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(Amu's POV)

I just lay on my bed stunned by the resent occurrences and trying to seek comfort by hugging one of my many pillows to my chest as I still felt the stinging sensation in my cheek.

(Ikuto POV)

Deciding to visit Amu today I jumped from roof to roof thinking about ways to make her blush that lovely colour again until I reached on of my favorite places: Her balcony. Today though she wasn't there drinking milk or gazing at the moon. The place instead of full of life and happiness looked to dreary and depressive. I noticed the soft glow of light indicating she was in her room and I crept up to the door. I peaked inside to see where my opportunity to intrude would arrive but was both saddened and angered at the picture in front of me.

There my Amu lay curled around a pillow and clutching it with all her might and what horrifying me the most was her face. Her hair seemed limp and her eyes a dull gold compared to the bright orbs that normally gleamed and most importantly the thing that angered me most. The cut on her cheek inside what appeared to be a dark red hand mark.

With my anger at its breaking point I quickly shoved the door open and rushed to her side.

(Amu POV)

I heard the balcony door open vigorously but I took no note. I was still in shock. Well that was until a warm hand cupped my cheek but I flinched away from it to look into the eyes of its owner. With blue orbs staring back at me I felt calm. Almost serene but it was a shock as instead of those joking eyes and cocky smirk there was worry and anger etched into his face.

'Ikuto...' I whispered in shock, conserned about his current mood.

'What happened?' he demanded in a soft tone but I could hear an underlying emotion of anger

'I don't want to talk about it' I muttered and tuned my body and face away from him turning to the wall that was behind me but was softly turned over again .

'Please' I couldn't help but lay there in another state of shock. Never had I heard Ikuto mutter such a word or have it drenched with so much concern but I couldn't answer it was still to much of a shock so I just sat up and hugged him.

(Ikuto POV)

I had practically begged for her to tell me but she hugged me and my hands instinctively wrapped around her small frame. I felt my shirt getting wet so I picked her up and sat on the bed with her curled up on my lap with her head in the crook of my neck and began gently rubbing her back as I tried to stop her tears.

'Tadase confessed to me' Amu whispered. With those 4 words my world shattered and I became stiff and rigid.

'He confessed to amulet heart... Again' she whispered again and I felt my heart become a little lighter.

'I said no...' she started whimpering again '...and he hit me' at that moment my fist and jaw clenched and I started to shake with a boiling anger but Amu was crying again so letting go of my anger for the time being I gently grasped her chin and made her face me.

'shhh. Its okay. Its his lost he doesn't like you for you. He doesn't know what he's missing' I said with the utmost sincerity and hugged her again.

'Thankyou' I heard her mutter.

I felt her breathing even after a while and gently lay her on her bed. She looked much better compared to earlier and the depressing aura that was around her was lifting slightly.

I kissed her forehead.

'I love you Amu' I whispered in her ear and headed for the balcony.

Jumping out i began the hunt for a certain kiddy king.

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