I heard her heartbeat slow and her breathing fall into a rhythmic pattern as she drifted into sleep.

There truly is a God, I thought to myself.

There was no other way to explain the most exquisite piece of his work lying next to me. More magnificent than the earth, the sun and the moon combined.

I watched her sleep, her naked body cocooned inside the thick blanket. A slow smile spread across my face as I thought about the fact that I was lying naked with her and that she was mine.

That old guilt pricked at the back of my neck.

I had no right to her or her love. I had no right to want her to stay with me forever.

But that is what I most desperately wanted. In the very back of my mind. In the selfish part that I keep locked down so very tightly. The part that I wouldn't let surface because it would bring her pain and that I couldn't bear—

Stop it, the voice in my head cried out. Just stop it, for one moment.

I closed my eyes. I thought about that wicked little corner of my mind and I slowly peeled the wrapping back, letting the beast that wanted to keep Bella forever bubble to the surface. The one that wanted to turn her.

I struggled inside my own mind, pushing the big monster down, and letting the little one up.

Yes, I could let the little selfish monster up for just a moment. Just long enough to enjoy the thought of living through the rest of eternity with the most glorious creature sleeping in my arms. Imagining the day when I could hold her with all my might without fear of crushing her into oblivion.

This is nice, the voice echoed in my head. Yes, it was very nice.

I don't know how long I stayed that way, letting that selfish little beast have his fantasy, but sometime later, light starting to coming through the window.

When I heard her stir, I opened my eyes to see her stretching her entire body across my bed, waking up.

Oh, she made the most wonderful sounds when something felt good to her. Soft moans, long drawn out groans and those whimpers of pleasure. Those were the best. I would spend the rest of my existence trying to find new ways to bring those sounds out of her.

"Good morning," she croaked. Her voice was still thick with sleep and the most deliriously happy smile spread across her face. I started to reach for her but she rolled off of the bed.

"Human moment," she mumbled as her feet hit the floor. She stumbled for a few steps and then started to trot for the hall, I assumed to go to the restroom. She paused in the doorway for just a second before she turned and disappeared into my bathroom.

I crossed my arms behind my head and leaned against the pillows. I thought about the last thing I saw before she closed the door, her cute little bare backside.

The door opened after a few minutes and there she was, stretching her entire body in the doorway, her arms reaching up toward the ceiling, elongating her naked body. I couldn't take it anymore. The selfish part of me took over, and I let it.

I used my vampire speed and swept her up into my arms and laid us down onto the bed before she could take a breath. She stared up at me and her eyes had that startled glassy look they get when I surprise her like this.

"Sweet Bella," I whispered, brushing my lips across her warm skin and trailing my hands up and down her body.

"Mmmmm, Edward," she groaned and sunk her hands into my hair.

I slid my lips along her neck, trailing my nose along the sweet smelling skin just behind her ear.

"Can I have you one more time Bella?" I asked, breathing in her fragrant scent, tasting it on my tongue. "Just once more while we are still alone?"

"Yes, Edward, please…" she breathed, arching her back. Her small hands gripped the back of my head, urging my face unto her body. I wasn't about to object.

I loved the feel of her, soft and silky under my lips. I dragged my tongue across her flesh. The taste of her skin made the venom well up in my mouth. I paused to swallow it back.

The rational part of my mind made its presence known, warning me that I shouldn't be doing this. It chastised me for allowing myself the pleasures of her body again.

With a low, quiet growl I shook that part away, letting the selfish little beast have his way.

I smoothed my hand up her deliciously warm body and cupped one perfectly formed breast in my hand.

Her breath caught in her throat and her chest pushed up into my hand at the sensation. I squeezed the impossibly soft globe, testing its firmness as much as I dared.

With my thumb and index finger I pinched her sweet little nipple. I could hear her teeth scrape against the flesh of her bottom lip as I gently tugged and rolled the peak between my fingers. I was rewarded with that amazing whimpering sound.

