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Lost Soul to Vampire

Chapter 5 – Framed and a secret admirer.

- Outside the dorms -

In was nearly midnight and almost the entire campus dorms were asleep. Near the dorm woods, you could hear sounds of someone fighting. Deeper in, you could see pieces of broken trees and rocks. Also on the ground were craters that were done by a very powerful force while on some trees were sliced in half or more, by a clean cut – as if a sharp weapon.

"Damn! This is so frustrating! Why can't I get this damned technique right?!" Tsukune yelled out in the air. He was shirtless and his eyes were black and red again. 'Calm down host. It's not that easy to perfect, a shadow style technique right after you've learned it. So why are you so frustrated?' Tsukune frowned at the annoying voice.

"Because you damn demon, I have to learn it tonight since my schedule is packed for tomorrow as well!" the teen had taken up trying new attacks, because he knew that his powers aren't that stable and he wanted to learn how to use them, without wasting too much energy. He had already perfected his combo moves but a very powerful skill he wanted to learn was irritating him.

"Arthemis, give me a hand here and help me with this." The demon sighed. 'Ok listen up host! First gather the surrounding, shadow energy!' Tsukune nodded and closed his eyes, getting in to a ready stance. 'After you have gathered it, concrete the energy in your hands and feet.' The teen had a few problems but in the end managed and dark mist surrounded his limbs. 'Good! Now try and spread the shadows, thought your entire body. But make sure not to loose focus.' He took a deep breath and the dark mist thickened and spread around his body. The mist moved around his body, as if it was alive. 'With that out of the way, all that is left if for you to strike at your opponent. But I will warn you, even the slightest distraction, can ruin your attack.' Tsukune calmed his mind.

"Shadow style – Dark vengeance." He muttered to himself and he phased out of sight, leaving a trail of dark mist that moved with an incredible speed. The mist went thorough a couple of trees and rocks that had a small cross on them, destroying them. When it moved towards the last target, it missed by an inch and continued all that way towards the roof of the girls' dorm. When it reached there, Tsukune appeared at the spot the mist stooped, back to normal. 'Why do I have the felling I am floating?' he thought and opened his eyes. When Tsukune noticed he was in the air, he paled.

"Aww damnnnnn…" as he was about to hit the roof, he side stepped on to the rail and flipped backwards, stepping horizontally on to the wall and them leaped off to the near by tree after which, landing on the ground safely. He stood up and frowned.

"I still need to work on this technique." He said to himself disappointed. 'Host, what did you think about as in the last second?' Arthemis was suspicious, as his host just chuckled nervously.

'Well you see, my hand hurt, yeah that's right, my hand just hurt a bit.' He thought back grinning sheepishly. 'Oh, so your hand hurt?' The voice said sarcastically, as Tsukune's shoulders dropped. 'You're not buying any of this, are you?' 'Not a chance! Now fess up!' 'Okay okay, no need to be so angry! I thought about what Moka did a few days back.' He admitted, blushing a bit. There was an awkward silence and then, Arthemis started laughing. 'Hey demon, what's so funny?' 'Nothing host, nothing! Hehe… *phew*… so host how about we call it a day and go to bed? You have school tomorrow.' The teen nodded at this and head back to his dorm but stopped, as he heard a very faint sound, of a camera snap. He quickly brought up a twig from the ground, with his leg and threw it at the near by bushes. When nothing happened, he shrugged. 'Must've been my imagination?' He took another steep and then heard the same sound but it came from one of the windows, this time. 'What's wrong host?' Tsukune looked around suspiciously. 'I could've sworn… ah, never mind, it must be from the exhaustion. I need to get some rest for now. The first edition's coming out tomorrow.' The teen retreated back to his dorm but unknown to him, two people got some very good pictures.

- The next morning on route to school -

Tsukune was half-asleep on his way to school. He overslept today so he was moving with the crowd, towards the school. 'Damn I hate Monday. There's too much excitement early in the morning.' 'It's your fault for oversleeping.' The teen growled at the voice. He was too asleep to notice, that someone was running his way and the next thing he knew. He was lying on the ground, with his hood down and an overly energetic vampire, clinging to his throat, depriving him of air.

"Ohayo Tsukune!" the teen stiffened a groan and smiled at his friend.

"Good morning to you too Moka-san but… can you let go of my neck so that I can breath?" he somehow managed to make a proper sentence, despite his pale appearance. The pink-haired giggled sheepishly and shock her head.

