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BGM: Endless Possibilities (Sonic Unleashed)

As all the participants of the tournament lined up at the court, Willis showed up at a high podium and said, "Welcome, everyone! Welcome to the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions! I believe that all of you here are geniuses who have created lots of amazing and wonderful things! This tournament has been created to allow everyone of you to gather together and display what your inventions can do! The basic invention here is vehicles, but the potential of your vehicles are limited to your imagination! The more things your vehicle can do, it is the better! The POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!"


A grand tournament where people gather together

All with one objective

To prove oneself

As the greatest inventor in the world


"I tell you who is going to be one of the eight winners of this tournament!" Eggman said. "That would be me!"

"Oh come on! Everyone knows that I'm the winner the moment I signed up for this!" Falco claimed.

"I'm sorry, but I have better skills than any of you here," Snake said.

"Do not underestimate Space Pirate technology!" Pix said.

"I have faith in myself. I believe I can be among the eight winners!" Setsuko said.



Potentials limited to your imagination

Endless possibilities


"Behold the power of this Mecha-Broom!" Gruntilda said. "It can go to anywhere really fast with a zoom!"

"Don't worry!" Barney said. "My Lego Car can be reconstructed with ease whenever pieces fall off! See, I took out of the door and then I attached it back again!

"Mines can fly! I win!" Falco claimed.

"Mines can homing missiles! Beat that!" Samus said.


To prove oneself as the best inventor


"This is the objectives for everyone in this tournament," Willis explained. "Among each of the five worlds, there are many people each with many tasks to give out. By helping these people and fulfilling their tasks, you will be given points. You will be staying in that world for a whole day and probably even a couple of days. You will have to gather as many points as you can before the time limit is up. Those with high marks will be able to move on to the next world!"


Five massive worlds

Each with their own unique themes


"May all the participants gather to the transporting area," said the voice. "You all will now be transported to the first world—Old McDonald's Farm.

"Big bulky vehicles driving in a forest filled with bogs and trees… How are you going to drive properly?!" a random guy asked.

"Water… Oh boy… Well, it is a water theme park…" cried Sonic.

"Falling stalactites… Refrain from making loud sounds," Wario read from the sign. Suddenly, he farted loudly.

"Impressive for a Toonerian architecture," ROB commented as he looked at the layout of the mechanical base-like area.


Tasks and objectives of all kinds


"Find Lil' Piggy… That should be easy!" Olimar said.

"I now understand how much hardship farmers go through with agriculture…" Luigi said as he loaded pumpkins onto the vehicle.

"Look here! I have a vehicle that can fly, shoot lasers, grow mechanical arms, and destroy things… And I need to use it to milk cows?!" Eggman shouted.

"Bear take Mumbo's nuts to warehouse at the other side," Mumbo Jumbo said.

"Find the most delicious and rarest mushroom in the world, the Pine Mushroom…" Snake recited to himself his task.

"So you see the picture of this speedo?" Mion said, showing them the picture of one. "Keichi is wearing it. The first person to strip it off him wins!"

"As a lover of speedos, I am willing to risk my life to protect you!" Franky shouted.

"Big Bob Torpedo Bomb!" Bob shouted, performing a butt slam towards his target in the water.

"It's every girl's worst nightmare for something with tentacles to be in the same water as them…" Ness said. "So you better find that thing before…"

"Dig for gold! Ha! I love it!" Wario said delightfully.

"Win the RPG virtual reality game…" Samus recited to herself.


Enemies and rivals

A battle to interfere each other

The fight between vehicles


"Behold the transformation of the Bobmaster!" Bob shouted as he pressed the button, and then his tank-like vehicle started to undergo transformation.

"That's no bird dropping!" a random guy exclaimed upon seeing the bomb dropped at him.

"Burn! Die! Die!!! Hahaha!!!" Sweet Tooth laughed maniacally as he fired the guns on his truck nonstop.

ROB pressed a button and the back of his vehicle opened and allowed a mounted missile battery to come out, and it launched missiles everywhere.

"Locked on! Fire!" Samus shouted, launching the homing missiles.

"I found that mushroom first! Give it to me!" Snake shouted, chasing after Banjo and Kazooie as they escaped in their vehicle.

"Get the Egg Machine Gun ready, Kazooie!" Banjo shouted.

"Ha! You do not know the true power of Battle Franky 37!" Franky said. "With the cola power that it runs on, it can travel over any kind of terrain and blow anyone away!"

"That's going too far!!!" Luigi cried when he saw their enemy coming over in a vehicle equipped with axes, swords, and even chainsaws.

"Damn! I won't let you beat me to it!" Eggman shouted angrily, trying to outrun the Land Tornado.

"Sorry, but we never lose when it comes to speed!" Sonic said to him.



Actual danger

Real intentions to bring harm


"Who are you?!" Mario shouted to the person in the vehicle above a hill. "Why did-a you attack-a us?!"

"FAIL HARDER!!!! YAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" laughed the person manically.

"This guy is insane!" Fox cried. "He's going against the contest rules!"

"Watch out!!!" Snake shouted. They all quickly drove away before the large spike crashed down on them.

"There is only enough room for one gender in this world," the man said.

"Who is this guy?! I don't remember seeing him participating in anything at all!" Snake said.

"I am…" the fully armored person said, "The Black Thing…"

"Whoever you are, you're not getting your hand on that!" Sonic shouted, running to the armored person to attack him.

"Nobody shall lay a hand on that!" the Black Thing said. "That is mine! All mine!"


An epic adventure

An epic competition

A big gathering of characters

Returning and familiar faces everywhere

The battle to prove oneself as the greatest inventor in the world

A competition that can turn friends into enemies

And even enemies into friends

Thousands will join

Only eight will prevail


"You may fight among each other to achieve your goals," Willis said. "But remember that in the end, this is a friendly competition to bring us all closer to each other! At times of need, help each other achieve goals. Whether you invent things to benefit the world or for your own desires, put in pride into your inventions! Be proud of what you have created and mark its existence into history! Become the greatest in the world! This is the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions!"


A story that is inspired by Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

A novel brought to you by the writer of masterpieces



Tagline: The possibilities are endless!

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