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This story starts from the very beginning when Embry turned to a werewolf.


Characters based on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.

Embry POV

Quil, Jacob and I have been good friends for a long time. We hang out together and had fun. And we all hated Sam and his friends, the so-called "La Push Gang." My mom was happy to know that I was not part of that gang.

Unfortunately, that changed. I changed. Beyond my disbelief, I was transformed. Well, more like I phased. And what sucked was that I can't tell my mom, Quil nor Jacob. I became a werewolf.

When I phased, I joined Sam and his friends, Jared and Paul. I missed my own friends but Sam said that I couldn't tell them what I have become. It's our secret. He said in time. What time? I didn't understand it until Jacob phased, and not long after, Quil did as well.

I was glad that the secret was out amongst us friends. We got to hang out again. However, my mom was not too thrilled about it. I was grounded from time to time as I usually came home late with ripped clothes.


Fur, which was itchy sometimes, and ripped clothes aside, I liked being a werewolf. The speed was the greatest of all. When we ran, it was exhilarating. I felt free.

Another good thing was the warmth. No need for jackets, we could go around shirtless and the cold air won't bother us at all.

Did I mention that we heal fast? That was really great. At least my mom couldn't scold me for being home late with ripped clothes and bruises. She had enough to deal with.

But I think the best perk of being a werewolf was imprinting. With just one look then BAM! you have your soul mate. You could skip the whole courting getting to know you awkward part. The only downside it that you don't know who it will be. Sam imprinted on Emily, Jared on Kim and Quil on Claire, Emily's two-year-old niece. Paul, Jacob and I hadn't found ours yet.


It was great to be around my friends. We even had some 'friendly' fights.

However, really late nights started when Sam picked up a scent of a male vampire. He was certain it was not the Cullens. The Cullens left months ago, and I remembered it well. The people in our tribe celebrated, but I didn't know why back then. I didn't know that the Cullens were vampires until I phased.

After searching for days for the invader, we found him cornering Bella, Jacob's damsel in distress. I didn't know what she was thinking but she was just standing there, facing this monster, mortified, but had no intent of running. We didn't give the leech any chance to escape. We killed him and saved Bella from danger.

Months after my first official face-off with a vampire, the Cullens returned to Forks. Apparently, Bella and Edward, her vampire in shining armor, reconciled after a trip to another country or something. I was hazy with the whole story. All I knew was that our kind was not happy about their return, especially Jacob. He had his heart set on Bella for a while now, but unfortunately, she had her heart set on a leech.


Sam had been stricter with our patrol rounds since the Cullens returned. Although our tribe had a treaty with the Cullens that they were not to cross our 'border' and not to bite any human, Sam still believed that they were threat to our kind.

He scheduled us on routine patrol that sent me home late and tired. My mom was not happy about it. She thought that my late nights were over. There were so many times that I wished I could tell my mom what I became so she would not worry, but she was not part of this circle. She was neither an elder nor an imprint. She did not belong to my world. I was just happy that she got tired and gave up on grounding me.


We were surprised, to say the least, when the Cullens contacted our pack months after their return. They were asking for our help to fight against newborn vampires. It was their fight and I didn't understand at first why we should be bothered by it until they pointed out that they will surely lose without our help and they couldn't guarantee our people's safety. That convinced Sam to volunteer us.

Jasper taught us how to fight the vampires. It was the last thing I expected them to teach us; we could use this knowledge to kill them, and yet they taught us how to fight their kind. They must be desperate for doing this.

After weeks of training and preparation, the said newborns came and with our unlikely alliance, we defeated them. No one was harmed from their coven, but one was hurt in our pack, Jacob. I was furious when it happened, but not towards the vampires, but towards Leah. She never listened to commands and thought she was strong and agile enough to fight off on her own. Jacob had to save her, and unfortunately for him, he got beat.

Things definitely changed after this event. Although Jacob thought he stood a better chance on her, Bella chose Edward over Jacob, and Jacob didn't take it well. Jacob left us, left the pack and went by himself. He wouldn't even let me nor Quil join him.

The worst blow came when Bella and Edward got married. We were glad that Jacob came back. He came for the wedding, hiding in the shadows. It was noble of Edward to let him speak to Bella. It was going good until Jacob found out that she had no intention on turning back on her decision to become one of them, especially when he found out what they initially planned before the transformation. Edward tried to calm him down and Jacob would not hear any of it. Good thing Sam was there, who knew what would have happened.


It was good when Jacob finally realized that Bella was firm with her decision; she married Edward and he couldn't have done anything to change it. He came back to La Push for good. He was not happy, he had been bitter about it, but he'll get over it. Quil and I were just happy to have him back. Things were not the same without him.

To our dismay, that didn't last long. When we heard Bella and Edward returned from their honeymoon and Bella was sick, there was an argument. If Bella was already a vampire, the Cullens broke the treaty, no more mercy. If she's not a vampire, then why won't they let Charlie see her?