"Sure, but first Capu-chu~!" she bit in to his neck and happily sucked on his blood. By the time she was finished, Tsukune's face had taken a strange shade of purple. Moka smiled apologetically and helped him up.

"Sorry Tsukune, but I'm exited since today is the first issue!" he looked at her in disbelief. 'That's no excuse for suffocating me!' he thought annoyed but sighed.

"No problem Moka-san, just please don't kill me next time." The vampire nodded and took hold of his arm. But before they could continue on there way, Tsukune found himself in one of Kurumu's affectionate hugs. Now this would be a pleasant situation, if not for the fact that the teen couldn't breathe.

"Tsukune-kun~ I missed you these past two days!" the succubus's hug tightened even more.

"Kurumu-san, Let go of Tsukune! Can't you see that you are suffocating him?" 'Like you're any different?' Inner Moka scolded her outer self. Before any conflict started a golden basin fell on Kurumu's head.

"I guess your all breast and no brain you cow, desu." Yukari came up behind them. Kurumu quickly regained her composure and smirked at the little witch.

"Jealous aren't we. I guess being flat as a board really is a bit pitiful!" Yukari glared at the big breasted girl.

"Big isn't always better, you melon chest!" Kurumu patted the girls head. "Now, now, no need to hide it. It's normal to be envious of the gifted." Then another basin fell on the blue-haired girls head. Tsukune had regained his strength and sweatdroped, as he saw how Yukari was fighting with Kurumu and Moka trying to calm them down.

"Girls, can we get to class now?" his voice was a bit tired but it calmed the three nonetheless. "Great, now which one of you will walk beside me to school today?" since Tsukune was annoyed with the girls arguing every day, he came up with a schedule on who gets to cling to him for the day. Moka raised her hand enthusiastically and then grabbed his arm possessively.

"OK, let's go before we're late." And the three were on there way with Moka smiling victoriously while Kurumu and Yukari were frowning in envy.

Newspaper room-

During class everything went basically okay, except for math since Tsukune hates it. He's sort of sucks at equations and the teacher is a bit weird in his opinion. After classes Tsukune and the gang were in the newspaper room.

"Damn I hate math. The sensei gives me extra homework! Damn, I actually pay attention in her class and what do I get? More damn work!" the hooded teen was whinnying to himself as they were waiting for Gin. Moka and Kurumu stayed silent, as the two girls were kind of pissed off since Ririko-sensei was actually flirting with the lordblood teen, without him noticing. Yukari was playing with her wand trying to ignore the tension.

'I wonder how Tsukune never notices, how the sensei flirts with him.' Moka though while glancing at Tsukune who was trying to figure the damn equations. 'It's good that he doesn't realize, but if the damn teacher does anything more… she will pay dearly for her actions.' Even Inner Moka was a bit edgy by Ririko's actions. Then the tension in the class was broken as Gin entered the room.

"Ok everyone, bad news. Since were missing out on one page, we will be postponing the issue." Everyone gaped at the senior. "But on the other hand, that gives us time to solve the 'peeping tom' case!" the girls frowned while Tsukune just sighed.

"It was about time. The serial pepping tom has been spotted on several places but the victims say that whoever it is, he's too fast to be seen. Just a blur and that's all. This is a major topic among the girls in Yokai Gakuen." The hooded teen commented, while still trying to figure out the stupid math. Kurumu was furious.

"Damn I hate perverts! They should all die!" Yukari and Moka nodded along. As the girls got all worked up about the peeping tom case, Gin glanced at Tsukune and smirked evilly. 'Any time now. Tsukune Aono, I will claim her as my woman. Mock my words.' The smirk didn't go unnoticed by the lordblood.

'I have a bad feeling about this.' 'Me too, host. I don't likes this fools attitude. Be careful.' The next moment a girl from the kendo club entered through the door, looking pissed.

"Where is Tsukune Aono?!" they all looked at her. "I'm here. What do you want?" the girl pointed her wooden sword at his face.

"I've come to hear your confession!" the hooded teen looked up from his equations and looked at the senpai.

"About what?" the girl glared hard at him and then grabbed his collar.

"Follow me!" she ordered and he was dragged off towards the notice board. The girls followed worried while Gin sat back in to his desk, smirking like a mad man.

