Will desire push them into deeper waters or will they stick to the shallows?

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I walked into Edward's house only to find it quiet and empty. I had grown used to Alice flitting down the stairs to greet me before the front door had finished closing.


A cool breeze blew past me and the next thing I knew, I was standing in Edward's room, wrapped in his arms.

"Hello," he grinned down at me for a moment before he laid a soft kiss on my lips.

A familiar tingling sensation shot through my entire body, down to my toes.

"Where is everyone?" I asked trying to catch my breath.

One corner of his mouth curled up into that lopsided grin that turned my knees to butter "Gone," he whispered before he slid his lips up and down my neck.

"Oh," I mumbled, trying to form a coherent thought while his cool lips brushed against my skin. It wasn't working.

All too soon, he pulled away. He smiled down at me when I groaned quietly in protest.

Edward shook his head as he grinned. "Patience Bella, we have all night."

Confusion racked my brain. "What? I thought…Alice…"

"After talking with Carlisle, and with some insight from Alice, I was thinking that maybe it's best to test the waters before jumping in, head first, on our wedding night."

The light bulb went on inside my head. "Ohhhh," I said quietly, followed immediately by the blush I felt rising in my cheeks.

I felt his cold fingertip run along my cheek bone. "Is that okay with you, Bella?" he asked. I could hear the smile hiding behind his velvet voice, because he knew what my answer would be.

I never really answered him verbally, but flung my arms around his neck, stretching up onto my tip toes to press my lips to his. He gently gripped me around the waist and lifted me off the ground. I felt cold air for a split second just before I felt my back press into the mattress of his bed.

He teased me with slow, soft kisses, running his cold tongue across my top lip and then the bottom. I felt his cool, stone hand moving over my shoulder and down across my collar bone as he added more force and passion to our embrace.

My head spun out of control. His fingers slipped into the opening at the top of my shirt making my mouth open, gasping, and breathing into his breath. He seized the opportunity and slid his cold hard tongue along mine.

Sparks of electricity jolted through my body and I gripped the back of his shirt with one hand and his hair with the other, instinctively pressing my hips toward his.

Almost immediately his tongue retreated and my hands were pinned to the bed. I opened my eyes to see his nostrils flared and his breathing shallow. His jaw was tight and his eyes were wild.

"Bella!" he said. Edward's voice was quick and almost frightened. He looked as if he had something to say but couldn't quite find the words.

I could feel his grip on my wrists, like iron shackles. "What?" I asked, trying to catch my breath.

His eyes closed for a moment and I watched as his breathing returned to normal. His features relaxed and the grip he had on my wrists started to loosen.

"Bella," he spoke slower and quieter now, his eyes still closed, but he was more in control. "I need a minute."

"Okay," I whispered.

His eyes opened slowly, the soft butterscotch color restored and the wildness gone.

"Sorry," he said, a grin teasing at the corner of his mouth. "I wasn't expecting that."

"Well, neither was I." I smiled up at him, my bottom lip clenched between my teeth "But now that we know what to expect, can we try that again?"

His grin widened "Most definitely."

He started to kiss me again and I couldn't help but whimper against the feeling of his tongue sliding smoothly into my open mouth.

I felt his hand return to its place just inside the collar of my shirt. Every time I would come up for air he would trail kisses up and down my neck. And every time he returned back to my lips another one of the buttons on my blouse was undone.

When he reached the bottom, I felt his cool hand skim across my stomach and spread my shirt open. I heard him inhale sharply, almost like a hissing sound. I waited for his touch, but nothing.

I looked up, Edward's eyes were squeezed shut and he was breathing through his clenched teeth.

Feelings of inadequacy flooded my brain. I grabbed the right side of my shirt and started to cover myself back up when he grasped my wrist, stopping me.

"Minute…" he said through his teeth.

After a few seconds he opened his eyes and softly stroked the backs of his fingers up my right side. He turned his hand and swept across my belly "You have the most magnificent skin," he whispered.

I let out a relieved laugh. His fingers stilled where they were and he looked up at me. "Am I tickling you?"


His brow puckered with confusion. "Then, am I being funny?"

"No." I giggled at myself and my stupid human brain.

He started stroking my skin again. "Please tell me," he begged, his eyes burning into mine.

