Screams were filled through the air by the civilians as a powerful explosion blew a hole in a random skyscraper.

During the midst of the chaos, a lone man in black jumpsuit and a mask stood on top of a building laughing at the destruction going on. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"This is as far as you go, Ogre Gazm!"

The man in black jumpsuit turned to the source of the voice and saw a man in white jumpsuit, a mask, and a cape landing down onto the street. "Master Bate!"

The man in white jumpsuit, Master Bate, pointed his hand at the villain, Ogre Gazm, and said, "You have caused enough trouble for today! I will put an end to your heinous schemes!"

"You're not doing anything to me, Master Bate!" Ogre Gazm shouted. "Or else…" He reached his hand behind him and pulled to his side a cute brunette with a ponytail. "Will little sidekick will die!"

"Lolly Con!"

"I'm sorry for getting captured, Master Bate!" Lolly Con cried. "But please don't let this be a burden to you! Go ahead and attack Ogre Gazm!"

"Come any closer and she dies!" Ogre Gazm said. "You better not try anything funny!"

"You think that dirty trick will render me helpless? You're wrong, because no matter what hardships I have to have, the almighty Master Bate will always win!" Master Bate said. "The power of justice will always be on my side!" He got out a remote and pressed the button on it, but nothing seemed to happen at all.

"What is that supposed to be?"

Ogre Gazm's question was answered when he heard the sound of engine approaching from behind. Before he had the chance to turn his head around, a flying machine came crashing into him and knocking him off the building while Lolly Con fell to the side and escaped the villain's grasp. Master Bate approached the fallen villain and said, "Your days of evil are numbered, Ogre Gazm!"

"Evil will never fall so easily before the likes of you!" Ogre Gazm said angrily as he got back up. "We shall meet again, Master Bate!" With this, mechanical wings came out behind the villain and he took off into the air and disappeared.

"He got away…" Master Bate said, watching the villain disappearing into the distance. He saw Lolly Con running up to him and said, "Lolly Con! Are you all right?"

"I'm all right! Good use of hitting Ogre Gazm with your personal jet, the Intel Course," she said. "I also managed to snatch this off his pocket. It appears to be evil plans he is coming up with." She got out a piece of paper from her pocket and showed it to the superhero, who read the contents.

"So he plans to steal the Pedo File," Master Bate said after reading the paper. "It contains the secret that came destroy this whole place, Sexanduh City! We must not allow him to get his hands on the file at all cost!"

Will the superhero Master Bate be able to prevent the evil Ogre Gazm from getting his hands on the Pedo File and save Sexanduh City? Find out next week in the newest episode of 'Master Bate: Hero of the World'!


"That was a pretty good episode," Ness said while shifting his eyes from the TV. "I can't wait for next week!"

"The excitement really makes you crave for more," Young Link, who was sitting next to him, said. "I wish they made each episode longer than 30 minutes though."

"If you kids are done watching, let us watch now, okay?" Falco, who was slouching on the sofa, said.

Ness and Young Link got up and left the living room and Falco changed the channel with obviously a TV remote to watch while the rest of the SSSS sat around the place. "Let's ask Toon Link on the computer if he has watched," YL said as they both left the room.

"They broadcast that on Outset Island too?" Ness asked.

"Yeah, they do. He told me when it aired last week."

SSSS is the new name for NTDAFSITLR (Nothing to Do Asides from Sitting in the Living Room). It was changed because the original name was too long. This new name stands for Super Smash Sofa Slouchers. Yes, I'm aware Slouchers isn't a word, but in the words of Dr. Robotnik, "Who cares?"

"What's good to watch?" Falco wondered, flipping through the channel. He kept on changing channels and eventually came upon a commercial broadcasting.

"Have you all signed up for the grand event that is to come next month??" the voiceover in the commercial said. "It is the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions! Do you think your inventions are good enough to bring happiness and accomplish all sorts of stuff? Prove yourself by signing up for the tournament! The brilliant billionaire known as Willis will be choosing a winner among the thousands of participants who will be joining this tournament!"

"Snake is looking forward to this, right?" Ganondorf asked while polishing his sword.

"Yeah," G&W replied while petting a turtle that was on his lap. "You know he makes lots of machineries, so it's obvious he wants to join it."

"It's starting to hook on me," Falco said. "I think I might go ahead and give this a try."

