Chapter 3

Since the next day was a Saturday, Tim decided to skip lunch and spend the day in the library. He had about 20 books laid out in front of him. He was referencing and cross referencing. He kept feeling someone stare at him, but whenever he would look up, he wouldn't see anyone noticeable. He shook his head and looked at his parchment.

Slytherin Line

The books were right. The Gaunts were the last known direct descendant. But he kept seeing this symbol. It was like a coat of arms. It was said that it was the Peverell Coat. Tim leaned back. Where had he seen that before? He shook his head and filed it for later. He then pulled out some more books and another piece of parchment that had notes scribbled on them.

What he was now researching was the Chamber of Secrets. If he was indeed the heir, then it was his birth right to find this place. He kept reading over and over in numerous books about a monster hidden within that only the heir could control. As he was going over what it could be, he felt Amica move.

Tim froze. He then jumped up and raced to the Dark Creatures section. Bringing the book back to his table he didn't even bother sitting. He turned the pages swiftly murmuring under his breath.

"Snakes. It has to be some kind of snake. It would make sense."

Then he found it.


Of the serpents. The basilisk is the most deadly of them. It can kill by just one look in their eyes. They can live for thousands of years and grow up to a hundred feet. Not much is known about them for they are nearly extinct and no one is willing to get close enough to one to study it. The last known basilisk was known to be a pet of Salazar Slytherin. The only thing known is spiders flee from it. The basilisk has one known weakness. The cry of a rooster is deadly to it's sensitive ears.

There was a basilisk in the Chamber. He plopped down in his seat and mindlessly caressed the picture of the hand-drawn basilisk. It was so beautiful. If the thing was still alive, it would be over 1000 years old. Think of the size! To be able to control something so big, so deadly. The power it would give him. Those kids at the orphanage wouldn't dare mess with him then. He jumped up. He must find it. Even if it took him all year.

Indeed, he did spend the next couple months searching. But he never found anything that he would say looked like it would lead to a chamber. By Halloween, he was going out of his mind. Where was that damn thing. He skipped the feast in favor of exploring. He was in an empty classroom on the third floor, when he heard it.

It sounded like a dying hippo. One of the ones that he had seen on one of the trips to the zoo. He peaked out of the door in time to see a giant mammoth of something go into what he thought to be the girls bathroom. Then he heard a scream and he slammed the door shut. He leaned against it. There was no way in the seven circles of hell he was going out there. He was not going to risk his life for anyone. He heard a scream again and then a crash. He found his hand inching towards the handle of the door. He pulled it back like he was burned. No. What the hell was he thinking? He backed away to a corner of the room making himself hidden. He was not going out there. After about 5 minutes, he heard pounding footsteps, yelling, then silence.

He waited another minute or two just in case before peaking his head out the door. The first person he seen was Professor Quirrel leaning up against the wall in the hallway looking very pale. He straightened right up when he saw Tim. Tim creeped out of the classroom and walked over to the bathroom door and looked in.

Blood. That's all he saw. There was blood everywhere. He shook his head. Stupid girl. If she didn't realize that she had a wand then she didn't deserve to live. He looked back to see Quirrel looking at him strangely.

"Mr. Riddle, what are you doing here? You should be in your common room finishing the feast. Why are you here?" Professor McGonagall was standing in front of him. By looks of sheer will power it seemed. Her face had a green tinge to it.

"I didn't go to the feast, Ma'am. I was exploring. I heard screams and came to investigate when it seemed safe."

Her face pinched. She looked like she would like to strangle him with her bare hands.

"You heard screams and you didn't go get a Professor? You let some innocent girl die! You let another student be maimed!"

"With, all due res-s-s-spect, Minerva. He is-s-s a S-s-s-slytherin. S-s-s-s-self-pres-s-s-s-servat-t-tion firs-s-s-st." Professor Quirrel said. Both Tim and McGonagall looked at him. He had never stood up for a student before.

Then his Head of House came out and looked at him. "I agree with Quirrel. What good would it have done for him to have come in here. We would have more gore to clean up. Better one muggleborn, than have a bunch of parents coming here demanding the school's closure." He looked and gave Tim a look. Then said, "Come, Mr. Riddle. Let's get you back to your common rooms."

Later on in an emergency staff meeting there was defiantly some arguments over Mr. Riddle.

"Honestly, Albus. I don't know why you insist on defending the boy. He's a menace. He probably let that troll in himself."

"Now, Minerva. Where would a first year find a Mountain Troll. I doubt that he even knows what one is."

"Well, he does now!" Her voice went up shrilly. "He's not just a first year! He's his spawn! He didn't even blink when he saw the aftermath. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it!"

"Minerva, stop, now."