"It's just that…I thought that…" I closed my eyes and wrinkled my nose at myself, "that maybe you didn't like what you saw." I sheepishly opened one eye.

He was smiling and shaking his head at me "Silly Bella," was all he said as he leaned down toward me again and spoke in between kisses along my collar bone. "Silly…beautiful…magnificent…glorious…Bella."

His tongue darted out and tasted the skin at the hollow of my throat. It felt so wonderful. I couldn't hold back the sound that was building in me. I gripped the sheet as his mouth continued down, laying soft kisses on the swell of my breast while his hand glided up the skin of my side, open and outstretched.

I caught my breath as his cold, long fingers encompassed one side of my chest. The cold marble of his palm pressing into my nipple, making it harden instantly, even through the fabric of my bra. At the same moment, I felt his lips, his tongue sliding across the sensitive peak hidden beneath the blue satin.

I gripped my own hair at the sensation. Unconsciously my chest arched up, my fists clenching and twisting against my scalp.

"Edward." I breathed.

I tried not to touch him. Not wanting to send him over the edge that would pull him away from me again. I could feel his smile against my flesh. Feel his breath quicken on my skin as I said his name. Feel his fingers trail back down my stomach to pop open the button on my jeans and run his cold, hard index finger back and forth between the open button. He crawled back up my body. Trailing kisses in his wake before he settled his mouth over mine again, slipping his sweet tongue past my lips again.

Placing a firm hand on his chest I gave him a little push and he backed away instantly.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, concern creasing his forehead.

"No," I smiled, feeling a blush stain my cheeks. "It's just…" I tried to think of what I wanted to say. I chewed my bottom lip as I circled the top button on his shirt.

A slow smile spread across his face, as if he could read my mind, he laid back on the bed and pulled my body on top of his, carefully situating my knees on either side of his waist. He looked up at me as I sat up, one hand lazily tucked behind his head, while the other stayed at my waist, stroking his thumb back and forth across the skin just above my hip bone.

I ran my shaking hands up over his body. I could feel his cool skin through the fabric and the hard marble planes of his chest.

With trembling hands I started, focusing all my attention on each button as I worked. I was surprised to see another shirt hidden underneath the first. I sat back and fisted my hands on my hips.

"Well that's just not fair Edward." I complained.

"I think it's completely fair," he chuckled and snapped my bra strap lightly against my skin.

He had a point.

I skimmed my shirt off of my shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Edward had moved his hand to the top of my right thigh, he grinned up at me as he rubbed his icy hand up and down my leg. I felt his grip tighten as I reached behind myself to get at the clasp of my bra.

His eyes widened and his breathing stopped. I paused, searching his face for some sign that I should stop or continue. He inhaled deeply and nodded, letting the air out slowly through his open mouth.

I kept my eyes on his as I unhooked the clasp. His eyes widened and his breath caught as the straps at my shoulders went slack. I held the front of my bra in place, slipping my arms out of the straps. Swallowing the lump in my throat I slowly pulled the garment from my body and let it fall to the floor.

Edward licked his lips, his eyes sweeping across my chest. His hand started to crawl back up my body. "Beautiful," he whispered on a breath as he reached out. It seemed as though my breasts were formed just for his hands because they fit perfectly into his open palms.

My head lolled back in pleasure and a tight breath escaped my throat as his hands manipulated the flesh of my breasts. I felt one of his arms slide behind my back, tilting me back slightly as he rose up off of the bed.

"My god Bella, you are an exquisite creature," he whispered, his cool breath blowing across my skin.

And then, his mouth.

His lips, icy hot against my warm delicate skin. He turned his face to nuzzle one of my breasts. I could hear him inhaling my scent and it drove me mad.

"So soft," he breathed, his lips brushing the tender bud of my nipple. My breath stopped when his tongue darted out, just for a moment, just for a taste.

"So sweet," he sighed, pressing his tongue flat against my nipple, dragging across it.

"Edward…" I whimpered, pushing my hands into his chest.

Hazy eyes looked up at me. He cocked his head to the side for a moment, almost studying the lust on my face. An almost smug smile lifted up the corners of his mouth as he nodded and lay back against the mattress again.

