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+For Whom the Blossoms Fall+

-Sai's Prologue-

It would be almost two years before Sai returned… but that's for another time…

That time is now.

* * *

Sure fingers moved the brush smoothly over the paper, blending colors and lines so flawlessly you'd think he was just making random lines. But he wasn't. He made a sensible picture, things that were easily recognizable standing out. The curve of a human nose, the swell of petal soft lips, two pairs of eyes that stared back at the looker with such friendly welcome it was hard not to feel at home in those gazes.

A handsome blonde boy with the most distinctive face markings, almost like whiskers, came to life on the page as those sure hands splashed colors of gold, honey, sky blue, and warm peach in the appropriate places. Next to him a pretty girl with soft salmon colored hair and stunning sea green eyes was already complete.


Calm onyx eyes stared at the picture before them as the sure hands finished their task with practiced care. He was sure they looked different now, even if it was only a little, but this was what he remembered. He would get to see them again soon, though. He couldn't wait. Smiling, he brushed long silky ink-black locks from his eyes before setting his painting aside to dry.

"Sai-san, you need a hair cut!" A soft feminine voice giggled suddenly.

He turned his dark gaze to the speaker before offering his keaton grin. "I suppose."

"Oooh! Who are they?" The woman asked with an interested squeal of a girlish voice as she spotted the painting. "Are these the ones you've talked about?"

He nodded slowly.

"So that is Naruto and Sakura? They do look nice. I bet you can't wait to see them again! Konoha is only a day away!" She chatted away happily as her eyes continued to take in the picture. She seemed especially fond of Naruto's face.

"Yes… how long will your group stay before going back to Kumi?" He asked without any real interest but figured it would be polite.

"Just a few days. For rest and so we can report in to your Kage so she can report to ours. I can't wait to go home! It's been so long!" She replied happily followed by a soft sigh as mint green eyes closed in a relaxed kind of way, wisps of pale strawberry blonde hair falling around her pale cheeks.

For some reason she made him think of Naruto and Sakura. She was like a mix of the two, which was probably why he tolerated her. He didn't know her real name, but then again… no one's real name in their group was known. It was how the ANBU worked. He shouldn't even know her face but… well, that couldn't be undone now. And he? He wasn't even proper ANBU. He didn't care much.

He was only here because of Konoha's Fifth Hokage anyway. She had asked him to do this… and he accepted. He hadn't understood it all at first, but once it started there was no turning back… unless he wanted to face his death. And he couldn't willingly do that. He had promised a certain cherry blossom he would return.

But what was the cost?

"Tsunade-sama did this to protect you."

Sai frowned. That's what Yamato has said. He… could believe that, but couldn't either. Not when a part of him felt so betrayed. She had still tricked him. She was very smart indeed and yet he couldn't begrudge her.

They had had little contact with the village since they had left but the important stuff got through. They were all on alert and ready to return at a moment's notice when news reached them that Akatsuki had attacked, looking for Naruto. Sai had worried about his friends. When the alert was taken down the only comfort he had was that Sakura and Naruto were okay, he didn't know about the others.

Then there had been news about Danzou, his leader. Uchiha Sasuke had come, the older man being one of the people he had his vengeful sights set on, and new information about crimes Danzou had against the village came to light. Sai never got to learn what those were… but he did learn the Uchiha had taken his former leader out. And Root was no more. Everyone acted like it was the best. …He didn't understand.

"Sai! Saki! Break is almost up!" A warning voice suddenly called breaking Sai from his thoughts and the strawberry blonde from her light doze. Sai packed his art supplies before carefully putting his painting away.

Soon they would back in Konoha. So much uncertainty waited for him there now… it was a little overwhelming. But one thought made it bearable. The two who waited. How much had they changed? It had been a little over a year and a half—it was suppose to take only half a year! Had they changed a lot? Had they succeeded in their ambitions of saving their friend?

While Naruto and Sakura were a given, what else waited him upon his return? He had once heard 'You Can Never Go Home Again' and felt there could be truth to those words… but… could the changes really be that drastic?

-Prologue End-


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