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Lost Soul to Vampire

" "- normal conversation

' '- thoughts

' ' - Inner voices

Chapter One – welcome to the Academy

On a bus on route to a certain school, a 15 year old boy was sitting in the back of a bus looking at his new school pamphlet. He was wearing his school uniform but instead of the green jacket, he was wearing a black zip jersey with the hood on, which covered his face,it kind of blended with the white shirt he had underneath and the brown pants. His name was Tsukune Aono and he had average grades. He had a weird atmosphere around him and almost everything was too bothersome for him, not even his parents can understand the teen, his height was about average but his body had an unnatural physic. He was listening to music on his Ipod as he was gazing through the window and soon the Bus Driver who had a creepy aura around him tried to avert Tsukune's attention.

"So boy you're heading to Yokai Academy aren't ya?" the teen sighed slipping down the hood and taking off the Ipod, revealing that he had chocolate brown eyes and dark hair. Tsukune looked around the buss only to see it was empty but didn't pay attention to the fact.

"Yeah, so?" his face was emotionless. The Bus driver smirked.

"Well the school you're going to is a very dangerous place; you'll face a lot of hardships there." The teen smiled at the man's warning and calmly leaned back in to his seat with a slight chuckle.

"I hope what you say is true." The driver seemed surprised by the boy's reaction.

"Why so?" Tsukune's eyes seemed to gain a tint of darkness in them for a brief moment, as he looked at the driver before he pulled up his hood covering his hair.

"Because it would be better than the everyday boredom I have to face." The teen said with a dark grin. An awkward silence followed after that, which was broken by the ringing on Tsukune's cell phone. The teen answered with a bored tone.

"Yo what's up Kyo-chan." On the other line was his cousin Kyouko. 'Tsukki, since I hear that my favorite cousin will be attending this Yokai Academy, I made some research on it and guess wha…' the line was cut off as the bus entered a tunnel. Tsukune looked through the window and saw that there were strange lights flashing through. 'Must be the tunnel… I'm bored.' As the bus came to a stop, the teen exited it and took in the scenery. The Sky changed to a bit more gloomy color, the moon was up, the trees near by were all withered and there was a cliff next to the bus stop with its water having a red tint. Tsukune looked at the sky clearly amused.

"Now this is something! Hope I finally get to see some fun." The teen had a small laugh but his moment was ruined by the bus driver.

"Boy, I don't know what you're so happy about, but this isn't a normal school. Last warning, be careful." Tsukune looked at the Busdriver his eyes gaining the dark tint again. But the teen quickly looked away.

"You know, for a bus driver, you're really annoying!" the driver gave a creepy laugh and took off with the bus back to the tunnel. But before the bus disappeared the driver said his parting words.

"Good Luck boy! Ha ha." Tsukune frowned at the guy. After a while he took his bag and started towards the building up ahead which he though was the school.

" *yawn* I'm bored. Hope the school is interesting as the mood." The teen said to the air. 'I doubt it.' Someone answered him in his mind and the boy frowned. "Don't ruin my hopes." Tsukune walked seemingly bored but soon he heard the clattering of a bicycle and someone shouted "Get out of the way!" Tsukune continued as if he didn't hear anything and as the bike was about to hit, he phased out of sight leaving a small black smoke and as the bike passed he reappeared walking as if he hadn't stopped. The teen was able to notice that the person on the bike was a girl with pink hair. She continued not even bothering to stop and say sorry.

" pink hair… that's new and I wonder what was the cross for ?" Tsukune asked himself as he was nearing the school.

- In the school room 103-

Tsukune found his room easily after the ceremony and was now sitting in the last row trying to attract as less attention as possible. He took out his Ipod's headset and placed one on his right ear and turned on his music. 'I'm disappointed. The guy said this place is dangerous but the only interesting thing was the principal or Chairman or whatever, since he wore a priest cloak.' He sighed again.

The room settled down and the teacher soon entered the room. Tsukune decided to pay attention since the battery on his Ipod died. The teacher was female, she had short orange hair and her hair looked like had two cat ears, she was wearing a green and white shirt, with a tight brown skirt. Her eyes looked closed under her glasses.