"Well, actually… I had a talk with the others and some of them want to participate in this also," G&W told him. "Samus is showing signs interest and I also seem to recall Wario and Waluigi working on something for the tournament while I was strolling past their house."

"Obviously this is a setup for the next story," Parry said. "The author sure prepares everything ahead of time."

"That's what makes the author very popular on the site" Ganondorf said. The phone and he picked it up, saying, "Sorry, but that turtle who shouts at you everyday is not around at the moment. Call for a pizza some other day." And he hung it.

Zelda came walking into the room with unfolded clothes in her hand, and she placed them on the sofa and sat next to it and began folding clothes. "You're breaking the fourth wall a bit too much, you know." She took piece of clothing from the bundle, looked at it with a surprised expression, and then placed it next to her. "No more playing in the laundry basket, please…" The piece of clothing that she placed next to her suddenly inflated and became Jigglypuff.

"Fun!" she said, and then she hopped onto the floor and walked off. Zelda continued folding the clothes, and Pichu's cute face popped out from underneath the laundry pile.

"It's not like there's anything wrong with fourth wall breaking," Parry said. "Nobody ever complained about it."

"Except for that one review in Rise of the Negativities who thinks the author is stubborn for doing this," Falco stated. "These stories just don't suit that guy… or gal."

There was silence as they continued to do what they are doing, but then Parry said, "Isn't it about time the actual story start already?"













Chapter 1
A Fun Holiday and a Visitor for ROB!

The sun shined down on the glittering sea while the warm breeze blew across the palm trees, making the green natural fans flow with grace. The sound of seagull chirping could be heard as these majestic white birds flew across the sky. Sounds of people laughing could also be heard as beachgoers played at the beach, rested under the sun, and swam in the sea. Beautiful babes in swimsuits chased each other playfully and it was a sight to behold as their assets bounced and shook dreamily.


Luigi hopped up and down with a crab pinching his toe and screamed with agony all across the place, but nobody cared.

"Catch!" DK shouted. He jumped up and spiked the volleyball with immense strength. Diddy Kong attempted to catch it but it flew over him and whacked Luigi in the face and knocked him out cold while the crab wandered off to bury into the sand. "Sorry about that…"

Peach sat on a mattress with an umbrella shading over her and enjoyed the beautiful sight before her. "Summer sure is a great place for beach vacations! I'm glad that I am able to come here. How nice of Susanna to offer this to us generously!"


"You see, I have here a ticket to the resort at Summer," Susanna said, holding up some papers. "I won this at a lottery, but I have some important things to take care of at my bar Paradise of Loveliness and therefore can't go. I'll give it to you so that you can go have a nice relaxing trip with your friends. Good luck to you!"


"And thus I came along with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Lucario, Donkey, Diddy, ROB, and… Bowser," Peach said to no one in particular. "It was a right choice in coming here after all!" She stretched her bare arms into the air and then lied back down onto the mattress to relax. Suddenly, a volleyball smacked onto her face. "Ow!"


"C'mon! More to the left!" Yoshi shouted to Mario, who was blindfolded and trying to find and hit a watermelon.

" Yeah! More to the left! Even more to the left!" Bowser cheered on to him. "Now strike! Hit now!"

Mario listened and brought down the stick.


"Did-a I hit-a eet?" he wondered, taking off the blindfolded. He saw before him a buff and muscular guy with a large bump on his head. "Oopsie…"

"You got a death wish, don't you?" the guy asked angrily.

As Mario ran through the place being chased by the guy who was swinging the stick like crazy, Bowser laughed, "Hahaha! Nice hit! Hahahaha!"

"That wasn't nice," Yoshi commented. He turned around and saw Lucario sniffing the sand like a dog. "So you found anything?"

"The aura is here," he replied. Lucario started digging into the sand like a dog and then reached his hand into the hole he dug and brought out several clams in a handful. "Found it!"

"Yay! We're surely gonna have a great feast on clams today!" Yoshi said happily. "Plus, it's Diddy's birthday! I'm sure he'll be happy to celebrate a birthday here!"

Then Peach's voice called out to them, "Everyone! The cake I ordered is here!"


Soon, the Smashers were gathered together around a table that contained a cake decorated with bananas. "Happy birthday, Diddy!" they all said as they clapped their hands in front of the happy monkey.