I hadn't noticed when he took his button down shirt off, but it lay on the floor with the clothes that I had discarded moments ago. He slung his arm behind his head again, looking like some magnificently lazy god. I reached for the hem of his tank top, wondering why he hadn't discarded it along with his other shirt.

He raised one finger to stop me from pulling his shirt up any farther than the waist band of his pants.

When I gave him an exasperated look, he grinned and pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. I watched as he placed his finger just above the neckline of his shirt. Slowly he dragged his finger down his chest, almost like he was drawing a line down the center of himself. And then I heard the soft tearing of fabric. He took a deep breath, expanding his chest, and I saw the fabric separate from itself in the wake of his finger, exposing the hard flesh of his chest. After he tore through the hem he hooked his thumbs through the arm holes of his tank and sliced through the cloth like it was tissue paper.

Something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I froze while I watched the torn shirt flutter to the floor.

I felt him grasp my hand, pressing my finger tips to his lips. He kissed my fingers and then laid my hand in the center of his marble chest.

"Please?" he whispered, looking up at me. The warm butterscotch color of his eyes scorching my very soul.

All I could do was nod like a fool as I started to feel my way across his body.

Completely fascinated, I extended one finger and followed the slight ridge around his nipple. A low moan erupted from deep in his chest and his hands flew up to my side. He gripped and released my hips over and over, his thumbs stroking the spot where my thighs bent into my hips.

I looked up at his face as I slipped my hands down his hard, muscular stomach, following the hard ripples of muscle. A trail of bronze hair started just past his belly button and disappeared beneath the waistband of his pants. His eyes were closed and his mouth open, low moans of pure pleasure bubbling out of him.

My fingers continued down their path as I leaned forward, pressing my lips to his cold, hard flesh. His breath hitched as I kissed from one of his nipples to the other, blazing a trail across his chest with my lips and slow swipes of my tongue.

He tasted glorious. Better then the richest, sweetest chocolate. The best taste in the world was definitely his skin.

I lavished my tongue around his nipple, feeling the tiny, cold nub harden like the smallest pebble under it.

My fingers stopped when they reached a barrier, his waistband. I followed the denim around his waist. Blindly searching for the button, not willing to take my mouth off of his skin to look for it, my palm brushed against something hard straining beneath the denim.

His eyes snapped open and his head shot up.

"Don't move, Bella."

His voice was ragged and dark.

I started to sit up and ask him what was wrong, but I couldn't move, one of his hands pressed into my back, keeping me glued to his chest.

"Don't. Move. Please." he growled.

I inhaled, getting ready to say something when he cut me off "Don't speak." I could feel the words rumbling out of his chest as my cheek was pressed against it. "Please," he begged.

After a few minutes I felt his body start to relax and his breathing returned to a semblance of normalcy.

He urged my face back up to his "Sorry love," he said, brushing a few strands of hair out of my eyes.

"Was that okay?" I asked. "I mean…did it feel good?"

He squeezed my body against his, pressing my bare breasts against his stone chest "Too good," he smiled at me. "I nearly ripped your pants to shreds," he chuckled.

I felt my face burn. God help me, but I wanted him to do it.

"You can if you like," I said, feeling my face burn hotter as the words slipped out before I could stop them.

His hands clenched into fists against my back "Not helping Bella," he said, his eyes squeezed shut again.

Something hard was pressing against the niche between my thighs. It felt so wonderful. Instinctively, I pressed my hips down, and a wonderful feeling flooded my senses. A sudden rush of air whirled around me and I was on my back again with him hovering over me, desire firing in his eyes.

"Bella," he groaned, attacking my neck with his mouth. "If you don't stop that…"

His words caught in his throat as I slid my hands down, pressing one into the small of his back, the other continued down over the swell of his perfectly round buttocks and I hitched my leg around his hip . With this new leverage, I pulled my hips up toward his, seeking out that glorious friction, and finding it. I groaned with pleasure at this incredible feeling.

One of his iron hands pressed my hips back down into the mattress. "Isabella," he growled through his clenched teeth. "You have to stop that!"

It was too late. There would be no stopping if I had anything to say about it.

I slipped as much of my other leg around him that I could; only managing to get my foot around behind his thighs, just below his backside.

"No, I won't!" I growled back up at him. If he could growl and me, then I could growl right back.