"Hello everyone, I am Nekonome Shizuka and I will be your homeroom and English teacher for the next year. But first Welcome everyone to Yokai Academy!" almost the entire class erupted in to cheers. Tsukune leaned back in to his seat. 'Tsch, here comes the stupid welcoming speech.' Nekonome-sensei smiled and continued as the class settled down.

"Now most of you may already know this, but as you should know, Yokai Academy is made especially for monster and to help them blend in to human society…" she said with a smile. That caught Tsukune's interest. 'Did she just say monsters?' the teen though inwardly smirking. "which leads us to our first rule, You are not allowed to reveal or tell anyone your true form. Second rule is that all students and staff should retain their human forms. Now does anyone have any questions?" 'I wonder if they're any humans here except me.' 'But you're not a normal human.' 'True but...' Tsukune was about top raise his hand but someone beat him to it.

" Hey teacher." A boy with brown hair, who looked rather intimidating, had raised his hand. "Yes… um Saizou Komiya-kun right?" the boy nodded. "Why don't we just eat those weak humans." He said liking his lips with his rather long tongue. 'This guy has got to be an idiot.' Tsukune thought as he rolled his eyes under his hood. Nekonome-sensei frowned a bit.

" No That won't do Komiya-kun, you see the world belongs to the humans now and for us yokai to survive we have to learn to live among them, besides all the students and staff here at the academy are monsters." Like to point out her statement her tail showed under her skirt. 'And what does that make me then?! A freaking ghost?!' Tsukune nearly slammed his fist on the desk, that drew a bit attention to him. Saizou looked his way and turned to the teacher again.

"Now that you mention it, I though I smelled a human scent." The student glanced at Tsukune who in return sent Saizou a cold glare. Komiya turned away and the tension in the classroom was broken by the sliding of the door.

"Excuse me for being late. I got lost after the ceremony." The teacher smiled.

"Don't worry nya! Come in and take a seat!" as a pink haired girl entered the room almost the entire class started swaying over her, mostly the male part. "Look at her!" "Damn so beautiful!" "What luck, to spend my school time with a cute girl like that!" 'What's all the commotion about?' Tsukune had lost interest in his surroundings after Saizous comment about a human scent. Then hooded boy looked at the girl the class was drooling over and the pink hair and silver cross did catch his interest but after that he had only one thought. 'I'm bored. This is just like a normal school.' The boy lay his head on the his desks, deciding to have a small nap, but the girl just had to seat in the empty seat in front of him, of course sending all the chattering his way. Oh how he tried to ignore all the comments about the pink haired beauty, but in the end, he had to satisfy himself with just laying on his desk. Let's see the girl.

She was about 15 years old and had long pink hair, her height was average and she was wearing the school uniform for girls. She had a black chocker around her next, that ended with a sliver rosario, with a red crystal in the center. Her name is Moka Akashiya and she had a cute face with a great body, but she also happens to be a vampire. The purpose, of which she sat in front of Tsukune, was because she could fell a delicious scent coming from there.

As Moka was now fidgeting in her seat nervously. 'His scent is soo… but I don't want to be rude. Should I introduce myself?' but before the pink haired girl could muster up the courage to introduce herself, the bell rang and she turned to say hi to the boy behind her, only to find an empty seat and seeing the hooded teen exit the room. Moka quickly decided to follow him.

-school halls-

Tsukune was getting rather annoyed, every time he turned to look behind him he couldn't see anything, but he was sure there was someone walking after him. Unknown to him, Moka hid her self in some corner as the hooded teen looked around. She was just hadn't gotten all the courage she needed to introduce herself. On the 13th time Tsukune turned to look behind him, Moka couldn't completely conceal herself, so part of her pink hair was visible from the corner of the stairs. The human teen sighed, clearly annoyed and confused at the girl. He diced to ignore it and soon his mood brightened up as he saw a vending machine. He went over and bought himself a can of Cola, since the teen always found the taste of this drink relaxing. He took a seat at a nearby bench and as he took a sip from his drink. 'Nothing better then a relaxing Cola.' he though satisfied, but his mood was ruined. 'You know that's not true!' 'Shut up and go back to sleep! You're ruining my moment!' the voice seemed to follow his wish 'Thank you.'