-Halls of Yokai Gakuen-

Although classes had ended, Tsukune noticed as he was being dragged, that there were a lot of students around, mostly female. Some of them sent him glares, while others looked away disgusted. 'Am I in hell or pure heaven?' the teen thought and Arthemis gasped. 'Host, what's wrong? Why are you mentioning heaven and hell?' the demon knew his host was never delusional. 'Huh? Oh, I just haven't Cola all day and I'm thirsty. Anyway what's going on?' 'I don't know host. You're being dragged somewhere and girls are… being disgusted of you.' Tsukune perked up at that. 'Really, I'm not dreaming am I?'

When he came to a stop, the girl shoved him at the notice board. Tsukune's brain stopped functioning as he saw what's on it.

"What the hell?!" he nearly screamed. There were pictures of him in the girls' dorm yard, at night. And on top was written – Serial peeping tom revealed - ! Now at this kind of situation everyone would be shocked but…

"Damn, this is a good angle! This was done by a pro! The light is just fine and despite the fact it being night, the figure and surroundings are crystal clear." He commented on the photos, not really paying any attention to the title. The kendo girl gaped at him in disbelief.

"Didn't you read the title?!" the lorblood looked at her bored.

"Yeah, it said that the peeping tom was caught in his act. So what? It's not like I care." The brown haired girl was stunned. 'Is he blind?'

"What are you? The pictures say that you are the pervert!" Tsukune covered his ears as the girl screamed.

"You don't need to shout. I can see!" now when someone is blamed for something, the first thing an amateur would do, is say 'that's not true'. But this is Tsukune were talking about.

"So you're not denying it!" she glared at him and he glared back, causing the girl to flinch.

"I'm not confirming it either! Besides, I have tracked the case since I was interested. There are a few things you should, actually notice!" the kendo girl and the other females that were gathering around him, were taken aback.

"First, you can see that the picture was done late at night since the moon's shadows is in a set angle. Two, most of the lights of the windows are off. Three, I am only in my pants, no shirt and you can see, that I lack any kind of photography tools. Plus the angle in which picture is taken, says that the one who took it, might as well be the culprit." He was very annoyed and was at on verge of snapping. 'I hate a lot of things! But among the few things I despise, to be blamed for something I didn't do ranks the top five!' he screamed in his mind. Arthemis was asleep, knowing full well that his host would be agitated.

The girl looked over the pictures and then blushed embraced. By that time Moka, Kurumu and Yukari had made their way through the crowd and were looking at the scene. The Kendo girl bowed deeply, red as a tomato.

"Sorry for accusing you so flatly. I hope you can forgive my rudeness. I was just far too distracted since I was one of the first victims." She said in quite tone. Tsukune sighed and stood up from the floor. Despite her being a senior, Tsukune petted her head trying to calm her. The girl looked back at the now smiling teen. His hood was down and if it were possible, the brown haired girl blushed even harder.

"Hey, no problem, it was fun being dragged out of the club room. But you know? You probably shouldn't be bowing to a kohai." The senior regained her composure and smiled back at the lordblood.

"Arigatou. I will pay more attention next time." She began to walk away and Tsukune just waved his hand.

"Yeah, good luck in catching the pervert." He turned back to examine the pictures.

"Tsukune!" Moka lunged at him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "We were so worried! And what are those pictures about? You can't be the peeping tom, can you?" the teen had pulled his hood up again and glanced at the vampire.

"I'm not the culprit, but I was in the Girls dorm yard yesterday." He confessed and as soon as Moka let go of him, the big breasted succubus quickly took her place.

"Why, so you can pay me a visit? OH you know you can come any time you want!" she giggled as the teen blushed. Moka pouted and showed Kurumu away.

"Aside form Cow's stupidity, why were you in the yard, Tsukune-san?" Yukari came up to him. Tsukune looked away.

"Sorry girls, but I can't tell you since, that time was a bit of a jab to my pride." The three girls looked at him confused while he simply dismissed them. 'Host, it's just one technique, get over it already!' Arthemis was getting annoyed with his host. 'How can I? I'm mustn't fail like that. I mean, I was distracted by something! If it was a battle I'd be dead! And I as sure as hell don't want to rely on Moka-san to save my ass!'

"OK Tsukune, but who is trying to frame you?" Moka spoke up rather worried. The Lordblood though over it a bit and reached several conclusions. He also came up with a plan, how to get back at the guy who framed him.

