Song: "Way we get by" Spoon

Story: She Only Steals Diamonds

Characters: Max/Catwoman

Idea taken from NeoNails. Check out her stuff.

This is best to read after Chapter 9 of She Only Steals Diamonds, while listening to "Way We Get by" by spoon. Go to or itunes to find it.


Max was sitting outside during lunch by herself. She preferred that at the moment. Terry was breaking up with Dana right then, and she wanted to savor the moment. Her wireless earbuds were in. She needed a peppy song to celebrate. Most of her songs weren't…they tended to be a bit love-sick. On her ipod, she clicked browse. "Most recently downloaded…'Way We Get By' Spoon. Download now." "Perfect," she thought as smooth, sarcastic sounds rolled through her ears.

We get high in back seats of cars
We break into mobile homes
We go to sleep to shake appeal
Never wake up on our own

Unable to keep from chuckling, she lifted her hand and touched the bandage near her eye with her fingertips. It gave her a sort of giddy high to have that reminder of her other life on her at school. She was keeping strange company, strange hours, strange morals, and strange loves…and it suited her.

And that's the way we get by
Way we get by
And that's the way we get by
Way we get by

Always, Terry had been what was most important to her. But now, when she thought of what brought her joy, a jumble of pictures came to mind. Terry laughing at her, Batman flying towards her, the sparkle of stolen jewels, fighting the police, sneaking in the dark, Dana crying. She felt more alive than she ever had. Now, Terry was free. But for once, she was just enjoying life. She laughed aloud when she thought about it.

We go out in stormy weather
We rarely practice discern
We make love to some weird sin
We seek out the taciturn

The thought of Dana being angry was hysterical. The confrontation from Blade that would surely come… Max let herself roll on the ground as she laughed. For once, Terry and she would be together with nothing between them. Nothing between them but their dual secret identities, pushing them closer together.

And that's the way we get by
Way we get by
And that's the way we get by
Way we get by

"Dana, it's over," she imagined. Over over over over over. And everything was starting. "That's how it's done," Max said to herself, giggling. A few people at a table near her tree were watching her. She hadn't a care in the world, so she made a scary face at them. After discussing it, they nervously got up and moved to another table. This brought a new round of laughs.

We found a new kind of dance in a magazine
Tried it out it's like nothing you ever seen
You sweet talk like a cop and you know it
You bought a new bag of pot, said let's make a new start

Life was spiraling out of control. Anything could happen. Finally. After years of nothing happening. Calming down, Max contentedly lay her head against the tree and closed her eyes. Terry's face floated in front of her vision, smiling at her.

And that's the way to my heart
The way to my heart

She thought of how angry he would be if he found out she was Catwoman. And how cute he was when he was angry! Oh, Ter.

That's the way we get by
Way we get by

She touched her short hair, pretending it was his blunt fingertips clumsily caressing her head.

We get high in back seats of cars
We put faith in our concerns
Fall in love to down on the street
We believe in the sum of ourselves

"Hey," Terry said, a bit dejectedly. She opened her eyes.

I said that's the way we get by

Max pulled the buds out of her ear and grinned at him. "It over?"