Moka looked over from the corner she was hiding and saw the hooded teen, sitting calmly on a bench, drinking some kind of refreshment. She looked and saw the vending machine and thanks to her good vision she was able to see that it had her favorite drink. The girl went over to the vending machine trying not to look as if she was following Tsukune. She bought a can of tomato juice and took a sip from it. She was still trying to gather courage to talk to him. When she was about to start a conversation with him, someone interrupted her.

"Hey babe, you're Moka Akashiya right?" a tall brown haired boy with piercing approached the pink haired vampire. Moka was startled while Tsukune… well he didn't care. Saizou took out his more than average length tongue and used it to force Moka's drink from her hand and crush it with ease. "Why don't you be my girl, since you are the most beautiful chick around?" The boy who Tsukune recognized as Saizou Komiya didn't sound like he was asking, but like he was demanding it. Moka was a bit scared to answer and she glanced at Tsukune who sighed. 'This is so stupid. Might as well help her out, she did follow me and all. Besides I have nothing better to do.' The teen stood up from the bench and walked past Saizou and Moka, he went over to the vending machine and ordered something, placing his drink on top of the machine. He got the can and brought out a marker form his right pocket and wrote something on it. Tsukune then put the drink and marker in his pockets and finished his own drink. 'Let's see if this guy has got some brains.' Back at the scene, Moka had gained her bearings and began to speak.

"Sorry but I will have to refu…" "Ouch." Someone had thrown an empty canister at Saizou. The intimidating student looked around and saw that there were a few students in the vicinity and Tsukune was standing calmly his hands in his pocket.

"Who threw it?!" some of the students shacked their heads clueless, while the hooded teen spoke.

"I saw someone throw it and run to that corner." Tsukune pointed at the turn next to the stairs. Saizou had an anger mark on his forehead.

"Thanks for the tip. Sorry babe, catch you later!" Komiya ran and disappeared in the corner. 'Guess not.' Tsukune had a smirk on his face as he headed back towards the class room. Moka wanted to thank him, since she knew he helped her but when she saw that Tsukune dropped something, the pink haired vampire went to get and return it to him. When she took a closer look, she realized it was a flask of tomato juice and it had 'baka' written on it. Moka was not only as red as a tomato from embarrassment but she also failed to notice that she had lost the hooded teen from sight.

Tsukune just passed by the classroom to get his things and then headed to the dorm he will be staying at. On his way there he had someone to annoy him.

'Why did you help her?' the dark voice spoke in the teens mind. 'Because I was bored, why else?' 'Are you sure it wasn't because you found her attractive? Or because that guy was annoying?' Tsukune frowned at the voices assumption. 'Who do you take me for? You know very well, I am no weakling Arthemis!' the teen could feel that the voice now identified as Arthemis smirk. 'Oh I would never do that host! But you're still human despite not being completely normal. Also remember that you still haven't awakened yet.' Tsukune put on a fake smile at Arthemis's statement. 'If you complain so mush about that, why not help me then?' 'You know I can't do that.' 'Then don't complain!' the teen snapped back at the annoying voice. 'Fine!' Arthemis fell silent as Tsukune reached the dorm. Most of the students were complimenting it, while the hooded teen just took a quick a glance at the building and seeing that it looked like a hotel from horror films. Tsukune didn't give much thought though, he quickly got to his room. When he entered it, Tsukune wasn't that much impressed. It was like a small apartment with a kitchen. The teen took of his hood and revealed his short dark hair. His brown eyes scanned the room as if trying to adjust to the light. Tsukune laid on the futon that was in the middle of the room.

"Sigh… School for monster huh? Hmph normally any other person wouldn't believe and if someone was in my place, he would be running for his life by now." The teen chuckled as he closed his eyes. "It's amazing how having Lordblood in your veins, can change the way you see the world." 'Hope this place gives me some entertainment.' He opened his eyes and they're colors seem to change from white and brown, to dark and red, until after a few minutes they were back to they're natural brown color. "Still… that girl… I wonder what her name was?" the teen shrugged it off. He decided to take a shower and call it a day, since it was getting late.

At the same time in the girl's dorm, Moka was sitting on her bed. She had already changed in to her pajamas which were pink with bats on it. The girl was looking at the can of tomato juice that had 'baka' written on it and she looked kind of depressed. 'I wonder if I made that bad of an impression on him.' She hung her head and then an idea stuck her and a smile showed on her face. She kissed the flask of tomato juice which she put on her night drawer and then went to sleep.

