Mrs. Cole woke up to a weariness in her bones that she believed was from her age and the weather. After all it was November 2. At her age she was lucky she could still care for herself and the orphans that lived in her orphanage. Stonewell Orphanage once upon a time only catered to boys and only till the age of 14. That all changed in 1942 when for some reason or another the board all of a sudden changed their minds and made it at the age of 17. She never understood why, but she didn't dwell on it.

Mrs. Cole wrapped her robe around her frail aging body. She walked slowly down the stairs to get the milk for the children from the front door and she went to turn around and go back inside when she heard a whimper. She looked down and noticed a child wrapped in a blanket on the porch. She sighed. Another one. She picked up the child and went inside to summon her assistant.

Martha wasn't as young as she used to be. When she first started working at the orphanage she was only 15. Now at almost 50 she was surprised that she was still working here. But she couldn't just leave Mrs. Cole to take care of all the children by herself. So when she came down in the morning of November 2, 1981, she wasn't expecting to see Mrs. Cole looking like she seen a ghost.

Martha ran over to her and her eye's skimmed over Mrs. Cole to make sure that every thing was alright. She seemed fine, so Martha put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips.

"What do you think your doing giving me a heart attack like that. I thought something terribly wrong happened."

Mrs. Cole said nothing just pointed to a bassinet in the corner of the room. Martha sighed and walked over to the bassinet and peered in it. Her eyes met the most startling green eyes she had ever seen. No. She had only seen them once before and that is an experience she would never forget.

Martha had just started working at the orphanage. She was wiping down the tables when she heard a scream. She dropped the rag in the bucket and ran up the stairs. She came upon Billy Stubbs sobbing hysterically and staring at the ceiling. Martha's eyes followed his line of site and she let out a gasp. There was his pet rabbit hanging from the rafters. She looked around for someone who would do such a thing. All the children had their heads bowed as if in memorial for the dead rabbit. All but one. Her eyes met startling green eyes. They had a glint in them that promised pain if ever attacked or provoked. It sent shivers down her spine.

Now she was staring in the same eyes. She took in the face of this toddler. Wild black hair, green eyes, his face still had his baby fat on it but when it was lost, he would have a perfectly chiseled face. She felt like she had gone back in time 40 years. She turned and looked at Mrs. Cole.

"Do you think they are related?" She asked knowing the elderly lady would know who she was talking about.

Mrs. Cole took a deep breath and released it, as if trying to compose herself.

"It's a high possibility. I never thought I would see eyes like that again in my life and I am 82 years old. It seems strange that he should end up here when his relative was here also. He is probably the son or grandson. There was no note, or anything with him. We will have to name him."

Martha nodded and glanced back at the child who seemed to adult for one so young.

"Timothy Marvin....... New Birthday November 2, 1980. I guess he is about a year and a half. So we'll say he is two. He is intelligent enough."

Mrs. Cole walked slowly over to the newly christened Timothy. He stared at her as it he was looking into her soul.

"Well, Timothy. I hope you have a better time here than your predecessor. Welcome home Timothy Marvin Riddle. May God have mercy on our souls."

So how do you like it? Should I continue? I really like where this is going. I just need to figure out who is going to come and introduce 'Timothy' to the wizardly world. Any ideas? I was planning on Sinestra, so MaGonagal can be surprised when she calls is name. I figured Dumbledore is Headmaster so he has better things to do than to go pick up 'muggleborns'. So let me know if you wish for me to continue and I'll put this on my high priorities list.