Then there was silence. Dumbledore took in the faces of his staff. They all looked pale. The last time they had a death in the school was 50 years ago, when the last Riddle went to school here. He leaned back in his chair and popped a lemon drop in his mouth. He sighed.

"The girls parents will be notified tomorrow. The Weasley's parents were notified earlier today and they met up with their son at St. Mungo's. Finnegan's mother was also notified of his injuries. There was no way to prevent this death. Mr. Riddle had no involvement with it. He was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, any more to discuss?"

No one said anything. Dumbledore nodded. "Very well, I will make an announcement tomorrow morning to the rest of the student body."

They all filed out silently. When they were all gone, Dumbledore sat back in his chair again. He put his hands over his face and let out a shakey breath.

"Please, not again. Don't let me make the same mistake again."

He prayed to all the Gods that he could think of. Hoping that one of them would hear his plea and answer it. Unfortunately, no one did.

That night Tim slept like a baby. Well, not really. He slept like a log. It was one of the best sleeps he had ever gotten. He woke up with a grin on his face. Something about all that blood. It was energizing. He could only imagine if he was actually the one to do that. To feel the life blood of another human being. To be in control of another's life. The power. He couldn't stop thinking about it as he sat down at the table for breakfast. His table was the only one that was actually eating.

As he was finished with his eggs, Dumbledore rose and raised his arms for silence.

"Last night as you all know, a troll got loose in the school. There was an unfortunate death and a couple injuries as a result. Anyone with any information about how the troll got in the school, please let one of the teacher's know. The ministry will be making an investigation in the events that occurred here last night. Classes will be canceled for the rest of the week. They will resume as normal on Monday."

Tim couldn't be happier. He would have more time to research and look for that stupid chamber. He got up quickly and went straight to the library. He pulled several advanced books off the shelf. He walked over to a section that was roped off and peared down there. It was dark and gloomy. Perfect for him. He would have to sneak back here later at night. He settled down for a day of research.

At the end of the day, he was no closer. He was about to go room to room, floor to floor and start hissing in every room. He sighed and left the library. He wondered the halls for a bit before turning back and heading to his common room. He was passing the Defense room when he heard a voice. It sent shivers up his back, and excited him at the same time. He peaked in the crack in the door to see Professor Quirrel standing in front of a mirror. What was that fool doing? He listened closer and could hear two voices.

"Have you found what guards it yet?"

"N-n-no, M-m-m-master. J-j-j-just the d-d-d-og and t-t-t-troll."

"What are you waiting for? Start asking around. That troll was a stupid idea, though that is one less mudblood in the world. And Riddle......that boy fascinates me. He reminds me so much of myself at that age. I want you to teach him. Ask him if he wants private lessons. I want to get to know him better."

"Y-y-y-yesss, M-m-m-master."

Tim backed up slowly and headed down to his common room. Master? Why didn't he like the sound of that. How were there two voices and only one person? Can a person make themselves invisible? He would have to look that up. But that almost sounded familer. Like he heard it before.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice he was on the second floor at the opposite end of the school from the Slytherin dorms. He did however notice that there were a group of Gryffindor fifth years standing in the hall. He gulped. This was not going to turn out good.

"Oh, look, a little slimy snake firstie. What do you say we put him in his place before he decides to kill us all?" One of the boys said.

Tim started to back away and eyed a door to his left. He quickly ducked in it and locked the door with the most complex locking charm he knew. He had looked up several ones for his trunk. The boys pounded on the door and Tim inched his way back into the room. He looked around for the first time and swore in Parseltongue.

"Master? Are you alright?"

"No, I'm not alright. Why is it the first open door I see is a girls bathroom?"

Tim jumped when he heard a rumbling. He looked towards the middle of the room where the sinks were. They were opening up.

"You've got to be kidding me. All this time. It was in a bathroom?" He whispered to himself. He walked over to the hole and peered down it. It was pitch black. He scrunched up his face. There was no way he was going down there till he knew more spells to defend himself. He backed up and looked at the sinks. He examined one of them and seen a snake engraving on it.

"Close" Tim hissed. The opening closed. Tim grinned perfect. He would come investigate in a couple days. He now had a place to practice so he didn't get jumped again. Granted he could do wandless magic, and defend against muggles, but these were wizards. Ones who knew lots of spells. He would have to sneak out tonight and try to get into the restricted section.

Yes, that's what he'd do. He would show them. He wasn't powerless. He was the Heir of Slytherin. Yes, people would learn to respect him. They would learn, even if they feared him, that would mean they respected what he would do to them. They would learn.

Sorry so short. I figured you guys wanted the next chapter soon. Any ideas on what to do next? I'm going to have Quirrel tutor him in the Dark Arts. Harry is also going to be learning on his own in the Chamber. I am trying to keep to the book as much as possible, so the Chamber won't be opened up till next year. So, review and let me know how I'm doing.