- the next morning-

The alarm In Tsukune's room rang rapidly indicating it was already morning. But it only rang a few seconds before it was crushed under the teen's fist. Tsukune sat up in his futon and let out a loud yawn after which he scratched the back of his head and groggily walked to the shared bathroom to wash up. He didn't pay attention to his fellow students who had reverted back to their true form. He was done quickly and was now on his way back to his room.

'Good morning host! How did you sleep?' Arthemis awoke from his deep sleep. 'Disturbed. I had another dream about my past. Wonder why I'm having those?' 'Beets me, but it is possible that you're just remembering good moments.' Tsukune smiled. 'Yeah, could be.' Silence followed once again as Tsukune got dressed put his hood up and got ready for school.

'I hope today goes at least a bit more calmly. Since it can't provide fun, might as well settle for peace of mind.' He though and left the dorm.

On his way to the school he noticed how the crowd of students blended from the boys and girls dorms. He quickly put his Ipod on his ears, so that he could ignore the loud crowd.

Moka had come early to wait for the boy who helped her yesterday and was now leaning on a tombstone. She noticed Tsukune's hoody from far away but before she could call out to him she was barricaded by a legion of fan boys.

"Moka please go out with me." "Hey Moka-chan you have a really nice necklace there." "Ohaio Akashiya-san." Moka was confused at all the boys who were trying to get her attention.

"Hey you idiots get away from her! She's my girl!" Saizou screamed and grabbed one of Moka's fan boys. All of them immediately dispersed and the delinquent approached the pink haired girl. Moka again stood in front of the intimidating boy.

"Um Komiya-san I never said I would be your girl." Saizou quickly grabbed Moka and dragged her away towards the woods. "What are you doing?! Let go." Moka tried to resist but Saizou was much stronger than Moka. Everyone stood there, afraid to interfere.

"Come for a second so we can have a bit of small talk Moka-chan" Komiya said as he dragged the pink haired girl in to the woods. Tsukune saw the entire scene and then sighed. 'That girl is quite troublesome.' Arthemis chuckled from his hosts mind. 'Does that mean you're going to help her?' Tsukune frowned 'Shut up.' And with that the hooded teen disappeared from sight leaving a small cloud of dark mist behind.

-in the woods-

Saizou pinned Moka to a tree and gripped her throat. He looked at her with a cold gaze.

"Now yesterday I didn't give you a choice. You will be my girl from now on and for now let's have some fun." He liked Moka with his long tongue. The pink hair vampire had to suppress a shudder of disgusts.

"Leave me alone." Saizou lifted Moka's hands above her head and nearly touched her tight before something hit Saizou on the head. The delinquent quickly turned his gaze only to see Tsukune sitting on the first branch on a tree behind them.

"The lady told you to leave her alone now, didn't she?" he said with a knowing smirk. Saizou growled as Moka stared in shock.

"Who are you bastard?" Komiya asked the hooded teen while still holding on to Moka. Tsukune smiled at the other student.

"Me? I'm no one actually, just a shadow that happened to pass by. Now…" Tsukune disappeared from sight in split second leaving a trail of black mist and suddenly Saizou felt as if he held nothing in his hands. He glanced back to where he had pinned Moka and saw only black clouds. "I thought the lady, did tell you to leave her alone." Saizou looked over from where he heard the voice come and saw Tsukune standing at the small hill, with Moka next to him looking stunned. Komiya growled and his body started to enlarge revealing his true form, an Ogre.

"Give her back she's mine." The hooded student gave him an amused expression.

"Really now? Last time I checked, people of such high standing such as her, don't belong to lowlife like you." Tsukune put his hand on one of Moka's shoulders, making her turn to face him.

"You know, I never caught your name. Do mind telling it to me?" the hooded teen said with a kind smile, looking with his brown eyes in to her emerald ones. The pink haired Vampire blushed.

"Moka Akashiya." She was nervous as she spoke to him, but that didn't bother Tsukune at all.

"Don't ignore me." Tsukune could see Saizou's attack but decided not to evade, since if he did, Moka could get hurt. Saizou slammed his enormous fist in to the hooded teen and sent both him and the pink haired vampire stumbling down the small hill and landing near the tunnel entrance.

