Betrayed to Homework!

"HENRY!!!" Terriermon screams and jumps into his Tamer's backpack, conviently laying on the floor. "SAVE ME!!!"
"From what?" Henry sighs and looks up from his homework.
"Lopmon!" Comes the Digimon's voice from inside the backpack. "Lopmon and your mom's order for me to take a bath!"
The blue haired Tamer sighs again. "And what's the problem with that?"
The backpack with Terriermon inside shakes wth fear. "The problem is that she wants to take one WITH me!"
Henry returns to his homework with a sigh. "If I said that I'd tell Suzi and Or Lopmon when I see them that I haven't seen you all day, will you be quiet?"
Terriermon considers it for a few moments. "Yes."

Half an hour later...
Lopmon walks in, carrying a bcakscrubber over her shoulder like a weapon of somesort. "Have you seen Terriermon?"
Henry meerly points to his backpack and says. "Not all day."
"Thank you..." Lopmon walks over, and, without any warnning, opens the backpack and drags Terriermon out.
"HENRY! YOU...! YOU...!" Terriermon shouts as he's dragged into the bathroom by Lopmon. "TRAITOR!!!"
"Was it something I said?" Henry asks himself with a laugh before continueing on with his homework.

END_ _ _|