He wasn't expecting that because his head snapped back slightly. Fire ignited in his eyes and I could swear that I saw one corner of his mouth twitch up slightly just before his mouth was on me again. His hand was sliding across my stomach, the tips of his fingers dipping under my waistband, before retreating.

He sat back on his knees, drawing his hands down my legs and resting on my thighs as he looked down at me. Desire and fear washed over his face.

"Please?" I whispered.

Edward's face looked pained as he closed his eyes and shook his head slowly from one side to the other. He took a deep breath. "Bella," he whispered, his hands started to slowly move up my thighs, "you know that I want nothing more than to give you everything you want, but…"

I hooked my fingers into his belt loops and tried to pull him closer. His will was starting to crack and he allowed me to move his body closer to mine.

"I want this Edward." My voice was soft and my eyes pled. "I want you."

The little spot between his eyebrows puckered as he shook his head at me "Bella…"

I sat up and placed my hands on his face "I want you Edward, more than I've ever wanted anything in my life."

He leaned his forehead against mine. Gently cradling my face between his stony hands he started to kiss me. "You will be the death of me Bella," he said in between kisses "I swear it."

His eyes closed as he contemplated. "If…" he started, trying to keep his breathing even "If it gets to be too much…" he took and unsteady breath. "If I say stop…we stop." His face screwed up and he shook his head, like a thought had just occurred to him. "If either one of us says stop, we stop," he corrected.

That was more than I could have ever asked for. I nodded, not trusting my own voice to be steady at this point, and licked my lips in anticipation.

Edward's fingers tangled in my hair and he crushed his mouth to mine. My body trembled as I felt his hands slide from my hair and down my face.

He moved with a purpose down my body, pausing to tease my breasts for a moment, rolling my aching nipples between his fingers. I whimpered into his mouth as he laid me back against the bed and worked the zipper of my jeans.

His mouth left mine and followed the path his hands laid down my body, his lips so cold on my hot flesh that it practically burned. He pulled one of my nipples between his lips and gave it a gentle tug. The feeling was incredible, making me gasp his name.

I shamelessly plunged my fingers into his hair, urging him to continue. My hips rose to meet his, that now familiar friction snapping bolts of electricity through my body.

The next thing I knew, he was standing at the end of the bed, black fire crackling in his eyes. He reached up, grasping my jeans at the waist, and pulled. I lifted my hips up off of the bed, allowing him to slide my pants out from under me.

He flung them to the floor behind him and stared down at my body. One of his fingers glided up the outside of my leg, to my knee and back again.

"Exquisite," was all he said as he started to climb back up onto the bed, spreading my legs with his body.

He saw my eyes flicker to his jeans and he stopped. Backing up off of the bed, he stood again. His hands poised at the button of his jeans, thumbs resting just inside the waistband, then he cocked an eyebrow at me…waiting.

I nodded to him, my eyes transfixed on his hands. Moving excruciatingly slow, even for a human, he popped the button and skimmed the denim down his long muscular legs. I'd never seen his bare legs before. Smooth slabs of muscle ran up and down his thighs, disappearing and reappearing from beneath the legs of his black boxer briefs, making me catch my breath at the very sight of them.

"You're beautiful," I breathed, watching him crawl back up the bed, once again parting my legs with his cold hard body.

He turned his face and kissed the inside of my leg, just above my knee. His cool hands burned up my legs as he slowly moved up my body, dropping kisses onto my skin as he went. His nose skimmed my inner thigh, inhaling my scent as he went. I saw his eyes flutter and it made my stomach flip. His lips slipped past, barely moving the satin of my panties, and I could swear I felt a soft brush of a cold tongue for a split second before his mouth settled on my belly button.

I trembled as he continued up my body. His hands going in two different directions. One moved slowly up, closing around my breast, his fingers pulling softly at my nipple, the other down. Slowly. Methodically, down. Down, over the strip of elastic that held the top of my blue satin panties to my hips. Down farther, over the thin smooth fabric between my legs.

"Edward!" I gasped as his fingers smoothed over the satin and back up again.

A fire burned beneath my navel, in the pit of my being, with every swipe of his icy fingers.

"Do you want me to stop Bella?" he whispered against my neck, his lips never leaving my skin for a second.

"No," I whimpered.