"No idea." Tsukune shrugged, inwardly smirking. This would truly prove to be an interesting challenge. 'Host, sometimes I get the idea that, you have a very dangerous sense of fun.' 'So?' 'I knew I did something right! That's how a lordblood should be! I'm proud of you.' Arthemis was very cheerful but Tsukune ignored the demon, wanting to start his plan as soon as possible.

The next day Tsukune had looked over the all the information, he had collected from peeping tom case and he was now heading to the spots it had happened. First, it was in front of the girls changing room. He was going through every window, checking for clues

"Damn, I hate places like these." He muttered as he searched every hiding spot that could be found. As he searched he found a camera lying near one of the windows. He tried to look the film and then he heard a very faint sound, which made him smirk. 'Hmph too easy.' The teen acted as if he didn't hear it and left the area.

Next up was the dorm rooms.

He searched a lot of spots and even climbed a few trees. He took a picture from every good angle. Every time he used the camera, he could hear very faint sounds of snapping. Satisfied with his evidence, he called it a day and got back to his dorm room.

-Tsukune's room-

He laid all the pictures and clue he had found. The Lordblood was sitting on his desk and looked kind of pissed. Several hours later and at least 5 flasks of Cola

"Damn." He popped open another can of Cola. "All I need is one more piece of proof. Without it, my plan goes to Hell! Shit, if I can't find it until tomorrow, today's actions would have been pointless!" when he was about to give up, he heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" when there was no answer, Tsukune opened the door and found an envelope. He looked it over and saw that it was addressed to him, from a 'Friend.' He somehow had the feeling he was being watched but he was also disturbed by the cold air. 'Damn, is there a window opened somewhere!' when the teen opened the envelope, an evil smirk formed on the hooded teen's face. 'Lady Luck must love me tonight! This was all I needed to finish my plan.' He got back inside and closed the door.

In the corner at the end of the hall, a female figure looked at where the teen stood. She played with the lollipop she had in her mouth and smiled.

"So, he's the one. I wonder how he looks under that hood." The figure voiced her thoughts and disappeared quietly leaving a cold breeze behind. Tomorrow would truly prove to be an interesting day.

The next day –

Moka and the other girl had come to school early wanting to try and help Tsukune, find the culprit. But when they saw what was on the notice board all three of them were stunned. Tsukune had a lot of explaining to do.

The hooded teen was like a zombie, when he got to school. 'Damn. From tomorrow I will sleep normally… hopefully.' The lodblood teen was really tired from exhaustion and lack of sugar in his blood that he could just lie down and sleep for a month.

Once he got to the class room…

"TSUKUNE!!!" three voices echoed through the school. Moka, Kurumu and Yukari were standing in front of Tsukune with a very angry expression. He groaned from the loud screams and glared back at the girls.

"Damn, it too early in the morning to scream like that! Geez, what's wrong with you today?" Moka held up a couple of photos. When he was able to focus on them, he smirked inwardly. There were photos of him taking pictures around the girls changing room and other places at night!

"How can you explain this Tsukune?" Kurumu asked clearly pissed. The teen looked over the girls, carefully studying there reactions. It seemed Kurumu and Yukari believed the photos without a doubt, Moka on the other hand seemed to be confused. 'Eh, one out of three still works.'

"What are you saying, that you believe some pictures over me?!" the lordblood teen asked raising his voice.

"Pictures say more than words!" Tsukune ignored the succubus and looked at Moka.

"Moka-san, can we have a moment in private?" the vampire thought it over and nodded. 'Tsukune can't be a pervert! But how can he prove his innocence?' The two stepped out in the hallway.

After a few, very long minutes, Moka came back in looking pissed as hell.

"Tsukune is such and idiot!" her two friends came up to her very confused.

"Moka, what's going on? What did Tsukune say?" the pink-haired vampire calmed herself and explained how Tsukune came up with stupid excuses for the photos and how in the end admitted. The hooded teen entered the room when the bell rang, Kurumu and Yukari glared at him, while Moka ignored his presence. On her way out Yukari got a package from Tsukune which had 'Open it after class.' written on it.

During all the classes, Moka and Kurumu didn't speak to the hooded teen. And in return he didn't even spare them a glance. It was now the last period and Tsukune was relaxing on his seat 'This is somehow very relaxing. No one to cling to me and no one to annoy me… but I still hate to be blamed for something I didn't do.' 'Yes, but you have to admit that the vampire is a really good actor.' Tsukune looked over at the pink haired girl. 'Yeah. But could you stop calling her "vampire" since she is my friend.' There were a few moments of silence. 'You're seriously starting to like this girl, no?' 'Shut up demon.'