I laid my body against hers, careful to keep how much weight I put on her in check. I moved my cheek along her creamy white chest until I was nose to nipple with her breast. Slinging my leg over her body I covered as much of her as I could. I tilted my head up to capture a rosy bud between my lips. The hand I had wrapped around her breast, now roamed her body, recording which spots made her whimper and which ones made her moan. I flicked my tongue over the taut nipple I had caught in my mouth.

Her whole body shuddered against me and it felt positively sinful.

"Edward," she breathed. She wrapped her leg over mine, trapping my thigh between hers. I could feel the moist heat radiating out of her.

She pressed her wetness against my thigh, and the heat felt so amazing against my cold skin. Quickly, I released her nipple and turned my head from her breast, sinking my teeth into my lower lip because it felt so good.

"Damn Bella," I growled and nuzzled her chest again.

I trailed my hand all the way down from her throat to the top of her hip.

"You feel so good," I whispered, dragging my fingertips down her leg as far as I could reach. I grabbed her delicate ankle, pulling her body closer to me and hitched her foot around my waist. I trailed back up her calf, smoothing up over her knee, and I let my thumb skim the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

Her toes clenched against my back in anticipation as I rubbed my thumb against the crease of her leg, that oh so soft spot.

She writhed, frustrated, under my body and I felt myself smile at her reaction. I truly loved to tease her.

Her fingers sank deep into my hair and directed my lips to hers. I kissed her, harder than I ever have before and plunged my tongue into her waiting mouth.

I felt her lips wrap around my cold hard tongue and suck it deeper into her mouth. I gripped the pillow on either side of her head, feeling the fabric give way underneath my fingers.

She arched her hips into mine and coated the raging erection I had with her nectar. I pulled back and hitched her leg higher around my hip. I needed to see her, watch her face as I slid inside of her.

I positioned myself at her entrance and waited for her permission. She didn't make me wait long. I felt her leg tighten against my back.

"Edward, please…" she mewled.

That was all I needed to hear. With my bottom lip firmly clenched between my teeth I guided myself inside her. The pleasure licked at me the moment I slid into her blazing hot flesh. I panted through my open mouth as inch by inch, I pushed deeper into her body.

I controlled myself, trying to make this last as long as possible, moving at an agonizingly slow pace.

When I was buried inside of her, a breath exploded out of me that I didn't realize I was holding.

I didn't move. I sucked in a deep breath and let the feeling of ecstasy wash over me from the impossibly soft flesh that covered me from base to tip. Sweet, hot moisture.

Her fingertips caressed the marble planes of my chest letting her nails rake across my nipples. She smiled up at me and bit her lip when I hissed at the feeling.

I bent over her body and ran my tongue from her navel to her neck, lingering for a few moments at each perfectly pink nipple. I could taste the desire and passion on her skin, bubbling out of every pore.

She wrapped her small hands around my waist and slid them up across my back. Her touch was electric, sparking a craving in me stronger than blood; her body.

Slowly, I pulled my hips back, nearly pulling all the way out before I sank back into her. An exquisite heat flooded my system again, making my eyes roll back into my head for a split second.

Looking down into her eyes, a snarl of pure pleasure ripped out of me. Her eyes widened, her pulse quickened and her breathing caught.

I would never admit this to her while she was still human and so very breakable, but a part of me loved the way she reacted to my feral side.

Letting the selfish beast inside my head lead, I rolled our bodies and situated Bella on top of me.

She sat up, straddling my waist and pushed her full body weight down onto me.

God that felt so incredible.

Just when I thought I had myself under control she slid her hands up her body, through her hair and stretched her arms over her head as she rolled her hips over mine.

I reached back and gripped the wrought iron bed frame. The metal squealed and groaned in my grasp as I twisted it, shaking the bed beneath us.

She flung her body over me, grinding her hips over mine in such an ungodly fashion, causing a piece of the metal to brake off in my hand. I crumpled the hunk of iron in my hand like a drinking straw, pulverizing it in my grasp.

