(Ikuto POV)

Jumping away from my Amu's house the hunt had begun.

(Tadase POV)

I had confessed to my beloved Amulet Heart the other day for her to reject me like I was common filth. So I dealt with her belligerent excuse for an owner to gain my prize and now that Amu was disheartened Amulet Heart could take her rightful place in her mind and next to me. My plan was full prof.

(Ikuto POV)

I took the shortcut through the park to Tadase's house any to discover him there on the bench his head huddled over but a devious grin plastered on his face stretching from one ear to the other. Kinda creped me out a little bit.

I landed from a tree behind him silently not letting my presents be known yet until I heard him mutter words.

'Stupid Amu... Full prof plan... Amulet heart... Mine'

I could not contain my anger as my hand clamped down on his shoulder roughly and dragged him from his seat and turned him to face me. Making eye contact I mad my expression show my true emotion and as his eyes turned to dinner place I knew I'd got him.

Suddenly his eyes gained a spark and his face more confident. He'd chara changed, the scared child needed an ego boost and from experience I knew it was easy to pop.

Donning my own cat ears and smirk I prepared myself to get even.

(Tadase POV)

Damn cat thief appeared out of nowhere to cause trouble for no reason but with a quick chara change with Keseki I knew tonight would be the night I would defeat Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

I yelled my manly heroic battle cry to show him that I meant business and lunged.

I threw myself at him eyes clutched tight in anticipation only to be met with air then the cold hard pavement. Turning myself around quickly I was him on the floor. My inner self yelled success. I must have gotten him with the battle yell.

(Ikuto POV)

Kiddy King suddenly yelled a high pitched whiny cry before lunging at me with his eyes closed but he couldn't get me, I had already hit the floor facing the opposite direction to him. I heard him land and couldn't contain it any longer. I burst into a fit of laughs clutching my stomach and tears leaking from my eyes. This never happened before but it was just to funny. His high pitched scream had gotten me but not in the way I think he led himself to believe.

Getting a hold on myself I reminded myself on why I was really here and grabbed his collar. My claws appeared and I traced them lightly on his cheek. The exact side he had hurt Amu's.

'Leave Amu alone' I whispered my voice low and deadly before slicing his cheek with the mark he had left Amu.

Blood escaped his wound and trickled down the blades attached to my hand. I watched it drip to the floor till I dropped him.

(Tadase POV)

I watched my own blood trickle down the thief's blades and fainted. Royalty should not see there own blood spilt but in all honesty I was petrified that Ikuto had found out about that incident with Amulet Hearts body that Amu just happened to inhabit.

(Ikuto POV)

I may have considered him a brother at one point in my life but now as he lay on the floor, his chara standing over him with a disapproving gaze like the filth that he was I felt nothing for him for he hurt MY Amu.

I had gotten some reviews and people wanted to know what would/could happen next. Hope you enjoyed.