Disclaimer: This is anti-angst. Therefore, it does not belong to the official Jossverse, just as the official Jossverse doesn't belong to me.

Author's note: This is basically teeth-rottingly fluffy badfic. Read at own risk. (Seriously, I was pretty sickened by this. But I haven't posted anything for almost a month and needed to get something out there while I'm writing my other, longer fics.)

Author's note 2: Gavin is Willow and Oz's son. Ya know, cause I think he'd be cute. I like him a lot better than I like Samantha in this.


"Holy crap! I just got something!"

"What? That you are a complete failure at math?"

"No it's...-Hey! I'm not that bad."


"Ok, so maybe I'm not great at it."


"Gav, you can stop giving me that look. So you know the story about how my dad lost his soul?"

"No, Sammy, I don't recall the story that I've been hearing since the day I was born."

"Your sarcasm isn't appreciated."

"Maybe not now, but someday you'll appreciate my wit and genius."

"I refuse to address that remark."

"You mean you can't come up with a good comeback?"

"No! I neve- Ok, stop. Back on track. Remember the whole 'moment of perfect happiness' deal?"

"Yes, Samantha, I seem to remember that minor plot point."

"Stop it, Gav! I've solved a major mystery and you're testy cause you want to show off your mad math skillz."

"Tell me you didn't just say that."

"I'm ignoring you! Anyway, do you think that the moment of perfect happiness could be...you know, IT?"

"It what?"

"You know, it. The big it, the only it."


"What other 'it' could I be talking about?!"

"Sam, I'm a teenage boy. It will always be sex to me, but I was hoping that you'd have more dignity."

"Speaking of teenagers and dignity, my parents...!"

"Sam, your parents are the most in love people I've ever seen. And as much as I respect them, and as much as they're family, and as much as thinking about them doing it makes me sick, they're also possibly the horniest people I've ever met."

"I know! I'm afraid to bring friends home because they might be going at it on the couch. They've been married for sixteen years, you'd think they'd have a little more control. Especially since there are two more young minds that they're sullying now. What about the other kids?"

"Sam, maybe you're being a little harsh. They're subtle most of the time."

"No they're not! I'll bet you anything that if we go downstairs they're going to be making out."

"I wouldn't bet Gavin anything. You know he's always had his eye on your camera."

"Daddy!...And Mom! How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know exactly why you don't bring friends home."

"Let me explain..."