Instinct drove me. I ran my hands down his back, as cool and hard as marble. I traced along the elastic of his underwear, following it around until I felt the soft hair on his belly tickle against my wrist. I stretched my fingers down over the black fabric.

I felt his erection, straining against the pliable cotton. I followed it down until my palm rested over the tip.

I heard his breathing stop. I heard him swallow the venom that I knew was pooling in his mouth.

I stroked back up his length and felt his body shudder against mine. When I reached the tip, I slid my hand into the top of his boxers, needing to feel his skin against mine.

An iron grip shackled my wrist and began to drag my hand out. "S…slow…slow down, Bella," he panted, pulling my hand around his waist and place it softly on the swell of his backside. He licked his lips and swallowed hard, trying to catch the breath he didn't really need.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

He nodded, pursing his lips and taking a deep breath. "Just slow down." he breathed, bending his head back to my body. "Slow down," he quietly said one last time, more to himself than to me, I assumed.

I ran my hand along his ass, up over the roundest part, squeezing my fingers against the firm flesh. Still needing to feel his cool skin, I quickly smoothed back up over his excruciatingly perfect buttock, reaching up under the backside of his boxer briefs. I felt his body jump as I caressed his granite hard skin. I watched him turn his face against the breast he was teasing. His eyes closed tight, top lip twitching as his teeth sank into his bottom lip, as he groaned in pleasure. I gave his ass a squeeze, pressing my nails into his skin.

With a growl he attacked my mouth. His icy tongue plunging in as I felt his fingers sliding back up the satin of my panties, toying with the elastic at the waist before slipping beneath it and over my aching mound, cupping me in his cool palm.

My body arched, my hips pressing up against him. The cold hardness of his hand felt so amazing against the hot fire burning between my legs.

"Jesus," he breathed against my neck, his fingers sliding over my swollen nub.

I couldn't hold back the moan that erupted out of my mouth when I felt one cool finger slide into my wetness, pressing deep into me.

"Oh god Edward," I breathed, my head pressed back into the pillow and I raised my hips off of the bed, grinding against his hand. I unclamped his ass cheek and slid around his hip.

Before he could stop me, I slipped my hand over his impossibly large erection. The skin was cool, hard and smooth as I closed my fingers around him and followed the length to the top. I swirled my palm over the tip, feeling a few beads of moisture spread, making the movement even smoother as I slid my hand back down to the base.

His breath hissed through his clenched teeth. "Yes Bella," he hissed on the exhale. "Yes!"

My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt a second cool finger enter me. I gasped as he started to pulse inside me. I never knew anything could feel so good.

I felt my whole body tighten when he twisted inside me, changing the angle of the thrust. The fire deep in my belly burned out of control and I could feel it bubbling to the surface.

My breath hitched as I tried to catch it, not being able to get a complete lungful into my body for the life of me.

To my excitement I felt his hips press into my hand, sliding his cold hard length through my fingers. It took me a second to realize he was keeping time with the fingers he pulsed into me.

It was more than I could take.

I felt the fire in my belly explode.

"Mmmmmm…Edward…" I moaned, clenching his rock hard erection in my hand.

My name rumbled out of his chest and I felt a cool splash of liquid on my belly. His fingers didn't stop pumping and neither did his hips, hissing and growling with every motion. With every pulse of his fingers stars exploded behind my eyes and with every thrust of his hips, more of the cool liquid splattered across my skin.

When he finally stopped moving, I opened my eyes. His eyes were still squeezed shut, his nostrils flared and his jaw tight. I pulled my hand away from him and watched his whole body shudder at the movement.

A drop of the liquid glistened on my finger. Would it taste as good as I imagined it would? It was part of him, so it had to. Unable to stop myself, I slowly brought my finger toward my mouth.

Edward's eyes drifted open and saw what I was about to do. His breathing stopped and he froze, watching my finger move closer and closer to my mouth.

He shook his head slowly and took an unsteady breath.

"No…Bella…don't…" he pleaded.

I refused to listen and slipped my finger into my mouth. My tongue slid across the droplet and my head spun. I didn't think it was possible for anything to taste better than his skin. My god, this did. I felt the fire explode again inside my belly at the flavor.

A feral growl shook the entire bed and ripped me from my euphoria. My eyes popped open to see a very heavy breathing Edward snap.