Tsukune tried to ignore the voice and then his attention was at the note under his desk. 'Hmph, too easy.' He thought while smirking.

-School roof-

After the last class, the Lordblood teen went straight to the roof. He was leaning on a railing looking at the full moon. After a while someone opened the door to the roof and approached. The figure was covered in shadows, but Tsukune knew who it was.

"Damn, I thought you'd be the one waiting for me. What took you so long, Gin-senpai?" Gin stepped out of the shadows, a mocking smirk on his face.

"Sorry for the wait. But how did you know it was me?" the senior raised an eyebrow as Tsukune let out a laugh.

"What's so funny, Tsukune-kun?" he froze as the teen looked at him with black and red eyes.
"You are, senpai." His voice was cold and full of darkness. Morioka tried to shake off the scary atmosphere.

"You know what I want Aono, so give up on Moka!" Gin yelled at the hooded teen who only looked at him amused.

"Really and why would I do that?" The senior glared and then smirked at his kouhai.

"Because you a perv, my dear friend. I even have pictures to prove! So back down!"

"Yeah right!" another voice interrupted Gin and from the door you could see Kurumu, Yukari and Moka.

"You are serial peeping tom and the one who framed Tsukune!" Yukari and Kurumu yelled accusingly at the senior.

"What?! How can you accuse me of such a thing!?" the little witch pulled a envelope and unsealed it.

"There are pictures of you taking shots of Tsukune, the same night as the incident. Also about the photos you posted today, unlike you Tsukune had asked the main presidents of the clubs he searched and also from the residence of the dorm. He also had the Ayaka-san from the kendo club take pictures of you. Tsukune also found the camera which was used to take pictures of the victims." She explained showing some of the photos to Gin.

"So in other words, you're a pervert and now we heard what you said about Moka! You'll pay." The senior looked over Tsukune and the girls and quickly recovered from his shock.

"So what if you have evidence, I'll make Moka my woman no matter what! After all, my strength comes from the moon." Suddenly Gin's hair grew and covered his body, his teeth sharpened and his month stretched revealing his true from, a werewolf. 'No wonder he smelled like a dog.' Tsukune thought while Gin looked back at the teen.

"I'll take care of you first!" and charged at the teen. The lordblood swung his fist to strike at him but was surprised at the werewolf disappeared out sight.

"What the…?!" But before he could react, Gin was behind him and kicked him all the way at the girls. When the teen passed them, he brushed against the silver cross, removing it. The yoki of the vampire erupted making all eyes turn at her. When Inner Moka was fully awakened, Gin could only marvel at her beauty.

"Those beautiful and harsh red eyes, those silver locks, that overwhelming aura… so this is your true form… even better! I will make you my woman Moka!" the vampire glared at him and as the two were about to charge, the Rosario fell right in front of Moka. Before anyone could react, a broken pillar landed inches from the werewolf's nose. Tsukune was standing behind Kurumu and Yukari. His hood was down and the dark mist was all around his body, swirling like crazy. His eyes provoked fear in Gin.

"Moka-san, stand down. This hound will pay for daring to try and frame me! I will kick your ass pup!" everyone froze at how pissed off the Lordblood was. Then before Gin knew it the lodblood was standing beside him about to strike. The werewolf avoided it inches before it could hit. Gin moved only as a blue blur around his opponent.

"Ha, like you could beat me! I'm werewolf and when the full moon is out, we are as strong as an S-Class. I don't know what kind of Yokai you are, although you are similar to a vampire. But I will not back down!" Tsukune closed his eyes sighing.

"You bark too much, pup." As the blur passed him he outstretched his hand and stopped Gin dead in his tracks.

"How, did you…" the werewolf couldn't make out his words. His speed was unmatched during the full moon! The Lordblood raised his eyebrow at how stupid the wolf is.

"Look at the moon idiot!" when he did he saw that the moon was covered by a cloud. Morioka gaped and braced himself for the hits that were about to come, but nothing. Tsukune was just holding him. When the moon was out he let go of the seniors' neck. 'What is he doing?!' Gin looked back at the teen that was waiting.

"Come on pup, I want to fight you at your full strength!" the Lordblood smiled as his enemy. The senior regained his composure and charged again. 'What is he thinking?!' Gin wondered while circling Tsukune. The teen smirked and the mist consumed his body.

