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Through the hand of Leroy Jethro Gibbs

This was typical DiNozzo, others were working and he was fooling around, Kate thought.

She lifted her head and looked as inconspicuously as possible above her monitor, observing her colleague opposite her desk.

As she watched him throw, a neatly folded, piece of paper at McGee's head,

She couldn't hold back any longer.

"You know, one day everything will come back to you."

He looked to her with his usual want-to-bet-grin, shortly before he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head.

"Thank you, boss."

Kate laughed out loud. "See."

While Gibbs passed her desk, he winked at her unseen by Tony who was still rubbing the back of his head.

She looked back down to the list with phone numbers, grabbed the phone and got back to work, still smiling.

Yes there was a god and today he was working through the hand of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Yes sometimes life was fair.