Tsukune lay unmoving, staring up at the sky thinking. 'Why do I care so much about these things?' 'Cuz you're an idiot.' 'Die.' Moka lay near him and she was unharmed. She stood up and shook Tsukune.

"Hey are you alright ?" the pink haired vampire was worried for the teen who saved her.

"Oh I'm fine, just really annoyed with two people." 'Vampire and Ogre right?' "Make that three." Tsukune stood up and saw Saizou approaching them. "Excuse me for a while."

"I see you're still standing, time to finish you." Saizou spoke as he swung his fist in full force but Tsukune caught it with ease in his hand which shock both Moka and Saizou. But the wind force blew down his hood revealing that his eyes had change to black and red again. "You're annoying." With that Tsukune threw the ogre about a few meters away, right in to the hill creating a small crater. Saizou once more got on his feet a bit dizzy from the hit, Tsukune on the other hand, stood glaring straight at Saizou.

"You're too boring for me. I let her finish, after all your quarrel is with her." Tsukune went over to Moka. "Sorry Moka-san." The pink haired beauty looked at him confused. The teen pulled his hood up again and then grabbed Moka's Rosario. 'I hope this works.' Tsukune gave a thug on the silver cross and Moka stared in disbelief while he looked over the rosary. 'Huh It came off.' the next moment a giant explosion of yoki erupted from Moka. Saizou was blown off his feet, while Tsukune calmly retreated to a near by three and sat, leaning back. 'I bet you would get an Oscar if you were an actor.' Arthemis commented. 'Yeah, that's something we agree on.' 'Was the 'Shadow Instinct' really that powerful this time?' Tsukune sighed tiredly. 'Yeah, but let's ignore it for now and watch the fun.' The hooded teen watched as hundreds of bats flew to Moka and he could notice the girl change – her once pink hair turned pure silver, her body matured, her fangs grew a bit longer and when she opened her eyes, they were no longer emerald green, but instead blood red irises. Now in front of Saizou and Tsukune stood a completely different Moka, this Moka stood proud of herself with a feeling of superiority emitting from her. The Ogre stood in frozen in fear.

"Those red eyes, that overwhelming power… so this is an S-class monster, a super vampire!" the now unsealed Vampire Moka flexed her muscles as if awakening from a long sleep.

"So you're the reason my sleep was disturbed." The silver haired beauty said with a cold and elegant voice, glancing only for a second at Saizou and after that concentrating her entire attention at Tsukune, as if expecting an explanation. The hooded teen scratched the back of his head and sighed.

"Yeah… well sorry for waking you up for such a trivial matter, but this isn't my fight so to speak." He gestured at Saizou. Vampire Moka frowned and glared at the Ogre.

"You think, you can have your perverted ways with me? Then come and prove it!" she said to the yokai mockingly.

"Don't make fun of me! Even if you're a vampire I'll still make you my bitch." Saizou charged at Moka and was about to hit, but the silver haired goddess didn't even flinch.

"Lowlife like you don't even deserve to be in my presence, Know your place!" Vampire Moka delivered a swift kick to the ogre's face and sent him flying in the crater once more, but this time knocking him unconscious. The silver haired beauty turned and started to walk over to Tsukune. The human teen stood there watching with interest. 'She's strong, powerful and intimidating. So this is a vampire huh? … This will hurt.' The vampire stopped only a few feet away from him and Tsukune stood up from his sitting position, bracing for a kick.

"Ok let's get this over with." He took off his hood and closed his eyes. Vampire Moka smirked and came closer to him. Tsukune was expecting a kick, but instead he felt two fangs sink in to his neck and as he opened his eyes, he noticed Moka sucking on his blood. Although he looked only surprised on the outside, but inwardly…

'Holy damn! She's sucking my blood?! What the hell?! My blood is being sucked by a vampire! What's wrong with this picture?!' Arthemis chuckled. 'You know? I would just love to see your expression at the moment, if you didn't hide your emotions.'

Moka let go of him, after she had her fill and Tsukune stared at her in disbelief and confusion.

"You're blood is just so satisfying and delicious." She looked at her companion who had put a hand on where she sucked from. The vampire smirked and pried the Rosario from his other hand. "Are you afraid of me?" the silver haired beauty trailed his cheek with the rosario. Tsukune blinked a few times.

