Just a little drabble I did while listening to loads of random music.... I don't own the characters (maybe you can guess them), just the idea. Read and Review!!!

She wandered aimlessly through the garden, her dress rippling behind her in the slight breeze, the moon reflecting off her pale skin. She stopped by a fountain, raising her eyes to the stars far above her. Her smile was melancholic, distant, as she watched her friends in the ascendency. They danced and laughed before her eyes. So close, yet so far.

Behind her, footsteps sounded softly on the path. She felt a warm arm against her own – someone watched the stars with her.

"You miss them, don't you?" a voice asked softly. It was quiet, smooth, male... She recognised it. Turning, she saw the same man who had come to the island on the ship, with the mouse and the children. He had said he would come back. She hadn't believed him, hadn't dared. Smiling, she once again raised her chin and gazed at one star in particular.

"More than you can ever know," she whispered. He looked at her then, his eyes like pools of bright water. His smile was gentle, warming in its tenderness.

"Would you stop missing them if you had something else? Someone else?" he questioned. The look in his eyes flooded her with emotions – emotions she had never experienced in this life.

"I could try," she murmured in reply, as she stared into his eyes. He smiled then. If a man could be called beautiful, she would have called him it. It was the only word she could think to describe him. Beautiful.

"That's all I was asking for," he said, as he took her hand in his and placed a tender kiss on her knuckles. She smiled, and turned to walk back to her home, him at her side.

And high above, her mother twinkled with love and delight.