"Bella…arrghh!" I growled gritting my teeth as tight as I possible could and pushed my head back into the pillow. I reached back, trying to find something to grip, and settled for going straight through the wall, gouging a hole into the plaster.

She arched back, exposing her sweet white neck.

Venom pooled in my mouth and I knew I had to bite something, anything, other than her.

Luckily, she was so lost in what she was feeling that one stroke in the right spot and she wouldn't be paying any attention to what I was doing. I brought my fingers to her body and brushed my thumb and forefinger across her apex a few times before gently pinching and rolling the hot little nub between them.

Her body bucked and her eyes rolled back into her head as her climax claimed every ounce of her attention.

It was now or never.

I snapped off another piece of wrought iron and clamped my teeth around it. The metal tasted awful, but it was only in my mouth for a fraction of a second, just long enough to satisfy my need to bite.

The second wave of Bella's orgasm hit and the mangled piece of metal clattered to the floor. I swept her onto her back again and pushed in and out of her slowly.

"Edwarrrrrd!" she screamed, clenching and twisting the sheet in her hands.

I kept the pace slow, plunging deep and drawing every ounce of pleasure out of her that I could muster.

Sitting back onto my knees I drew her body up into my arms and gently rocked her in my lap, pulsing up into her over and over again.

Her entire body trembled as she draped her arms around my neck, sliding her fingers up into my hair.

"I love you, Edward," she breathed.

Everything inside me exploded. The most delicious heat engulfed my entire body as I came.

I heard her gasp and her hands gripped my hair tighter. Every one of her muscles went rigid as a final orgasm shot through her body.

The soft muscles wrapped around my length pulsed, gripping and releasing me. A new sense of pleasure ripped through my core. Her body clung to mine, so delicate, soft and vulnerable and deliciously warm, that I almost couldn't stop myself.

I felt myself being pulled to the pulse pounding in her neck, my lips curled back and baring my teeth, I leaned into her throat.

"NO, EDWARD, YOU PROMISED!" a little pixie voice screamed inside my head.

Immediately I stopped. Pulling back I saw Bella's head tilted, throat exposed and her eyes squeezed shut, waiting.

A shudder ran through me.

"Edward," she whispered. "Do it…please," she begged, arching her neck at me.

"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen," Alice's voice echoed inside my head. "If you turn her right now I will never forgive you!"

I leaned forward, ignoring the screeching inside my head, and placed a gentle kiss on the soft skin of her beautiful white neck as I lay her back on the bed.

I slowly pulled out of her, dragging out this wonderful pleasure for as long as I could.

Wrapping my arms around her I pulled her close to my chest. Her tiny finger pushed around the hair that sparsely sprinkled across my chest.

"You didn't do it," she said quietly, her voice so small and disappointed.

I stroked her hair for a moment and curled my finger under her chin, tilting her face up to mine. I tried to smile, but the disappointment in her face crushed my very soul.

I took a deep breath and caressed her cheek with the back of my fingers.

"I promised a certain, annoying little vampire, that I wouldn't until after the wedding."

"Alice," we said in unison and then started laughing.

Thoughts suddenly started to bombard me. Mostly Emmett's foul perverted ones. I scowled, trying to block them out.

Her finger traced the deep lines marring my forehead. "They're almost home aren't they?"

I couldn't answer her, Emmett's thoughts churned inside my head. I bolted from the bed and ran across the room.

"Damn it, Emmett, shut up!" I roared out the window with so much force that the glass nearly shattered.

I turned back to the room, pinching the bridge of my nose and squeezing my eyes shut.

When I finally opened my eyes she was looking at me, watching me. Her soft naked body stretched across my bed looking very satisfied and extremely sexy.

I felt my cheek twitch up as a smile spread across my face.

That's when I decided that I didn't care.

I didn't care that Emmett would have a field day teasing me and trying his damnedest to make my existence a living hell for as long as he could.

It didn't matter anymore, none of it did.

I had her.


You are one lucky creature, the voice in my head said.

I nodded and crawled back into bed next to my love.

My life.

My Bella.