Disclaimer: I don't own CCS or its' characters. To you retards out there, Sri Lanka exists, and NO, it is NOT a part of India.

Description: And by that simple gesture induced by innocent, curious lust, I had no idea how much trouble I'd caused myself. Touya x Tomoyo

Notes: Galle is pronounced 'gall'. As in gall bladder.
Ceylon is pronounced see-lon.


"Hey," she said, so I turned.

She was sitting on the concrete block that supported a canon, hair tied back in a thick French braid. Her eyes were shielded by expensive designer sunglasses. Aviators. It didn't matter anyway – I could never figure out what went on in her head. Her eyes were always expressionless. But I knew she was looking right at me.

For a moment we said nothing; all that could be heard was the gentle roar of the ocean, the crows flying overhead, the sea breeze, the laughing schoolchildren. She was wearing carefully-creased blue shorts and a white cotton t-shirt.

"I can't change it," she said suddenly.

"I know."

"Then why are you here?"

"To explain."

I turned away from her, and toward the sea. Was there a word that described this emotion? What about words?

Anger. Disappointment. Bitterness. Hurt.


"There's nothing to explain. We each got what we deserved. That's the end of it."

"You're not even curious?"

"Maybe, but I'm not stupid."

A pair of schoolgirls stopped by us to peer over the ramparts into the shallow pools below. The sea was clear and complacent. For once.

"I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. I think a clean break will be best for both of us."

"And your husband?" I say, with a poorly disguised sneer.

"Him too."

The humming wind and breaking waves fill in the space between us. Where did it come from? It was never there before…


"So, anyway, I won't be coming back here again."


Was there a word to describe this scenario? Closure? Fate? The end?


"I'm glad to have met you, Touya."

I didn't say anything to that, not even when she stood up and walked away.