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"Felix please? You have to know something that we don't," I purred, trying my hardest to flirt some information out of Felix. He and Demetri had joined us in our room in the middle of planning what we were going to do about Aro.

"You know that I would tell you if I knew anything," he sighed.

"What about you Demetri?" Aislinn asked. It was common knowledge with most of us that Demetri was infatuated with Aislinn, even though he tried to hide it and she was all but blind to it.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't."

I sighed and laid down on the large (and unnecessary) four-poster mahogany bed that matched Aislinn's and pulled the crimson sheets over my head while I contemplated whether I was really going to risk a huge fight. What if Aro was just weird, well he's always kind of weird but what if he was just being even weirder and not hiding anything. Could I risk the lives of my sisters on a hunch? I sat up and let the satin sheets fall from my face.

"Oh no, what are you thinking about?" Aislinn questioned after seeing the look on my face. She made her way over to my bed, climbed on it and looked deep into my eyes.

"I can't risk it. I can't risk you and Falyn getting hurt. What if this turns out to be nothing?"

"What if it turns out to be everything?" Falyn interjected from across the room.

"You're willing to risk that?" I asked.

"You aren't?"

I stared at her incredulously. How could she think I would risk them?"I'm not willing to risk you two. Not a chance."

Aislinn sighed. "Bella I had to stand there in the woods while you took on a bunch of Newborns by yourself. This will be nothing, Aro probably won't even know."

"What if he notices?"

"Falyn will make sure that he doesn't and so will Demetri and Felix, right?"

"Right," Felix, Demetri and Falyn all said in unison.

"Alright but If he finds out we will need to book it out of here. If you find out anything horrible you have to keep your composure Aislinn."

She winked."No promises."

"I'm not even going to bother to roll my eyes at you. We're going to have to make sure that Jane doesn't notice. She watches Aro like a hawk."

"You'll also have to watch Knox," Felix said.

Aislinn and I stared at him like he had spoken a different language. "What's Knox?" I asked.

"Knox is a friend of Aro's. He used to be part of the Volturi but he lives in England or something now."

"Ok but why should we have to watch out for him?"

"Knox can control parts of the mind. Mainly he can just erase memories."

This wasn't good news."Why did we never hear about him before and why is he here now?"

"He does his own thing and shows up whenever. He was here when you were changed but left before you woke up."

Aislinn gasped"You don't think he..."

"He couldn't get into my mind and I'm sure you would have noticed if he got into yours," I said, trying to calm her."I'm sure it isn't a coincidence that he is here like he was then. Maybe it's just a precaution. Like if Aislinn happens to touch Aro he can get rid of what she saw."

"But it doesn't make sense that he would do that before I woke up..."

I smiled. "Yet."

She smiled back. "I suppose it's just one more thing we will find out today."

We made our way down the castle towards the grand room that Aro, Marcus and Caius would undoubtedly be in. I couldn't help but wonder about all the secretive things Aro had seemed to be up to. What did they mean? Before we entered the room I concentrated and wrapped my shield around Aislinn, Falyn, Demetri and Felix. Here goes nothing.

We entered the room and I immediately began taking mental notes of how vampires there were and exactly where they were positioned. Jane, of course was inches to the side of Aro, Marcus and Caius while the rest of the guard, Heidi, Alec, Corin, Chelsea, Renata, Santiago and Afton where positioned around the room randomly. That's when I noticed the gray haired, squirrelly looking vampire with red beady eyes. So that must be Knox.

"Oh dear ones! I'm so pleased that you've joined us." I'll let you guess who said that.

"It's nice to see you too, Aro," I replied.

"Bella, Aislinn, Falyn... this is my old friend, Knox," Aro said gesturing his milky hand toward the squirrelly man.

"Hello." Knox spoke with a sinisterly cheerful English Accent.

"It's nice to meet you," my sisters and I said in unintentional unison.

Aro chuckled."Now will you enchant us with some stories from these past couple months, girls?"

"Actually, Aro..." I said. "I'd like to ask you a few things about Victor."

Most of the guard became silent while Caius snickered, Jane stared daggers at me and Aro simply smiled. Aro's calm mask was betrayed by his wide eyes. Marcus of course never shifted his mood even the slightest bit.

"What would you like to know, dear one?"