"Dark Vengeance." He muttered silently and as Gin was about to strike he phased out of sight leaving the dark mist behind. No one saw what exactly happened, as the werewolf stopped.

As the mist passed Gin, he felt strong jabs in his body and after 10 or more jabs Tsukune fazed back charging at Gin, the dark energy around his hands. The Lordblood delivered a strong uppercut to Gin's chin sending him flying. Before Morioka could react, the teen was beside him.

"Never go against me again you pup, or you will suffer!" with that Tsukune delivered a devastating blow to the werewolf's chest sending to the ground. As Gin was about to land on the roof and seriously injuring himself. He was stopped, as the Lordblood grabbed him by the back of his collar, inches from the ground. Gin was white all over from fear. When he looked up, he saw pale slender legs that belonged to Inner Moka. Tsukune spoke with a serious tone.

"Now Gin, this started because you wanted Moka. But, I do not own her! If you want something from her, here is your chance." he gestured towards the super vampire. The next moment Gin was on his knees.

"Uh… Moka-sama, would you date me?" the vampire narrowed her eyes and glared at him.

"You pathetic dog, you try to frame my friend and then attack me. Also you are a dishonorable pervert. From now on I don't want you to trouble me. KNOW YOUR PLACE!!!" she delivered a swift kick to his face and sent him over the roof.

"Sorry, I know my place now!!!!" Tsukune looked over the roof top as the werewolf disappeared from sight

"That's a looong way down~" he chuckled to himself and then turned to the girls. "How about we go finish the article? By the way, good job Moka-san!" Kurumu and Yukari looked at the now smirking Inner Moka.

"Well, it easy when my outer self and I work together. But it was your idea.

-Flashback first period-

Right after Tsukune asked Moka to talk to her. He explained his plan, on how to capture the true peeping tom.

"So do you believe me Moka-san?" the pink haired vampire tried to answer.

"I'm not sure Tsukune, I can't lie to Kurumu-chan and Yukari-chan. I'm not confident in myself." The Lordblood sighed and saw the rosario eye glowing. Then an idea struck him.

"Hey Moka-san, you told me that you can hear your inner self right?" the vampire nodded "Then, why not ask her for help. I'm sure she won't have a problem. It'll be perfect. She guides, you listen. It's easy. So what do you say?" Moka thought over it and then addressed her inner self. 'Can we do it?' 'Of course, besides, this might get us a few points on his side. I'm ready when you are.' Outer Moka sometimes envied her true self's confidence. 'Then let's help Tsukune!'

"We will!"

- Flashback end-

"But it makes me wonder how you made Yukari and Kurumu reconsider. Also why you wanted to fake in the first place?" the vampire narrowed her eyes at the Lordblood.

"Well, if you want to deceive your enemy, you must first deceive your friends. Besides I gave Yukari-chan an envelope with my proof and I knew Kurumu would meet up with Ayaka-san and learn the truth." he finished with a proud smirk.

"But don't think this was easy! I spent two days on preparations. But there's still something that bothers me." Kurumu jumped him and started suffocating him with her hug.

"Aw come on! Let's go finish the paper. You can worry later Tsukune-kun. If you like, I can even comfort you myself!" before the teen could die from the lack of oxygen, Inner Moka kicked the succubus away.

"Don't act so disgracefully in front of me you succubus!" the vampire was pissed, but what she said was simply to cover the fact, she didn't like the succubus clinging to him like that. After that Moka grabbed Tsukune firmly by the neck and grinned at him.

"Now for my reward!" the Lordblood paled. "Moka-san?" he tried to break free from her grip but failed.

"Come here. Capu-cahu~" The vampire bit in to his neck ignoring his protest.

the next day –

The girls were happily handing out the first issue of the newspaper, while Tsukune enjoyed the sight of Gin, being chased by a horde of angry girls. Then another thought came to his mind. 'Though who was the one that gave me the pictures of Gin and me from the first night?' Suddenly the hooded teen felt a hand tap his back. He turned and saw the worried face of the pink haired beauty.

"Tsukune are you okay? You seem worried." He had to admit Moka did look unbelievably cute. That thought made him want to hit himself also.

"No, I'm fine Moka-san. Just thinking over something." He then noticed that her face was flushed. "But what's wrong with you?" without any warning, she jumped at him.

"Sorry Tsukune, but I haven't had breakfast! Capu-chu~" and she happily sank her fangs.

"Ah Damn!"

End of chapter 5

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