Sam said that there will be no attack on the Cullens. Jacob was furious. He left the pack. Again. We don't know if it's going to be for a long time like the last, or would it be just for him to cool off. With Jacob, we couldn't be certain.

Jacob went to their house to investigate and found out that she's still human and pregnant. Wow, that's something else, totally unexpected. It was probably not a big deal until Sam pointed out that the kid she's carrying was a problem; it' monstrous. They would kill what she's carrying, whether or not it kills Bella in the process. Jacob did not agree with Sam and it was the last straw. He left the pack, but not just for the sake of leaving. He detached himself from us. We could no longer hear his thoughts.

Seth and Leah shortly joined Jacob. I wanted to, but I had my beliefs and I believed that Sam was right. Bella's baby was a threat to human, it's killing her. As soon as she breathed her last, the treaty would no longer stand. I knew that Jacob cared for Bella, but why was he willing to risk our loved ones for a love that was already lost?


When Bella gave birth to Renesmee, things changed. Jacob imprinted on her, making the Cullens off limits, being his imprint's family. That's when I understood why Jacob was so keen to keep the baby safe. She already had a pull on him even before she was born.

It was decided that the treaty was not broken even though Bella was turned because she was dying in childbirth and the only way to save her was to make her one of them.

Quil and I decided to join Jacob's pack. It was good decision on our side. We missed Jacob's company, although he spent most of his time with Renesmee than us.

However, the bliss did not last long. After a few months, the Volturi decided to pay a visit to Forks. This wasn't their first visit as some of them were here when we fought off the newborn vampires, but this was the first time we were to face them. Last time, we were out of the clearing before they arrived. The Cullens told us that this visit was unprecedented since not all of them leave Volterra at the same time.

Renesmee was the reason for their visit, or should I say impending attack, something about an immortal child. The explanation for that was left to the vampires, it was their business. We were only involved to protect humans. We have prepared, trained and met with the vampires more than we did the last time.

More werewolves phased due to this danger. Seven more to be exact: Tom, Daniel, Bruce, Kyle, Harry, Raleigh and Janus. All of us gathered with the other vampires who agreed to stand as witnesses for the Cullens. With much dismay of the younger werewolves, there was no fight. The Volturi left peacefully, leaving everyone unharmed and unscathed.


It felt good to wake up on the comfort of my bed. It's been a while since I had a long goodnight sleep. No thanks to the vultures, or whatever those vampires were called, Jacob assigned us in continuous patrol, barely giving us enough time to go home and sleep. I thought about going back to Sam's pack, but I was pretty sure that their patrolling schedule was no better than ours. Sometimes, I barely made it inside the house before my body gave.

I took my time before I headed to the kitchen. My mom had always been on my case for the late nights. However, I could tell she missed me having around since she cooked a hearty breakfast for me.

It was starting to be a good day until Sam came by, interrupting my breakfast.

"Embry, good morning, do you have a minute?" he greeted.

"Sure, Sam, what's up?" I asked, intrigued. Sam had never been in my house, especially by himself.

"Wait, did you eat yet? Mom just made breakfast," I offered.

"I'll pass. I ate before I left the house."

"Suit yourself," I shoved the toast in my mouth. With a full mouth, I asked him, "So what brought you here?"

"After last night's event, I had a long talk with Emily," he started.

"Oh yeah? What about?" I mean seriously, why was he telling me this?

"I decided to stop phasing. No more phasing for me," he said with a straight face.

"What!? Are you serious?"


"Wait, how do you do it? How do you set your body to stop phasing?" I asked. I never heard anyone who stopped phasing.

"Old Quil said that since we could now control our emotions, we could easily phase back and forth. He said that it's mental control to stop the phasing. Set your mind to control your emotions and once you've had your mind set, your body will no longer be affected by your emotions. I had decided that my emotions will no longer control me, so even if I get angry, I will no longer phase," Sam explained. "It's time I do it. Emily and I had been planning to get married and I think it's the best for us before we settle down and have a family."

"Wow. I mean I was not expecting that. I thought after all the action we've had in the past months; you'll be more motivated to lead the newbies." I was still in shock.

"It was actually those events that made me decide. I don't want Emily become a widow as soon as we get married. Being a werewolf complicated things."

"Have you told your pack yet?" I asked.

"No, I haven't. I'm looking for a replacement first before I make the announcement."

"Who's it gonna be, then?" I shoved some omelet in my mouth.

"Actually, I'm here because of that. Embry, will you please replace me as the Alpha of my pack?"

I choked.


A/N: I know it's kinda like a rundown of the Twilight Saga, but I just want to point out the events in the lives of the werewolves as to why Sam decided to stop phasing and ask Embry to become an alpha.

I decided to name the other werewolves who phased when the Volturi came just in case I want to refer to them in the future. They will not be a big part of this story.