"Well it depends? For the moment, despite my calm appearance, my mental state can make a psycho look normal. So if you're asking me if I am afraid of you as a person, than no. I am afraid from what you can do to me." Vampire Moka smiled at his answer. 'This is interesting. He isn't afraid of me but my abilities. I wonder what kind of yokai he is, to have such a nice scent and tasty blood?' Inner Moka brought her face closer to his.

"What kind of monster are you?" she had a playful tone in her voice. Tsukune gulped.

"Well I am human." he answered and cringed a bit a he saw the vampire's dissatisfied face.

"A human? Normally I would believe you because of your scent and blood, but you had power beyond any human. So now speak the truth!" Moka had a demanding voice.

"Like I said I'm human. But not just any human, among the world and different dimensions, there are people like me born. People who have the same kind of blood as an ancient God, we are called 'Lordbloods' but not all of us can release our true power, we need a demon and shadow to acknowledge us or else we remain like normal humans. That is the truth, I became aware of my heritage two years ago and I still haven't awakened yet. Now that I have told you that can you do me a favor and keep it a secret?" Moka was a bit taken back. She had heard from her father for such humans, but not even one such of a creature has ever been seen. They is a 10 to a 1,000,000 chance to be born with that kind of blood, but also the chances for 1 of those 10 to be chosen by a demon and shadow are far less. If what her father said was true, these Lordbloods are far beyond even the mightiest of the S-class monsters. If one can fully awaken his heritage, they can become immortal.

"Hmm… very well then. I will not hurt you or reveal you secret under a few conditions." Moka still doubt him but… Tsukune looked at her a bit suspicious.

"OK but what are they." The silver haired vampire smirked evilly.

"First you will give your blood to me and my other self, whenever we want! Second you will look after the weak Moka, and last you will become her friend." Tsukune was nodding as he heard the first two but when he heard the last one…

"Uhm… do I have to?" Moka let go of him and steeped back.
"What do you not wish to be a friend with my other self? Do you not find us attractive?" she questioned. Tsukune pulled up his hood and scratched his head.

"Well I'm not as perverted as those other idiots, although I do find you two attractive but for someone to make me like them, a cute face and great body won't be enough. My respect is something you must have if you want me to pay attention. But I do suspect your other half will want me to be her friend whether I agree or not. So I agree." Inner Moka smiled. "Good." And with that she reattached her rosario her hair changing back to it's pink color, reverting back to her outer self, falling in to Tsukune's arms. She regained consciousness after a few moments and blushed as she saw Tsukune holing her. Moka quickly regained her footing and thanked him; the teen quickly told her what happened.

"Thanks for everything I guess, sorry to have caused you trouble." She said embarrassed. Tsukune looked at her.

"You should be…" Moka was afraid of what he could say next but was stunned as she felt a hand pat her on the head. She looked up and saw Tsukune smiling at her. "But I am glad that your OK." Moka blushed and soon Tsukune was on his way back to the school. "I see you have regained you footing so you should be able to reach the school by yourself, so I'll e going on ahead, we wouldn't want anyone to get suspicious right?" Moka gasped. "Ah wait." She rushed and quickly found her school bag. She walked up to Tsukune and took out giving him a flash of Cola that had 'Gomen, I hope we can be friends.' The hooded teen looked back at her. "I think about it Moka-san."

"Um ano I never caught your name." Moka said still blushing. The teen didn't bother to stop or face her. "Tsukune Aono, nice to meet you Moka-san, now you better hurry or you'll be late." Tsukune disappeared leaving a small black mist and Moka sprinted after him with a smile on her face.

The rest of the day Moka and Tsukune spent normally not sharing a word. Mostly because the vampire was too embarrassed and constantly crowed by people who tried to get her attention or ask her about the fact that Saizou didn't came to school for the entire day. Tsukune on the other hand tried to ignore everything and have a nice nap which he couldn't attain. At the same time a pair of eyes was looking both his and Moka's ways. At the end of the school day, everyone returned to their respective dorms.

Tsukune had just taken a shower while all of a sudden a voice echoed in his mind, but this one didn't sound like Arthemis, it was a bit more feminine. 'Dear it's time we had another talk.' And with that the Lordblood human lost consciousness and collapsed on his futon.

End of chapter One

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