"Thank you so much!" Diddy said with joy. "I'm so happy that finally had a great birthday for once! I remember how ruined my birthday last year was! Did you know what that old man said during my birthday that year?"


"Get off da lawn, ya confounded bunch of vermin!" Cranky yelled to Diddy and his friends who were holding birthday party at the backyard.


"That wasn't very nice…" Luigi commented.

After singing the birthday song, the cake was cut and distributed to each of them. "The cake is delicious! Thanks for preparing such a wonderful cake!" Diddy said.

"I'm glad you like it, little buddy!" DK said to him.

Everyone enjoyed the cake happily, and after Lucario finished eating the cake, he ate the fork also, and it's made of metal. Yoshi looked at him eat the fork and said, "Must be part of steel Pokemon's diet..."

ROB came up to them and Peach said to him, "Oh, there you are! Where have you been? We were looking for you."

"May I inquire what the purpose of this object is?" ROB asked, showing them something pink.

"Eh?" Mario got the thing from him and saw that it was a bikini top. "This…"

Then there was a screech somewhere…


The sun was starting to set as the Smashers walked down the sidewalk to get to their hotel, and they walked past a parked truck along the way. "Ah, that was a nice birthday party!" Diddy said.

"I had a nice meal there," Yoshi said, patting his stomach. "Next up is dinner!"

"Don't you have a limit to eating…?" Luigi asked him.

ROB, who was tagging behind them, suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the truck. Something came up to his mind, but he decided to ignore it and then caught up with the others.


It was nighttime and after dinner and Luigi was walking down the street in front of the hotel by himself. The place wasn't entirely dark as the streetlights lit up the place. As Luigi walked, he witness several lovey-dovey couples chasing each other playfully along the shoreline and some sitting on benches under the streetlight and having a fun time among themselves. "Sometimes I feel jealous about them," Luigi commented under his breath.

"What is the reason behind this feeling you call jealousness?" asked a robotic voice. Luigi was shocked and jumped back but sighed with relief knowing that it was only ROB.

"You didn't have to pop up behind me and talk like that…" Luigi said. "But anyway… That's nothing you have to worry about. A robot like you probably won't even get the concept." He looked up at the sky and said, "There sure are lots of stars up there. Some of them might even be planets from faraway galaxies. It really makes you wonder if there are other life forms out there. Wait a minute; I think we have had contacts with alien life forms in the past…"

"The vastness of the space is a mystery to even the most brilliant scientist," ROB said.

"Indeed, there are many things in this world that are unable to be solved. Anyway, let's go back to the hotel now. It's getting late already."

As they were going to turn around, bright light suddenly shined into their face. Luigi held up his hand in front of his eyes and said, "What the?! Please, no! I'm innocent!"

They both looked in the direction of the light and saw a truck driving up to them, so they quickly hopped onto the sidewalk to allow the truck to pass. However, the truck stopped in front of them instead of going past them. "The truck driver seems to want something from us," Luigi said.

"There is something out of ordinary with this truck," ROB commented.

"What do you mean?"

Suddenly, the whole truck began to shook, much to their surprise. They quickly took steps back as parts of the truck started to move around by itself. The truck head rose in the air while the container behind it pulled forward and not only contracted, but also grew limbs and legs. "What is happening?!" Luigi gasped in shock.

The truck had finally stopped transforming. It was now a tall robot with the truck head as the body. It looked at both the Smashers with bright blue pupil-less eyes and then started to lower its head towards them. Luigi freaked out and quickly jumped into a nearby bush while ROB continued tilting his head at the robot with great curiosity. "Who are you?" ROB asked.

"Your majesty, it really is you!" the robot said. He immediately fell to his knees and bowed his head down before ROB. "I have finally found you! It is my greatest joy to finally see you again, King ROB!"

Luigi popped his head out from the bush and said loudly with surprise, "King ROB?!"


This beginning chapter marks only the start of ROB's past. Read on to find out! And I'm sure almost all of you know why the truck transformed into a robot and who that robot is.

And before any slow-thinking readers ask: Yes, this story is canon and is part of my main SSB continuity, taking place a month after Tangapolis: The Place Nobody Returned From. Just because Paradise of Loveliness is mentioned here doesn't mean it is part of the non-canonical SSE adaption.