when she was watching TV.

He sighed, then closed his eyes. He noticed Retasu was ill, but not the others.

"Ano... P-Pai-san?" A timid voice spoke out quietly.

Pai's ear twitched then he turned around, Retasu stood near by, wearing a long think coat. She smiled then took a step forward, then tripped falling towards the hard ground.

A pair of warm, strong, caring, and protective arms caught her, then he fly back over to the rock, and sat down, keeping hold of her.

Retasu blushed, then slowly looked up, he smiled lightly down at her.

She looked down at her hand, "Ano... Pai-san?"


She blushed a bit darker, "I.. wanted to tell you something." She whispered then started coughing, Pai frowned then picked up his coat, and wrapped it around them, pulling her closer.

"What is it Retasu?" Pai asked softly, his warm breath brushing against her face.

"I.... I l-love... y-y-you." She stuttered, looking down at her hands.

Pai looked shocked for a bit then his face softened, and he smiled warmly, which made Retasu blush a bit more.

"I love.. you too."

Retasu smiled a bit, then looked down, "A...arigato Pai-san."

He smiled yet again, and held her closer, her face resting on his chest.


"Shh." Pai whispered, "Just rest, I'll be here."

Retasu smiled, he understands, he's gonna wait, he's not going to leave me.

Pai gently cradled Retasu in his arms, as she slowly drifted into a never ending sleep.

She let out a small sigh, and then shuddered, as her spirit left her.

Pai gently kissed her forehead, goodbye Retasu... chan.