"I'd like to know why you didn't tell me about him," I said flatly.

"There was simply no need. I didn't want you to go searching for him, he's very dangerous."

I sighed, annoyed."Well I didn't have to go searching for him. I ran into him."

There were numerous gasps. Aislinn began to make her way over towards Aro, pretending to be bored with the story. Aro's eyes got so big he looked like a goldfish, or an anime character. He and Caius shared a look of disbelief. Not disbelief that I encountered Victor, disbelief that I was alive.

"Yes, this isn't a ghost. I'm still here," I sighed again.

"A-and Victor?" Aro whispered.

"Also alive. I was going to kill him but I decided not to. If he would have harmed Edward though things would have been different."

"Edward Cullen?" Aro asked, surprised.

"Yes." I lifted my eyebrows up to Aislinn to remind her that this would be a good time, seeing as everyone was entranced with my story. She lightly pressed a finger on his shoulder and I saw her enter the trance like state she got into when she was experiencing memories. "Edward finally heard that I was changed and came to see me. Then he ended up fighting Victor because I was too stunned at first to fight but then Edward got distracted and Victor lunged at him. I ran into him when he was just inched from Edward's face. I told him that I wasn't going to kill him then but I would if he ever came near me or my family."

"So you consider the Cullens your family now?" Aro said, a little jealousy shone through his words.

"I always have."

"And the Volturi...?"


"You!" Aislinn roared and grabbed Aro by the back of his neck, lifting him up and throwing him into the wall. Instant Chaos ensued. Falyn, Demetri, Felix and I rushed over to protect Aislinn from the members of the guard that were about to strike. I could feel Jane's dagger's, Alec's numbing mist, Chelsea trying to break our ties, Renata's attempts at disorientation and even Knox trying to get inside our brains, all of these powers were pressing against my shield, but it held. Caius was hissing, Marcus still seemed apathetic but slightly interested in what was going on. Jane was growling at us as she helped Aro up.

"Aislinn what did you see?" I asked, trying my best to stay calm.

"He's a liar. He's lied about so much. The boys are alive. Osiris didn't kill them. Demetri brought them back here and Aro sent them away because he thought it would make us want to join. He only didn't kill them because Marcus said not to."

I smiled at the fact that my brothers were alive. It seemed impossible but it had to be true, it just had to. I winked at Marcus, he was cool in my book even if he didn't tell us the boys were alive.

"So that's why Knox was here before. He erased my and Felix's memory," Demetri added.

"Yes and he didn't put Victoria up to attacking you but he knew about it and did nothing to stop it. He thought that if she killed the humans you cared about then you would be more likely to leave Washington and join the guard."

My vision turned red and my hands started shaking. I could feel the low growl crawling up my throat."Aro."

"Now dear ones this is a misunderstanding. We can forget all of this, the fact that you attacked me and everything if you will just stop this right now," Aro said, trying to sound strong but fear was etched into every word he said.

"You have nothing against us now Aro, I know all of your secrets," Aislinn growled, "and your guard is no match for us with all of their special powers thwarted."

This, the Volturi and Aro's charade didn't matter anymore. "Aislinn, there's nothing left for us here, I don't even care enough to take revenge on them, they are clearly no match for us. Do you know where the boys are?"


With that word we slowly backed out of the room and ran out of the castle.

"Our car only has two seats." I reminded Aislinn as we came to a stop next to our bright red Ferrari that was attracting a lot of human attention. The sun was out and we were confined to walking in the shadows.

"My car has four seats. Felix and Demetri can take your car," Falyn said.

"Are you coming with us?" I asked the guys.

"We are going to visit friends for a while but we will be sure to visit you soon," Demetri replied.

The next minute we were off and Falyn was pulling up to us in a black Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. "Honestly you twins and your Ferraris."

"We are in Italy. Besides, this car is a dream," Falyn said as she petted her steering wheel.

"Yes, at least yours doesn't stand out as much as Aislinn's. Let's draw attention to ourselves in the bright red Ferrari. Hey everyone look at the vampires!"

"Hey I wanted to live a little, sue me," Aislinn pouted.

I chucked. "Alright enough. Tell me everything about what happened."

"The boys are in an Orphanage back in Ireland. Even though Osiris didn't think the boys would have powers Aro still wanted them alive, just in case. He also wanted them alive to use as a bargaining tool if he ever needed to."

"That prick," I growled.

"Do you know that he killed Marcus's wife? His own sister, Didyme. It's why Marcus is always so apathetic."

I gasped. "I knew Aro was a vile creature but I never knew he was this bad."

"Do you think we should tell Marcus?" Falyn asked.

"No." They both looked at me in shock. "Aro is horrible, yes and Marcus deserves to know but doing that will only cause more problems. We've heard of the wars that have gone on between covens. Without the Volturi there is no law and that means chaos, many humans and vampires alike would lose their lives. We may want Aro gone for our own reasons but this is for the greater good."

"We could always be the law," Falyn said.

I looked out the window at the beautiful landscape. The rolling hills, the trees and the sky all seemed to be in perfect harmony. "Would you really want to spend your days enforcing rules? Telling people what to do, punishing those that break the rules? I know I don't. To uphold the law we would have to be merciless. I'm different that I was when I was a human but I can't kill people that haven't wronged my family personally."

"I don't think I would like it much either," Aislinn said.

"I would. I've met a lot of vampires since I was changed. Osiris introduced me to many and there was always someone from a far off land visiting Volterra. I know of a lot of vampires that would be good law enforcers and would love to be part of the new royal coven."

I smiled. Falyn would be the kind to do what had to be done. Aislinn and I were deep down much too gentle and compassionate for that."Maybe you should keep in touch with them and let them in on the idea so that if the situation arises when new rulers are needed you will be ready."

"I think that's a good idea." She smiled back at me.

The flight from Italy was 5 hours and we were all restless the whole time. I took the opportunity to call Alice, I hadn't talked to her since I ran away from the Cullen's house.

"I knew you would forgive me," was how she answered.

"Of course. Did you see all that stuff with the Volturi?" I asked.

"Yes, Edward was flipping out when I got the vision. I would have called you but obviously I knew it was going to work out fine."

"Oh so he's really still there?" My heavy stone heart tried to give a hopeful thump.

"Yes, he isn't leaving Bella. Well he almost left to go after you but I told him to stop being an idiot."

"Good call... Alice, what did you mean that day on the beach when you said one day I would find out what really happened? Wasn't I there for what really happened?" This had been dwelling in the back of my mind since my conversation with Edward.

"Not everything is as it seems. That's what I meant. There is more to the story that I'm dying to tell you but that's Edwards story to tell, not mine. Even though I'd like for you to know already, it really is something that he needs to tell you."

"Oh, I see. Well have you seen the mission that I have for you yet or do I get to explain everything to you?"

"I see and I'm glad you trust me with it," she said in a sing-song voice.

"Only you. Oh and Esme too, of course. I can't wait to see what both of you come up with."

"Aren't you forgetting someone?"

Forgetting someone? Oh yeah. "Emmett too. I know he'll pick out the best toys."

I heard an "I'm on it Bells!" coming from Emmett in the background and I laughed.

"Ok Ali I'm sure you know when we'll be back. The house key is under the door mat." It's kind of a stupid hiding place but I figured no one would dare break into my house.

"Don't worry about anything. Everything is going to turn out great, trust me. Love you, have fun," she said before hanging up. I wasn't sure if she was just talking about things with my brothers turning out great or if everything with Edward was included in that premonition.

Falyn and Aislinn were both staring at me wondering what I was talking to Alice about. "I'm having her and Esme decorate the other rooms for the boys and get clothes for them. Emmett is picking out their toys."

Aislinn smiled. "If I was human happy tears would be running down my face."

"I would be bawling," I said.

Falyn stared out the window. "All this time, we thought they were gone. I sat in my room for days sometimes, crying dry streams, blaming myself for not protecting them. All this time they've been sitting in an orphanage thinking we abandoned them. We've missed their birthdays and special holidays that we should have been there to experience with them. They were probably so scared after what happened."

Aislinn sighed. "Falyn it's not your fault. It's not anyone's fault but Osiris and Aro's. They did this..we had no way of knowing. The important thing is that the boys are safe and we are going to be reunited, a family again, the five of us. You'll love the Cullens too. The boys will be surrounded by love and people willing to teach them all that they know."

Falyn chuckled. "You're such a mom."

The sky outside of the airplane began to get cloudy and darken. We were close to having our brothers back.


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